Aras Baskauskas Biography, Age, Image, Wife, Survivor: Panama, Net Worth - | Aras Baskauskas Biography, Age, Image, Wife, Survivor: Panama, Net Worth -

Aras Baskauskas Biography, Age, Image, Wife, Survivor: Panama, Net Worth

Aras Baskauskas Biography

Aras Baskauskas (Lithuanian: Baškauskas) (born September 26, 1981) is an American yogi, musician, and reality TV personality who won Survivor: Panama and competed in Survivor: Blood vs. Water. He releases his music under the name Odd Us.

Aras Baskauskas Age

Aras Baskauskas is an American yogi, musician, and reality TV personality who won Survivor: Panama and competed in Survivor: Blood vs. Water. He was born on September 26, 1981, in Venice, Los Angeles, CA. He is 37 years old as 2018

Aras Baskauskas Early life

Of Lithuanian origin, Baskauskas earned a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy from the University of California, Irvine in 2003, then went on to an MBA in business administration at that school. As well there, he played NCAA Division I basketball.

After college, he briefly played basketball in Lithuania, and later moved to Cape Town, South Africa where he opened a yoga studio. He went on to become a yoga instructor in Santa Monica, California

Aras Baskauskas Image

Aras Baskauskas Photo

Aras Baskauskas Music career

In 2011, Baskauskas released his debut album, The Tree and the River, under the stage name of “Odd Us”.

Aras Baskauskas Wife

On November 10, 2013, Aras became engaged with his girlfriend, model Christy Petersen. Their first child, River Juozas Baskauskas, was born on May 29, 2014. Aras and Christy got married on April 25, 2015.

Aras Baskauskas is a married man!

The Survivor: Panama champ tied the knot with fiancé Christy Dawn Petersen in a laid-back beach ceremony on April 25.

It was important to Baskauskas and Petersen that the ceremony and reception be a relaxed celebration for their 96 guests. “I’m not usually a big wedding fan – most feel so stuffy,” Baskauskas tells PEOPLE. “But this one was so much fun.”

After they became engaged in 2013, Baskauskas and Petersen welcomed their son River Juozas last year.

The couple got married at the Papaya Playa Project in Tulum, Mexico. They exchanged their vows just a few steps from the beach.

All About the Dress

Petersen, a former model who now owns the clothing line Dawn, designed her own gown. The vintage silk dress had a tiered skirt and a plunging neckline. She also designed the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Having plenty of eyes on one of her creations is nothing new for Petersen, who designed the dress that Taylor Swift wore in the video for “Style.” “I have a specific idea in mind,” she told PEOPLE in February as she was planning her own wedding dress. “I want it to be perfect.”

To keep with the classic feel of the wedding, Petersen’s ring was made with a vintage diamond that had once belonged to Baskauskas’ uncle’s grandmother.

Dancing, Cake and Skinny Dipping

Once the ceremony was over, the event turned into a party. Food was served buffet-style – including a churro cart. Guests sat at long tables with a clear view of the beach. “There was no assigned seating,” says Baskauskas. “That wasn’t what we were going for.”

The couple chose a tres leches cake and did a traditional cake cutting. They fed each other the first piece.

The dessert clearly went over well. “There was no cake left at the end of the night,” Baskauskas laughs. “I’ve never seen a wedding where people finish the entire cake.”

As night fell, the free-spirited Baskauskas ended up skinny dipping in the ocean with several of the guests. Afterward, the couple danced until 3 a.m. “We went until they turned the music off,” he says.

All in all, it was a perfect wedding for Baskauskas and Petersen. “It was the best night of my life by far,” says Baskauskas. “There was so much love in the room. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world, marrying my best friend.”

Aras Baskauskas Survivor

In Survivor: Panama — Exile Island, Baskauskas was originally part of the Viveros tribe of younger men until a tribal swap early on had him become a member of the Casaya tribe, where he formed an early alliance with Shane Powers, Courtney Marit, and Danielle DiLorenzo.

When the tribes merged, the former Casaya tribe members (himself, Powers, Marit, DiLorenzo, Bruce Kenagai, and Cirie Fields) had a numerical advantage against the four former La Mina tribe members.

The former Casaya members proceeded to vote out the entire former La Mina tribe, excluding Terry Deitz, who won nearly all of the immunity challenges. When the alliance had nowhere left to turn but on each other, Baskauskas and Powers targeted DiLorenzo, but she, Marit, and Deitz wanted to vote out Baskauskas.

Not happy with any of these options, Fields brewed a plan of her own, and together with Baskauskas and DiLorenzo, voted out Marit, followed by Powers. At the final four challenge, Baskauskas won immunity. Dietz, due to the widely known fact that he possessed the hidden immunity idol, was also safe.

This created a 2–2 tie between DiLorenzo and Fields, who competed in a fire-building challenge to determine their fate. DiLorenzo won the challenge and Fields was eliminated.

At the final immunity challenge, DiLorenzo out-balanced the two men to win immunity, giving her the power to choose her opponent for the Final Two. DiLorenzo eventually chose to eliminate Dietz, making him the final member of the jury and propelling Baskauskas into the Final Two.

On Day 39, while he and DiLorenzo walked on the rocks by the ocean, Baskauskas slipped on a wet rock and fell, sending shards of glass into his hand and back.

His wounds required stitches by the medical crew, but no medical evacuation. In the end, Baskauskas beat out DiLorenzo to become the Sole Survivor in a 5–2 vote, gaining the votes of Austin Carty, Sally Schumann, Marit, Fields, and Deitz.

