Alberti Popaj Bio, Early Life, Family, Age, Spouse, Career, Songs, Awards, Net Wort, House

Alberti Popaj is an American TV personality. Importantly, he is a QVC host. In addition, he is well known for his spotless style & happy go lucky personality.

Alberti Popaj Bio

He was born in Pristine, Albania on 26th January 1976. However, he was raised in Manhattan, New York. Additionally, he was born into a middle-class family.

Personal Life, Nationality & Family :

  • Alberti was born on 26 January 1979 in Prishtina, Albania.
  • Shortly after his birth, his parents immigrated to the United States and he was raised in Manhattan, New York.
  • He has one brother, and through him – he has 2 nieces and nephews that he affectionately calls his world. They often appear on his social media accounts.
  • He has 2 pet poodles named Prince Charming and Coco Chanel whom he spoils.
  • Ben & Jerrys Mint Chocolate ice cream is his guilty pleasure.
  • He has homes in both Los Angeles and Palm Springs, but as of 2017 is living in Westchester for his work with QVC. He uses both homes to portray his love of decorating.

Alberti Early Life

After his birth on 26 January 1979 in Pristine, Albania. His parents moved to the United States and additionally, he was raised in Manhattan, New York.

Alberti Popaj Family

Alberti Popaj grew up along with his older brother named Alfred Popaj. Alberti’s Instagram post gives a hint that he shares a good relationship with his parents and brother. In one of the Instagram posts, he mentioned that his mother, who celebrates her birthday on 15 March, is the reason behinds Alberti’s smile.

Similarly, Alberti adores his brother, Alfred and often shares pictures with him. Meanwhile, on his brother’s birthday celebration on 20 May 2017, he wished him sharing the old childhood photo of them with his 10.7K Instagram fans.

. Alfred Popaj whom he grew up alongside. In addition to his family, Alfred his brother has two daughters. Numerously, he posts photos of his nephews and two nieces on his social media accounts. Furthermore, he calls them his world.

Alberti Popaj Age

Born on January 26, 1979, in Pristine in Albania. Popaj is aged 40 as of 2019.

Alberti Popaj Spouse(Husband/Wife)

Alberti, at age 39 isn’t yet married. On his Instagram account, he has posted photos of numerous girls. Moreover, he has not confirmed any of those girls to be his lover. Additionally to explain this cause. It is rumored that he is gay. Moreover, he has not confirmed the rumor.

Alberti Popaj Career

He joined QVC in 2014 and additionally moved to Winchester, Pennsylvania. First, he was the host of the QVC Home Shopping Network. In addition, from 2015 he has been writing a blog about his show. Here, he typically features his favorite products and recipes. later in 2017, he started hosting the Beauty IQ segment on QVC which airs every Monday-Friday.

Acting Career :

    • After returning permanently to the United States in 2007, he began pursuing an acting career. He has appeared in the following movies :
    • Them (2007)
    • Rush Hour 3 (2007)
    • Still Lives (2007)
    • Gratitude (2011)
    • Susanna (2013)
  • He also appeared in Sonic Burger commercials from 2008 to 2010.

Alberti Popaj Songs

He has a number of songs with “Write My Email” being the best.

Alberti Popaj Awards

In 2006 his song “write to my Email” won the award for best male video song. Moreover, in 2004, Popaj had won a Zhurma Show Award.

Albert Popaj Net worth

Alberti musters the prominent part of his net worth as the program host of the QVC. As per the Paysa, an estimated salary of the air host at QVC is about $74,690. The salary of the host also varies from $46,725 to $125,667 as per their experiences and position in the company. Alberti has been gathering the revenue from the QVC since 2014, at the age of 36.

Prior to being a program host, he was the Director of QVC in Alterna Haircare and worked there from February 2012 to January 2014. Alberti also worked as the Sales and Education Manager for the company named Lantz-A-Lot, Inc till 2012.

Social Media Presence :

  • As of 2018, he has 1300+ followers on his Twitter account handle @AlbertiPopaj.
  • Using the same handle name on Instagram, his account on that platform has over 10,000 followers.

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