Billy Ray Cyrus Biography, Age, Wife, Career And Net Worth. | Billy Ray Cyrus Biography, Age, Wife, Career And Net Worth.

Billy Ray Cyrus Biography, Age, Wife, Career And Net Worth.

Billy Ray Cyrus Biography

Billy Ray Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter, and actor. He is best known for his number one single “Achy Breaky Heart”, which became the first single ever to achieve triple Platinum status in Australia. Since 1992, he released 12 studio albums and 44 singles. “Achy Breaky Heart” was also the best-selling single in the same country in 1992.

The multi-platinum selling recording artist has scored a total of eight top-ten singles on the Billboard Country Songs chart. In his career, he has released 36 charted singles; 17 of which charted in the top 40. This year, 2019, Cyrus earned his first number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 as a featured artist on a remix of Lil Nas X’s song “Old Town Road”.

Billy Ray Cyrus Age

Cyrus was born on August 25, 1961. He is 56 years of age.

Billy Ray Cyrus Family

Billy Ray Cyrus was born in Flatwoods, Kentucky. His father Ron Cyrus, a politician and as well former steelworker, and his mother, the former Ruth Ann Casto. Billy Ray got much influenced by his grandfather, the grandfather who introduced him to gospel and bluegrass music.

Billy Ray Cyrus

Ray’s father was good at playing the guitar while his mother the piano and his grandfather used to play the fiddle. The kind of musical environment at his home got him a great influence that he as well began singing from a young age of four.

He found it difficult playing his fathers guitar since he was left-handed. Ray got a baseball scholarship to study at ‘Georgetown College. He then formed the band named ‘Sly Dog’ with his brother and they were hired as a house band for a club in Ohio. He later dropped out of college and decided to pursue music full-time.

Fire burning down the club at where Cyrus was performing with all his music equipment being burnt too In 1984, he then decided to relocate to Los Angeles, hoping he will secure a recording contract, he became unsuccessful in his attempts and decided to get back to Kentucky.

He started performing and gradually honing his skills. He was then recognized by country singer Del Reeve, whom he went on to introduce him to the supervisors at ‘Mercury Records. Cyrus’s opening for famous country singer Reba McEntire made Producer Harold Shedd of Mercury Records was impressed by and immediately signed him up.

Billy Ray Cyrus Wife | Billy Ray Cyrus Children

Cyrus married Cindy Smith, he so co-wrote the songs ‘Wher’m I Gonna Live?’ and ‘Some Gave All’ with him. These songs were a part of his debut album ‘Some Gave All’. The couples ended up divorcing each other after five years In 1986. He then married ‘Leticia Cyrus’ to whom he is still married.

He has three children with her – Miley Ray, Braison Chance, and Noah Lindsey. He also has two stepchildren from Leticia’s previous relationship – Brandi and Trace. He is also to be said to be having.

He had a relationship with Kristin Luckey, with whom he also fathered a son, Christopher Cody. Cody was raised by his mother in South Carolina.

Billy Ray Cyrus Tattoos

Cyrus has three tattoos, he is having an American eagle on his right arm. another a tattoo with “Music Changes Everything” written on it, and his hand has a heart that daughter Miley Cyrus hand-drew one day before the pair spontaneously decided to make it permanent.

His family is popular with Tattoos, with Miley has a couple, and son Trace Cyrus probably has more tattoo skin than not. he says notices a lack of art on his sleeveless arms. Tattoos seemed to have replaced the mullet since Cyrus’ early days.

Cyrus Music Career

Cyrus released his debut album, ‘Some Gave All’ in 1992, which brought commercial success and sold more than twenty million copies worldwide. He released his second album Won’t Be the Last’ In 1993, comprising four singles, all of which achieved moderate success. He then started during this time and the next year, he produced his third album ‘Storm in the Heartland’, although it did not do well commercially.

His popularity had reduced considerably, he launched his fourth album, ‘Trail of Tears’ the album did not again a commercial failure. although it had praises by critics. In 1998, he experienced another unsuccessful album, ‘Shot Full of Love’. He decided to end his association with ‘Mercury Records’ ends up signing with the ‘Monument Records in 1999.’

In the following year 2000, he launched his first album with ‘Monument Records’ and fifth overall. Titled ‘Southern Rain’, the album fared better than his last few efforts, but still wasn’t as per his expectations.

Cyrus decided to turn to act and appeared in one episode of the TV show ‘The Love Boat, The Next Wave’ in 1999. acted in his first film as He then produced an independent film titled ‘Radical Jack’. He then got cast as a regular in the medical family drama ‘Doc’, this made him gained popularity with the viewers and as well made him ran for five seasons. from that time, he has made guest appearances for a few TV shows, also hosting the reality show ‘Nashville Stars’.

