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Bianca De La Garza Biography

Bianca de la Garza is an American media entrepreneur and a former Boston news anchor. Additionally, she is the CEO of the multi-media company, Lucky Gal Productions.

Bianca De La Garza Age

Bianca was born in Massachusetts on 18th October 1979 as Bianca de la Garza. Throughout her childhood years, she grew up South Shore. Most of the information relating to her early life is not available at present. She holds the American nationality. Furthermore, she has not revealed information relating to her ethnic background at present.

Bianca De La Garza Education

Bianca attended Emerson College. Later, she graduated from there in 2000.

Bianca De La Garza Career

Bianca began her television career in 1997 after she started working for WTEN. Next, she then began working as a reporter and anchor. In 2001, she became a news anchor at WFXT-TV. There, she served for six years till 2007. Later, she served as an anchor and co-host of top-rated morning news show at WCVB.

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Throughout her journalism career, Bianca has covered several important events. She covered the report on the devastating event of September 11 and also the mass destruction of weapons in Iraq.

Her weekly late-night show, ‘Bianca’ found itself ranked No. 2 to ‘Saturday Night Live’ just one month after it debuted in New England. In addition, she has had interviews with some of the famous personalities including Madonna, Bono, and Tom Brady. Additionally, she is a big supporter of children’s charities.

Bianca De La Garza Husband|Dating|Divorce

Bianca de la Garza married reporter and co-host of Fox Network, David Wade in 1997. The pair has a daughter from the marriage named Danica. The marriage came to an end after 12-years.

Currently, Bianca is in a relationship with Jess Williams. She has not revealed the future of her current relationship.

Bianca De La Garza Body Measurements

Bianca has a height of 5 feet 6 inches. Additionally, she weighs around 54 kg. Furthermore, she has a body measurement of 34-24-35 inches. Her hair color is blonde and eye color is blue.

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Bianca De La Garza Interview

Emmy-Nominated Bianca de la Garza Offers Life and Career Advice

1. Your career is incredibly varied – did that happen on purpose or by accident? 

Bianca: Everything I’ve done has sort of been instinctual. I fell into journalism as a young woman because I was curious about the world. My mother was a flight attendant for American Airlines, so for me, the world wasn’t a big place. She would literally wake up one day, go to a different country and come home and make me dinner.

Then what happened is as I started to see the landscape of television news and journalism change, the career that I loved so much was eroding before my eyes. It was becoming negative, it was becoming everything that I really didn’t think I could embody anymore.

2. Did you have any fear or reservations about starting this entirely new chapter?

Bianca: Absolutely, it was a very interesting time in my life. and I was working for a very secure company. There was really no reason for me to walk away from a job where I was earning good money and was on television 20 hours a week. People looked at me and thought, ‘why are you doing this? You’re crazy.’ I remember people saying, ‘we’re worried about you.’ 

 Did you ever have a moment of doubt once you started?

Bianca: I actually didn’t have a doubt that we’d get it done because it just felt so right. I never looked back. At the time I was naïve in a way, I probably didn’t realize how hard it would be, but I never thought it wouldn’t get done. I think that helps you a lot especially when you’re changing careers or industries. It’s nice not to know certain things because you see it from a very clear eye. Some people may say look at the beauty, it’s a very saturated field. I don’t see that at all, I don’t see other people as competition because I know what my lane is and what our mission is. 

How the political landscape in the US is impacting you and what you do?

Bianca: Politics aside, of course, I’m very proud of my heritage, and I’m very proud that my dad and my family came from Mexico here to the United States. And living part-time in Southern California where Latinas we are the majorities here, it pains me sometimes to see descriptions of us in the media. Our country was built on immigrants, and I think sometimes we’ve forgotten that. For me, when I hear stories about immigration it does make me wince because at some point we all came from somewhere else, and the people who are working so hard I know how humble they are. These are immigrants who are sending money back to their homeland. They’re working in fields, they’re doing a lot of jobs that frankly Americans wouldn’t do. 

So when I travel abroad, which I do a lot, we have these discussions and at the moment I can say that my country is fractured and I’m not really happy with the way we’re treating one and other. But ultimately, I think the people of America have a sense of survival, and we will rise above this ugly discourse that’s happening now.

Has this inspired you to do more political-based work?

Bianca: It’s interesting that you ask, I would say that the political part what I’m working on is not so much related to a candidate or a cause, but I recently created a show called Us and the US, and it is highlighting female immigrants living in the United States and what does that look like? What is the modern day Americana? We actually have that show in a pilot, and we’ve been talking to some international distributors about it. So, what I encourage in the wake of all this nastiness… with some people not realizing America was built on immigrants, my response as a content creator and as a producer and as a female daughter of an immigrant, is to create a concept for a show where I can be a catalyst to tell stories. So, that’s my political contribution in this. It does go back to what I love to do, which is to give people a voice. It’s a tremendous opportunity and honor for me.