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Adrian Grenier Biography

Adrian Grenier is an American actor, director, producer, musician and environmentalist best known for playing Vincent Chase in the TV series Entourage.

Adrian Grenier Age

Adrian was born on 10 July 1976 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States. He is 42 years old as of 2018.

Adrian Grenier Family | Parents

He is the son of John Dunbar and Karesse Grenier, a Real Estate Agent in NYC. His Carl Paternal Grandparents are Sanford Dunbar and Esther R. Messenger while his Maternal Grandparents are Junio López and Priscilla Grenier.

Adrian Grenier Girlfriend |Adrian Grenier Jordan Roemmele | Adrian Grenier Gay

He is in a relationship with Jordan Roemmele, a project manager for Aero Pioneer Group that provides air services for NGOs and governments. they were first spotted together sunbathing on a beach in Sydney in November 2017.  He is not gay.

Adrian Grenier Ethnicity | Adrian Grenier Nationality

His father is from Ohio, and has English, Scottish, German and Irish ancestry while his mother was born in New Mexico, to a family of mostly Mexican (Indigenous, Spanish) and some French descent. He is of Native American ancestry and his direct matrilineal line is Native American.

Adrian Grenier Height and Weight

  • Height: 6 ft (183 cm)
  • Weight: 170 pounds (77 kg)

Adrian Grenier Film Career

He made his first film appearance in Arresting Gena, the independent drama and playing opposite Melissa Joan Hart in 1999, in Drive Me Crazy and in 2001 starred in James Toback’s Harvard Man. He played Vincent Chase in the HBO series Entourage in 2004, gaining his most substantial notability and success.

Adrian Grenier photos, beards

The series followed the triumphs and trials in the life of Chase, as the movie star character and his friends lived the good life in Los Angeles, which ran for eight seasons, from 2004 to 2011, and was nominated for numerous Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series. He played Nate Cooper in 2006, in The Devil Wears Prada. In 2013, he starred in the post-apocalyptic film Goodbye World alongside Gaby Hoffman, which premiered at the 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival where it received good reviews.

Adrian Grenier Movies And Tv Shows







Public Affairs


Trash Fire








Vincent Chase

Sex, Death and Bowling

Sean McAllister


Goodbye World



Adventures of Power

Dallas Houston


Off Hour



Across the Hall


The Devil Wears Prada



A Perfect Fit



Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding



Bringing Rain

Clay Askins

Anything Else

Ray Polito


Freshening Up


Love in the Time of Money


Hart’s War

Pvt. Daniel E. Abrams


Harvard Man

Alan Jensen

Artificial Intelligence: AI

Teen in van


Cecil B. Demented



Drive Me Crazy

Chase Hammond


Fishes Outta Water


Darrow’s Entourage

The Adventures of Sebastian Cole

Sebastian Cole


Arresting Gena


Hurricane Streets


Adrian Grenier Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of around $16 million.

Adrian Grenier Entourage

He appeared as played Vincent Chase in the HBO series Entourage in 2004 and reprise his role of Vincent Chase in the Entourage film adaptation in 2015.

Adrian Grenier Devil Wears Prada

He appeared as Nate, Andy’s boyfriend, Nate appears to be a selfish, whiny man-child who thinks his birthday is more important than Andy’s career.

Adrian Grenier House

He together with his mother purchased a five-story, four-unit townhouse in Clinton Hill for $2.085 million. In april, 2018, he spent $10,000 for the household amenity for his mom.

Adrian Grenier Look Alike

Adrian Grenier Look Alike

Adrian Grenier Twitter

Adrian Grenier Acts in New Flight Safety Video for Air New Zealand

Adrian Grenier Interview

The Quotes From This Adrian Grenier Interview Are Perfectly Insane


Over at New York Magazine’s women’s site The Cut, writer Anna Silman detailed her night out with environmentalist/actor Adrian Grenier (best known as Vincent Chase from Entourage) and I haven’t been this jealous of a writer in years. The evening she captured was, well, magical.

Silman’s night with Grenier begins with him lecturing a waiter from Roberta’s, a popular restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn, about how plastic straws are one of the largest sources of ocean pollution (true). He’s worked up, you see, not simply because he’s debuting his Lonely Whale exhibit at Refinery29’s interactive “29 Rooms,” but also because he used to live in this gentrifying area of Brooklyn, and let’s just say it’s changed, man.

“The discussion turns to New York City, where Adrian grew up and still lives,” Silman writes.

She continues:

I observe that the city has changed a lot. “I pioneered Williamsburg,” says Grenier. “It got so gentrified that I had to come to Bushwick. I lived two blocks away, and then this place opened, and I couldn’t afford to live in this neighborhood,” he says, gesturing around Roberta’s, which opened in 2008. “We used to have to walk three miles backward in the snow for a cup of coffee when we lived here. Now there’s, like, baristas and cold brew.”

Entourage, it’s worth noting, ran from 2004-2011—during the time of Grenier’s brave exploration into the unknown north (of Brooklyn). According to CelebrityNetWorth, he was then making approximately $200,000 an episode, meaning he could (and still can) live quite comfortably on this land which he so valiantly settled. (The longtime working class residents of Williamsburg and Bushwick who are currently being priced out of the neighborhood by fellow “pioneers” might tell a different story.)

And lest you think that Grenier is not the wokest of baes, he also has some thoughts on feminism:

Everyone is very nice and very enthusiastic, if a bit intense, whether we’re talking about the sea (we mostly talk about the sea), sustainable agriculture, podcasts, the upcoming election (I said I was Canadian and Grenier pledged to vote for Hillary “on my behalf”), or feminism. “I would consider myself a feminist,” says Adrian when I ask him. “But women don’t need my permission to take what is rightfully theirs after all these years, so I don’t even need to declare my feminism as a righteous thing. I just am, because I recognize that it’s happening, it’s right. And I’m just in awe of it and excited about the prospect. Maybe our saving grace is if we can balance the male energy, which tends to be short-term thinking, overly aggressive, often indelicate, with the feminine energy, which is more careful study and frankly more sophisticated, we might actually be able to build a world that would be in balance.”

I have read this paragraph several times and still don’t know exactly what it means! Still, I am loving it—almost as much as I’m loving the extremely unsurprising news that Adrian is a Burner.

Grenier speaks like a guy who just got back from Burning Man for the first time, which it turns out he did, and he is eager to discuss his experience. “It’s a bunch of people who are open, available to connect, and artistic, and are all conspiring to make the most amazing piece of art, which is everybody collaborating,” he says. “It’s fantastic.”

I observe that one of the biggest problems with people I know who go to Burning Man is that they never stop talking about it.

“It’s like, could you imagine having discovered America?” he says. “Would you stop talking about that? It’s like, I went to this new land. There’s nothing like it. And that’s the thing. It’s captivating, because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. And I’m worldly, I’ve been around the world. And it happens to reflect the value system that I agree with.”

He hasn’t stopped talking about his discovery of Williamsburg yet, so why would you expect him to stop talking about Burning Man?

The rest of Silman’s interview is just as good, but I can’t in good conscience quote any more of it (again, as much as I wish I was the one to write this article, I was not not). Head on over to The Cut for the rest and laugh your butt off.

I love you, Adrian. For your earnestness AND your politics.

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