Blood vs. Water
Baskauskas returned for the show’s 27th season, Survivor: Blood vs. Water, alongside his older brother, Vytas. After a tribe swap, Aras was placed on the new Tadhana tribe, alongside fellow returning players Tyson Apostol and Gervase Peterson, as well as newcomers Hayden Moss, Caleb Bankston, and Ciera Eastin.

Due to his performance in Panama, as well as the fact that he was the only tribe member who still had a loved one left in the game, Apostol rallied all the other tribe members into an alliance to eliminate Aras in 11th place, making him the first jury member.

Shortly afterward, the merge came and Apostol’s alliance also eliminated Vytas in 10th place. In the final tribal council, Aras cast his vote for Apostol to win the $1 million prize, while Vytas was the sole jury member to cast his vote for someone other than Apostol, instead of voting for Monica Culpepper.

Survivor: Panama

Survivor: Panama — Exile Island, also known as Survivor: Exile Island and Survivor: Panama, is the twelfth season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. The season was filmed in the Pearl Islands, off the coast of Panama from October 31, 2005, through December 8, 2005, and premiered on February 2, 2006.

Hosted by Jeff Probst, it consisted of the usual 39 days of gameplay with 16 competitors, the first season with 16 competitors since Survivor: Pearl Islands five seasons prior.

The 16 players were initially split into four tribes by sex and age: young men (Viveros), older men (La Mina), young women (Bayonetta) and older women (Casaya). These four tribes were named after four islands located in the Pearl Islands.

Shortly after the first Tribal Council, the Viveros and Bayonetta tribes were dissolved and a “schoolyard pick” formed two new integrated tribes using the Casaya and La Mina tribe names and camps.

When there were ten contestants left, they merged into one tribe named Gitanos, the Spanish word for “gypsy.” Coincidentally, a member from each of the original four tribes was represented in the final four. During the season finale on May 14, 2006, it was revealed that Aras Baskauskas was named the Sole Survivor over Danielle DiLorenzo in a 5-2 vote.

The season included a twist that originally came from Survivor: Palau called Exile Island. Each week at least one castaway is banished to an island away from all other contestants for the time period between the reward and immunity challenges. The castaway is given a single machete, a flint, a pot and a bucket of non-sanitized water.

The island also contained a hidden immunity idol that could be used at the tribal council after the votes have been cast.

The complete season, including the mid-season recap episode and live reunion show, was released on DVD on May 22, 2012.

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Aras Baskauskas Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth and Income Info:

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WHERE ARE THEY NOW: The Winners Of ‘Survivor’

Thirteen years ago, Richard Hatch — the conniving contestant who annoyed his tribesmen by walking around in the (not so buff) buff — took home the $US1 million prize.

He was the first winner of “Survivor,” CBS’s low-budget reality-show-that-could.

Hatch, quite notably, evaded paying taxes on his earnings and served 51 months in prison for it. To this day, he insists that he was innocent.

Some “Survivor” winners end up losers, while others go on to host reality shows, start their own companies, and contribute to charities.

CBS announced the newest crop of contestants on Wednesday, revealing that season 27 will pin returning favorites against their loved ones — including previous winners Tina Wesson (and daughter) and Aras Baskauskas (and brother).

“Survivor: Blood vs. Water” debuts on CBS on September 28.


  • In the summer of 2009, Aras, along with the other first eighteen Survivor winners, appeared on a TVGuide special “Survivor Millionaires: Where Are They Now?”
  • On January 9, 2010, Aras attended Survivor‘s 10-year anniversary party.
  • In 2011, Aras founded Tundra Gear, a winter hat company. The same year, Aras released his debut album, “The Tree and the River”, under the stage name of “Odd Us” (the actual pronunciation of his name).
  • In 2013, he became a part of the band “My Swedish Friend” as a parallel project.
  • He was a guest on the second episode of the Survivor After Show in 2013.
  • On November 10, 2013, Aras became engaged with his girlfriend, model Christy Petersen. Their first child, River Juozas Baskauskas, was born on May 29, 2014. Aras and Christy got married on April 25, 2015.
  • Aras finished fourth in the Rob Has a Podcast’s Mr. Survivor 2014 first round of voting. However, due to Rob not being able to schedule an interview with finalist Hayden Moss, Aras took his spot in the final three and eventually lost out against Malcolm Freberg, but beat Tyson Apostol.


  • Aras is half-Lithuanian. His last name is pronounced: “Bush-kows-kass”.
  • Aras is the first winner with dual citizenship: Lithuanian and American.
  • Aras and Vytas Baskauskas’ maternal grandfather was the late actor Macdonald Carey.
  • Aras was the youngest contestant of Panama.
  • In the final four of Panama, the remaining four players represented the original tribe that they were on. Aras represented Viveros.
  • Aras’ injury on Day 39 marks the first time someone has been injured on the final day of the competition.
  • Aras holds the record for most elimination votes that counted against a Sole Survivor with 9 over the course of Panama. Ben Driebergen received 11 over the course of Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers but negated the majority of those votes with Hidden Immunity Idols.
  • According to her profile for Heroes vs. Villains, Cirie Fields listed Aras as the past Survivor castaway that she respects the most.
  • Aras lost 17 lbs. (7 kg) during his time in Blood vs. Water.[9]
  • Aras’ first choice to play with him in Blood vs. Water was his girlfriend Christy, but production took more interest in Vytas.