Amanda Warren Biography

Amanda Warren is an American actor who is well known for her role as Lucy Warburton on the drama TV series The Leftovers.

She has worked on a number of Rhode Island Entertainment productions as a writer, producer, director, and cinematographer on several films. She is specifically known as the co-writer of The Betrayal of Velvet Fox and the co-director of A Haunting.

Amanda Warren Age

She was born on July 17, 1982, in Coquille, Oregon, U.S.

Amanda Warren Family

Detailed information concerning her family is not available. These details include her mother and father and her siblings if she has any.

Amanda Warren Photo

She went to a school in New York City where she was surrounded by artists and this shaped her career. She started off first as a singer and everything changed. She always considered herself a nerdy girl who was voted most School Spirit, School Leadership and Best Supporting Actress in Musical Theater.

Amanda Warren Husband

She is married to Kirk Warren and they are blessed with three children; Emily, Kirk, and Champ Warren.

Amanda Warren Movies And Tv Shows





Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri




Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Lynn Jackson

The Super



All Is Bright

Young Woman

Deep Powder

Officer O’Connor


Seven Psychopaths



The Adjustment Bureau

Senior Campaign Aide







Jessica Travers

The Purge

Jane Barbour


NCIS: New Orleans

Zahra Taylor


Las Reinas

Inspector Elsa Geller

This Is Us

Dorthy Hill


Marie Salt

The Wizard of Lies

SEC Investigator

House of Cards

Jenna Perkins

The Brave

Louise Webb

Black Mirror






Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


Jessica Jones

Dr. Gallo


The Leftovers

Lucy Warburton


Royal Pains



The Closer

DDA Claire Baldwin


A Mann’s World


Detroit 1-8-7

Rachel Cook-Jones


The Good Wife

Ms. Pollock

Law & Order

Jalisa Kroger


Erin- Polygraph Tech

Gossip Girl

Ostroff Therapist


Law & Order: Criminal Intent

CSU Tech/Haydon

Amanda Warren Net Worth

She has acquired an estimated net worth of $16 million from her career.

Amanda Warren Black Mirror

He stars as Angelica.

Amanda Warren Jones

She stars as Dr. Gallo in Jessica Jones.

Amanda Warren The Purge

She stars as Jane Barbour.

Amanda Warren Interview

BGN Interview: Amanda Warren on ‘The Purge’ TV Series and Her Nerdy Girlhood

Adapted From:

Can you tell me about your high school experience and what it was like growing up?

I know my experiences are not universal, but I want to be honest. High school was a very unique experience for me. I went to an art school in New York City, so I was always surrounded by fellow artists. I started off as a singer and later changed. My life was basically the hit TV show GLEE–it was that awesome. Fun side note, Jesse Eisenberg was in my graduating class. We voted Jesse Eisenberg as most likely to succeed, and I guess we were right.

I have always considered myself a nerdy girl, and I still am deep down. I was voted most School Spirit, School Leadership, and Best Supporting Actress in Musical Theatre. One of the most notable things about our high school was that Bill Clinton was our keynote speaker. My advice would be to be active in school and always go after what you want. You will be surprised how things fall into place.

In your 10-year tenured career, what would you say the major differences between film, television, and theater are?

I have been in film, TV and on the stage and I do not notice much of a difference. There is a high bar set for all, the only difference would be perhaps the creative caliber. Television has gone through this trailblazing second renaissance thanks to series like Sex and The City or The Sopranos.

Every TV episode more closely resembles a twelve-hour workload. As the procedural world starts to change we start to see more character-driven dramas and comedies. Sitcoms are still alive and well and have always been interesting in the sense that they have live audiences. One difference would be that we get to sit and understand a character for an extended period when doing television that is not necessarily there when shooting a film. Ultimately, I would say to stay open to trying them all and in that, you may find your niche. It can always be changed later.

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