Aasha Wells Biography, Age, Contestant, Are You the One?, Season 8, MTV

Aasha Wells Biography

Aasha Wells is an American Television actor and contestant on  MTV show this season’s show, Are You the One? season 8. Wells who is a resident of Miami Beach, will be cast in the season 8 of the Are You the One?. The reality dating competition will be the first in U.S. history to feature a sexually fluid cast. Wells who is bisexual said “Nobody preferred one gender over the other”. 

Aasha Wells Age

Wells is 22 years old as of 2019.

Aasha Wells Education

Wells graduated from Florida International University with a degree in broadcast media.

Aasha Wells, Are You the One? Season 8

Season eight premiered on June 26, 2019. For the first time in reality television history, all cast members are sexually fluid, with no gender limitations on their potential perfect matches. Wells says that most of her relationships with women have been sexual flings that never developed into something serious. “That frustrated me,” she says. But after a three-year relationship with a man ended, she decided to try out for Are You the One?, a favorite show of hers. “I just felt like, Why not? Maybe there is someone out there for me.”

Wells who never thought she’d be on a reality show was excited to be chosen. “I date guys and I date girls, so when I found out that the show was taking a turn and going this way, I was even more excited. I always said to myself, This show would be supercool if there was a way where you could date a guy or date a girl.”

Aasha Wells Photo

Wells who struggled to date locally, she says “I feel like dating in Miami is really weird,”. She had threesomes with her boyfriend, but looking to date other women as a single woman was a challenge for her. Wells used Tinder, but none of her dates went anywhere further in the realm of romance. She met a lot of tourists or out-of-towners, no one she felt like she could date long-term.

Wells added that “The kind of people we are, it’s hard to find like-minded people,” Wells says. “It’s nice to be around people who have been through similar things, had similar experiences.” Viewers will identify with the cast, she predicts. “We’re all queer so I feel like each one of our stories is going to connect with someone from the LGBTQ community in some way. At the same time, even though we are sexually fluid, our stories can be understood by anyone. Not only can we struggle with our issues being in the LGBTQ community, the dating issues that everyone experiences on the show can be similar to anyone,” she says.

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