Allan Houston Bio, Age, Career, Wife, Highlights, Jersey, Legacy Foundatio | Allan Houston Bio, Age, Career, Wife, Highlights, Jersey, Legacy Foundatio

Allan Houston Bio, Age, Career, Wife, Highlights, Jersey, Legacy Foundation

Allan Houston was born is an American retired professional basketball player. He played in the National Basketball Association(NBA) from 1993 to 2005.

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Allan Houston was born Allan Wade Houston is an American retired professional basketball player. He played in the National Basketball Association (NBA) from 1993 to 2005. A shooting guard, Houston played nine seasons for the New York Knicks; he was a member of the Knicks’ 1999 NBA Finals team.

The NBA Team was made an All-Star two times by Houston. Allan is also a winner of a gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics. As of January 2018, Houston serves as assistant general manager for the New York Knicks and general manager of the Knicks’ G League team, the Westchester Knicks.

Allan Houston Age

Houston was born in 1971, April 20th. As of now, he is 48 years. Allan was born in Louisville Kentucky.

Allan Houston High School and College

Houston was in Ballard High School where he played in basketball. With his schoolmates, they got to win the Kentucky state championship. When he joined the University of Tennesse, Allan played under his father as the coach. He became a top scorer and is currently in second place(1st- Chris Lofton).

Houston’s number was retired by the University of Tennesse in the halftime ceremony(Tennessee-Kentucky game). (March 6, 2011). Natalie Daniels is the sister to Allan Houston while Wade Houston(father) and Alice Houston(mother) are her parents.

Allan Houston Wife, Children

Houston and his wife Tamara Houston have 7 children, 5 daughters and 2 sons between the ages of 17 and 4. His son, Allan Wade Houston III, and daughter, Remie Jean Houston, are the only mentioned ones.

Allan Houston Jersey

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 Allan Houston Detroit Pistons

In the eleventh overall of the first round, was when a selection was done. At this point, Allan was selected by the Detroit Pistons in NBA draft, 1993. In addition to that, his average points per game were 8.5 in his rookie year. His average increased to 14.5 and 19.7 points per game in the next two years.

Allan Houston New York Knicks

After Allan’s rookie expired in 1996, the New York Knicks signed him in. For New York Knicks he has played for nine seasons. Houston took John Starks’ place in the first year(starting lineup). Also, his mentor Starks coming off the bench. His average score was at 17 points this putting the Knicks on top point. Houston scores were top such that it placed the team on NBA finals in the year 1999. His most famous play came in the decisive Game 5 of the first round of the 1999 Eastern Conference quarterfinals against the Miami Heat.

In the fourth quarter, with the Knicks inbound the ball to trailing by one point, Houston caught the inbounds pass and made a running jumper in the lane with 0.8 seconds left on the clock to win the game. Bringing about the series for the Knicks, 78-77, which is then only the second time in NBA playoffs history where a #8 seed had defeated a #1. The Knicks would go on to the NBA Finals. In April 2001, Houston and teammate Charlie Ward was in a New York Times Magazine article making comments that were deemed anti-Semitic by the Anti-Defamation League and the Knicks.

After Ward had called Jews stubborn and persecutors of Christians, Houston cited a biblical verse in support of Ward’s comments. During his career, Houston was known for his three-point shooting prowess. Houston also made the All-Star team twice. Despite the on-court accolades, though, Houston’s lasting legacy may be something that happened off the court: In 2001, Houston signed a six-year, $100.4 million contract extension with the Knicks.

Allan Houston Injury

Houston’s yearly salary of over $20 million made him virtually untradeable, and his injury problems would burden the Knicks. Houston missed 32 games in 2003-04 due to a knee injury, and despite claims in the summer of 2004 that he would be ready to play the next season (he even refused to have surgery on his knee that summer), he played in only 20 games that season because his injury had not completely healed.

Knee injuries would eventually force Houston to announce his retirement on October 17, 2005. Houston attempted to return to the NBA in 2007 but decided to end his comeback attempt on October 20, 2007, because of bad timing in choosing to join the team so late into preparation for the regular season. Houston was signed by the Knicks to play in 2008 but was cut before the end of the preseason without appearing in a game.

“Allan Houston Rule”

In 2005, the NBA agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The CBA included an amnesty clause provision allowing NBA teams to release one player without his contract counting against the NBA’s luxury tax threshold. The clause did not negate a player’s contract, a team’s obligation to pay a player, or a contract’s impact on the salary cap; it merely made it possible to remove a released player’s salary from luxury tax calculations on a one-time basis.

The clause benefited teams that were in danger of facing the luxury tax, which was a penalty paid by teams with payrolls exceeding a certain threshold. Because the Knicks were expected to use the amnesty clause to waive Houston due to his expensive contract and injury woes (as of the 2005 offseason, two years and $40 million remained on his contract), the amnesty clause was dubbed the “Allan Houston Rule.” After Houston assured his team that he would retire if his knee problems recurred in training camp that fall, the Knicks chose not to use the amnesty clause to release him; instead, they released forward Jerome Williams.

Allan Houston 2000 Olympic Team

Houston was a member of the USA men’s national basketball team that won the gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

Allan Houston Executive career

In 2008, Houston was hired by the New York Knicks as an assistant to the president for basketball operations. In December 2010, Houston was promoted to the position of assistant general manager. As of January 2018, Houston continued to serve as assistant general manager to the Knicks; he was also general manager of the Westchester Knicks, the organization’s G League affiliate.

Allan Houston Net Worth

Former American professional basketball player for the NBA, Allan Houston has an estimated net worth of $75 million. Allan Houston made his riches as a professional basketball player and today coach.

Allan Houston Legacy Foundation

In 2001, Houston organized a charitable fund under his name which would then turn into the Legacy Foundation later that year. The original reason was to aid and fund families that have tragic scenes of 9/11. During the succeeding years, the Legacy Foundation would execute a series of programs that would help the community of New York gets back on its feet.

Its primary goals according to the Legacy’s official website was to help:

1) Restore a family unit
2) Provide economic empowerment through entrepreneurship
3) Encourage education and life skill development
4) Enhance spiritual growth

The Foundation has now helped over 1,500 children from struggling families to realize their dreams and reach higher education. Their ‘Business Education and Development Programs’ helps fund entrepreneurs in the New York area learn vital skills and give them the learning platform to help grow their business acumen amid uncertain economic times.

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