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Annie Corley Biography

Annie Corley is an American actress. She is famously knowm for her notable role in the film The Bridges of Madison County. She played as Meryl Streep’s character’s daughter in the film. The Bridges of Madison County is a 1995 American romantic drama film. It is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Robert James Waller. It was produced by Amblin Entertainment and Malpaso Productions.

Annie Corley has appeared in a wide variety of films and television shows. In all her appearances she has shown great talent. She has been active since the 1990s til this date.
Her career begun in the year 1990. She is an alumni of DePauw University in Indiana. Before enrolling in DePauw University, she graduated from McCutcheon High School in Lafayette, Indiana. Her first film appearance was when she appeared in Malcolm X. Since her first appearance, she has been featured in several other Oscar-nominated films.
Among them include; The Cider House Rules, Seabiscuit, 21 Grams, and Monster. She co-starred in The Lucky Ones. In 2009, she appeared in Crazy Heart and Law Abiding Citizen. She has made a number of Television appearances too.
Annie Corley has guest starred on The Closer and NYPD Blue. In NYPD, she starred as the mother of Zachary Quinto. She also starred on Touched by an Angel. She appeared as a conservative Christian pundit Mary Marsh on The West Wing. She has also appeared on Without a Trace, Murder, She Wrote, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and The Practice.

Annie Corley Photo
Annie Corley Photo

Annie Corley Age

Annie Corley was born in Lafayette, Indiana, United States of America. She was born in the year 1960. She is 58 or 59 years old as of 2019.

Annie Corley Net worth

Annie Corley has been in the acting business for some time. Talent pays. And it pays handsomely. For Annie, her career is definitely rewarding. She has made a number of film and Television appearances. These films include; NYPD blue, The Cider House Rules, Seabiscuit, 21 Grams, and Monster.
Her appearances pay off. She has an estimated net worth of $5 million. She could be worth even more.

Annie Corley Height

Annie Corley is relatively tall. Her actual height is currently unknown though.

Annie Corley Family

There is no information known about Annie Corley’s family. She has managed to keep her details secret.

Annie Corley Dating | Annie Corley Husband

Not every actor, actress or celebrity who lives an open book. And Annie Corley is definitely one of them. With a fast tickling biological clock, we are yet to know whether Annie is dating or not. She could be probably single because there is no information about her dating life.
We are also not aware of any past relationships she might have had. There are also no details about her children. If in any chance there is something of the sort, she has greatly succeeded in keeping her life a secret. We just hope the 59 year actress, Annie Corley, is not just alone. It could be really lonely.

Annie Corley Movies

Annie Corley Films

  • 2010- Faster
  • 2009- The Answer Man
  • 2009- Law Abiding Citizen
  • 2009- Crazy Heart
  • 2008- The Lucky Ones
  • 2006- Stick It
  • 2003- Seabiscuit
  • 2003- 21 Grams
  • 2003- Monster

Other films

  • 2002- Juwanna Mann
  • 2000- If Only You Knew
  • 2000- Here on Earth
  • 2000- Forever Lulu
  • 1999- Last Chance
  • 1999- The Cider House Rules
  • 1997- Free Willy 3: The Rescue
  • 1996- Box of Moonlight
  • 1995- The Bridges of Madison County
  • 1992- Malcolm X

Annie Corley Television shows

2000 to date

  • 2012- Blue Eyed Butcher
  • 2011-2014- The Killing as Regi Darnell
  • 2010- CSI: Miami as Joanne Connors
  • 2009- The Closer as Mrs. Sara Dobson
  • 2006- Crossing Jordan as Frances Murphy
  • 2005- CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Nurse Joanne McKay
  • 2005- Law & Order as Christine Hill
  • 2004- Without a Trace as Nancy
  • 2004- NCIS as Deputy Secretary of State Anna Elliot
  • 2002- The Pennsylvania Miners’ Story as Annette Fogle
  • 2001- Strong Medicine as Teresa ‘Father Terrence’ Valentine
  • 2001- The Agency
  • 2001- Touched by an Angel
  • 2000- The West Wing as Mary Marsh