He made a marked on his comeback to music by releasing two Christian albums, ‘Time Flies’ and ‘The Other Side’, drawing from his childhood experiences with gospel music in 2003. Cyrus released five extra more albums with different labels From 2006 to 2012. Among these, include ‘Home at Last’ that came out most successful one, being ranked 3rd on the ‘U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums’ chart.

He was as well featured as a regular in the popular musical comedy and TV series ‘Hannah Montana’, in which his daughter Miley Cyrus also played the lead. He was also a part of the crew cast of a spin-off film titled ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’. This film was commercially successful, generated more than 155 million gross income, at the box office

He also took part in contestant in the reality dance show, he had a good run and emerged the at fifth place In 2009. He then formed an alternative rock band called ‘Brother Clyde’ with three other musicians. After replacing all the other three band members, he released an album the next year, having the same name as the band.
Cyrus ceased his collaboration with ‘Brother Clyde’ in 2010 to concentrate on his solo career. Since then, he has released two albums, ‘I’m American’ and ‘Change My Mind’. The same year,

He then as well had a supporting role in a Jackie Chan film, ‘The Spy Next Door’. He has also featured in a few television specials that highlight his path to success. They include documentaries such as‘Billy Ray Cyrus, Dreams Come True’, ‘Billy Ray Cyrus: A Year on the Road’, ‘I Give My Heart To You’, and ‘The Life and Times of Billy Ray Cyrus’.

 Billy Ray Cyrus Discography

  • Heart With Your Name On It
  • Achy Breaky Heart
  • Ain’t No Good Goodbye
  • Ain’t Your Dog No More
  • Always Sixteen
  • Amazing Grace
  • Back To Memphis
  • Bluegrass State Of Mind
  • Burn Down The Trailer Park
  • Busy Man
  • Call Me Daddy
  • Casualty Of Love
  • Could’ve Been Me
  • Cover To Cover
  • Crazy Mama
  • Deja Blue
  • Did I Forget To Pray
  • Dreamin In Color, Livin In Black And White
  • Enough Is Enough
  • Face Of God
  • Geronimo
  • Give My Heart To You
  • Hard To Leave
  • Harper Valley P.t.a.
  • Hey Elvis
  • His Shoes
  • Holding On To A Dream
  • How Much
  • How’s My World Treatin’ You
  • Just As I Am
  • I Am Here Now
  • Missing you
  • I Luv Ya
  • I Still Believe
  • I’m So Miserable
  • In The Heart Of A Woman
  • It Won’t Be The Last
  • It’s All The Same To Me
  • I Ain’t Even Left
  • Love Has No Walls
  • I Love You This Much
  • Need A Little Help
  • Never Thought I’d Fall In Love With You
  • Nobody
  • One Last Thrill
  • One Night With You
  • Only God Could Stop Me Loving You
  • Only Time Will Tell
  • Patsy Come Home
  • Redneck Heaven
  • Right Face Wrong Time
  • Rock This Planet
  • Roll Me Over
  • Romeo
  • She Doesn’t Love Me (she Don’t Hate Me)
  • She’s Not Cryin’ Anymore
  • Shot Full Of Love
  • Should I Stay
  • Sing Me Back Home
  • Some Gave All
  • Somebody New
  • Someday, Somewhere, Somehow
  • Southern Rain
  • Stand Still
  • Storm In The Heartland
  • Talk Some
  • Kentucky
  • The American Dream
  • The Fastest Horse In A One Horse Town
  • The Other Side
  • The Past
  • These Boots Are Made For Walking
  • Three Little Words
  • Throwing Stones
  • Time Flies
  • Time For Letting Go
  • Tip Of My Heart
  • Trail Of Tears
  • Truth Is I Lied
  • Under The Hood
  • What Else Is There
  • Wher’m I Gonna Live
  • Words By Heart
  • Wouldn’t You Do This For Me
  • Billy Ray Cyrus Net Worth
  • Billy Ray Cyrus has an estimated net worth of more than $20
  • million. He has ups and downs that finally traversed him to
  • success. Subsequent albums by Billy Cyrus fared great on
  • country charts but the year 1992 was a turbo year for him.
  • Billy Ray Cyrus is a homely name around the world and will
  • persist to be acknowledged for his immaculate work.

Billy Ray Cyrus Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Billy Ray Cyrus has a net worth of $20 million dollars.

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