Asha Staples

Asha Staples joined the FOX10 News team in January 2016. She serves as both FOX10’s weekend morning anchor and reporter.

Raised in Johns Creek, Georgia, Asha idolized her award-winning newspaper writing and reporting mother, Gracie Bonds Staples. Growing up around and being exposed to journalism at a young age, she fell in love with story-telling. The thought of being the first to know the news of the day and hearing people’s stories always resonated with her.

She knows in many ways journalism is a changing and uncertain industry, but still one thing remains true: people love a good story.

Asha started her news career in January 2014 when she joined WLOX News in Biloxi, Mississippi, as a general assignment and live shot reporter shortly after graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi in May 2013. There, she received her degree in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism and minor in Communication.

Asha knew she would be successful, and ambition became second nature. She studied the craft of people she admired in the television industry and started taking the steps to one day be in the same positions.

Asha is very active in everything she loves and enjoys meeting and connecting with people. She takes pride in her work and has a strong spiritual foundation and credits her strong faith in Christ for all her successes.

When Asha isn’t digging for her next story, she loves shopping, traveling, spending time with her family, friends and sorority sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

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