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Cisco Adler Biography, Family, Wife, Movies, Children, Age and Worth

Cisco Adler Biography

Cisco Adler is an American musician and Grammy-nominated record producer.He was born on September 6, 1978.s early work with L.A. rappers Mickey Avalon and Dirt Nasty created some bonafide cult classics like “Jane Fonda” and “1980.” The three amigos also penned a song for The Hangover featuring Lil Jon and produced by Adler.


Cisco Adler Career

In 2008 Adler left Whitestarr, and has since been working extensively with hip-hop artist Shwayze. Their first single, “Buzzin’,” reached number 46 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the follow-up “Corona and Lime” peaked at number 23. They starred in the MTV reality series Buzzin’ which follows the two as they record an album, have appeared on MTV Cribs,and toured with Warped Tour 2008.The pair have also collaborated with DJ Skeet Skeet on a Nike-sponsored workout program entitled Beach Blast by Shwayze.

On December 18, 2008, Cisco Adler was arrested in Fargo, North Dakota for assaulting an employee at the club where he and Shwayze were performing. He was released shortly after being taken into custody, posting $500 bail. In 2009 he released a re-mixtape entitled “Pop Shit,” which was produced entirely by himself. On June 15, 2010, Cisco released a mixtape entitled “Super California Lipstick Sexy Magic Dope Shit.” Cisco produced every song on the mixtape. He produced tracks on Mike Posner’s album 31 Minutes to TakeoffHe runs a record label called Bananabeat Records.

Adler was instrumental in the early career of Minnesota Hippie-hop rapper Mod Sun. Their Happy As Fuck EP helped Mod get on the Warped Tour which he headlined this past summer.

In May 2013, Adler released an EP, One Way, working alongside rapper Tayyib Ali. One Way was released as a free download for 48 hours from May 28–30, 2013. One Way is expected to be released on iTunes shortly after. In addition to music and television, Adler also produced and appeared in the film Sweetie Pie.

In 2015 Adler’ co-wrote and produced Cody Simpson’s coming-of-age album FREE and released it on Bananabeat Records. The album features G Love and Donovan Frankenreiter as well as North Mississippi All Stars drummer Cody Dickinson.

His recent work includes co-writing and co-producing the song Go With it ft. Vic Mensa on the Grammy nominated album EGO DEATH by The Internet, electronic-rock outfit GhostTown, and has been wrapping up some songs with Black Eyed Peas alum Fergie according to social media posts.

Adler is currently producing the soundtrack to the remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show with Adam Lambert, Ivy Levan, Victoria Justice, Christina Millian, and Laverne Cox.


Cisco Adler Wife

Cisco is married to fashion model Barbara Stoyanoff.


Cisco Adler Children

Adler has one child.

Cisco Adler Age

Adler is 39 years of age.


Cisco Adler Photos

Cisco Adler