1995 to 1999

  • 1999- The ’60s as Mary Herlihy
  • 1999- The Practice as Lindsay’s Doctor
  • 1999- The West Wing as Mary Marsh
  • 1998- To Have & to Hold as Mrs. Maloeny
  • 1997- NYPD Blue as Sherrie Egan
  • 1997- The Practice as Doctor
  • 1995- Murder, She Wrote as Liz White
  • 1995- Pointman as Judge Helen Pappas

1990 to 1994

  • 1994- Children of the Dark as Susan
  • 1994- A Time to Heal
  • 1994- Beyond Betrayal as Iris McKay
  • 1993- L.A. Law as Phyllis Wodjack
  • 1993- Empty Nest as Anita
  • 1993- The Tommyknockers as Marie Brown
  • 1992- The President’s Child as Myra Kelsey
  • 1990- Law & Order as Stewart
  • 1990- Monsters

Annie Corley Interview

Q: Patty Jenkins directed the pilot episode, and you also worked with her on Monster. What was it like working with her again in such a different context?
Annie Corley: I had an amazing time with her on Monster. We did a lot of work in a short amount of time and it sort of happened the same way with this. I ended up spending more time with her before in the prep stuff than during shooting.
Q: How did you come to be involved with the show?
Annie Corley: Patty was gonna direct it and my friend Junie Lowry cast it. They thought this was a perfect role for me, so they sent it to my manager and I loved the part. I ride horses and work at a really big stable when I’m not doing the TV and movie stuff, so I loved the fact that she wears a baseball cap and lives on a boat and wears jeans and a sweatshirt. Usually you have to be careful about a tan and careful about the hair and the hands — my hands are sometimes a little gnarly from working with horses and dogs on a daily basis — but life and art overlapped.
Q: Your character lives on a boat. Are you comfortable on boats?
Annie Corley: The crew isn’t always as happy as the rest of us to be on a boat, but I love being outside and being on the water. The only problem is it’s really rainy, so every time we shoot on the boat, it’s like, “Oh no, we gotta deal with the rain and tarps and the boat.” I did one of the Free Willy movies and we spent three months shooting on boats. I loved the boat.
Q: Does it ever get claustrophobic shooting in such an enclosed space?
Annie Corley: The boat is perfect for me as the character living by herself, but when Sarah and Jack kind of move in with me, it gets a little cramped. Then if you add a whole camera crew and makeup and lights — I don’t get claustrophobic, but it gets very crowded.
Q: Regi becomes something of a surrogate mother to Jack, who’s
played by Liam James. Since Liam is one of the few kids on set, did you develop a maternal rapport with him?
Annie Corley: I keep trying, but he’s got this amazing mother when he’s on the set. He’s really fun. We crack up and do a lot of stuff together. I surrogate him on the show but off the show he’s a self-sufficient young man.
Q: What kind of stuff did you do to crack each other up?
Annie Corley: Patty in particular had him do some fun things. Like one point during a scene with me, he’s standing on a bridge that’s over the water at the docks. He gets to spit in the water, so I had to give him some lessons on that: who can spit further, who can make the biggest splash, who can make the grossest spit. Thirteen-year-old boy kind of
Q: Who won?
Annie Corley: He did. For such a little guy, I felt kind of intimidated.
Q: All of your scenes so far are with Mireille Enos. Do you guys ever hang out off the set?
Annie Corley: Yeah, we’ve spent quite a few hours on that boat bobbing around in the freezing cold. I sort of like to encompass a little bit of real life before we begin working, so before we start I’m grilling her about everything. “How are you and the husband? What’s happening with the baby? Let’s talk about your childhood.”
Q: What’s the hair, makeup and costume process like? How’s it different from other sets you’ve been on?
Annie Corley: We have a little joke about it, because I happen to have nice hair. Of all the things in my life that I don’t have, I was blessed with really nice hair. So I get up, take a shower and do my hair. I get to the set and Julie, my hair lady, we proceed to laugh about how nice it looks and then she messes it up. Once she messes it up, we spray it so it stays looking like a lady who lives on a boat. As far as clothes, I get to pick out fun stuff to wear. I get to wear jeans and hiking boots and big sweaters and big warm coats. I’m totally dressed for the weather while everyone else is totally freezing