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Alvina August Biography

Alvina August is an American actress best known for her appearance in Supernatural in 2005, The Intruder in 2019 and The Other Kingdom in 2016.

Alvina August Age | Alvina August Birthday

She was born on August 02 in Columbia. Her year of birth is still not known

Alvina August Family

Her family member is not known, they all stay in Columbia. None of them is on the limelight

Alvina August Husband

She is so secretive that it is not known whether she is married or not

Alvina August Height

Her height is still not recorded. It is under review

Alvina August Siren

August was cast as Viv, a mermaid from Ryn and Donna’s colony and a close friend of Eliza in the American television drama series “Siren”

Alvina August Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

August was cast as Lady Constance Blackwood, Father Faustus Blackwood’s wife in the American supernatural horror web television series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ”

Alvina August Supernatural

August was cast as Tasha Banes in the American dark fantasy television series “Supernatural”

Alvina August Photo
Alvina August Photo

Alvina August Movies

  • 2019;  Untitled Nancy Drew Project
  • 2019; The Boys
  • 2019; /I The Intruder
  • 2019;  Siren
  • 2018;  Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  • 2017-2018;  The Good Doctor
  • 2018; Bad Times at the El Royale
  • 2018; Love in Design
  • 2018; Hailey Dean Mystery: A Will to Kill
  • 2018; Hailey Dean Mystery: A Marriage Made for Murder
  • 2018; Arrow
  • 2017; The Machine
  • 2017; Supernatural
  • 2017;  Bruno & Boots: This Can’t Be Happening at Macdonald Hall
  • 2016; Suits
  • 2016; The Other Kingdom
  • 2016; Hollywood Candy

Alvina August Twitter

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Alvina August Interview

Interview With Actress Alvina August


RH: What inspired you to become an actress? What kind of training did you have for this career?

AA: I started out as a singer and about three years ago, I had the opportunity to audition for The Lion King, which happens to be my favorite Broadway musical. That process really opened up a whole new world of expression for me. So I started taking classes/coachings to develop my acting skills. I’ve trained with Anthony Meindl here in Vancouver

I believe The Other Kingdom was your first official project in the business. How did that role come about, and what did you enjoy about playing your character?

I played an elf fairy on Nickelodeon in my first ever TV role appearance. I got that role about a year after I started acting. Initially, I auditioned for the queen fairy and was asked to cold read for another character right afterward. I got the call about a week later that I had booked the role of Servitude, who was the King’s right-hand advisor.

My favorite part about playing a villain was the freedom it gave me to play. Servitude was funny, cunning, smart, ambitious and wouldn’t think twice about turning kids into mice  Personally, I’m not a yeller, so to play a character whose modus operandi is manipulation and intimidation was well….intimidating! But I embraced the challenge and learned so much from that experience.

I notice you had a role on Supernatural in season twelve. What was it like being on the show? Any special memories from behind-the-scenes?

Supernatural was incredible! That was the first role I booked when I moved to Vancouver last year. I was directed by Richard Speight Jr., who also plays Gabriel. I loved working with him because as an actor himself, he could articulate his vision so thoughtfully and collaboratively in a way another actor could understand.

As for working with Sam {Jared Padalecki} and Dean {Jensen Ackles}, it was challenging, mostly because I had to play dead and not flinch, but they kept cracking jokes during our shoot. It’s easy to see why the show has been around forever. They were so kind and charming and it really did feel like I was part of a family for a week. What a blast! 

You were also on a few episodes of The Good Doctor last season. What was it like being on that show? Any possibility you could return?

I played nurse Alana Paikin. My character was always dealing with high stakes medical emergency situation,s so that was fun to maneuver. Seeing Freddie Highmore up close play such a complex and loveable character was really something. He has such keen perception and engagement with everything around him. I appeared in three episodes and hope for more to come once Season two starts back up again.

You were also recently in Arrow. How was that experience, and is there any opportunity for your character to return?

My guest star role on Arrow was brief. I played Tigressa, an ex-league of assassins member who tells of the whereabouts of a secret map. As far as I know, my character will not be returning unless there is an afterlife that they explore in upcoming seasons, lol!

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