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Blake Lively Biography

Blake Lively is an American actress, well known for her role as Serena van der Woodsen on the CW network’s teen drama ‘Gossip Girl.’ Blake Lively was born on Agust 25th August in 1987 , in Los Angeles, Her father was also an actor and director, and her mother was a talent scout.

At the age of 10, Blake Lively had began her acting career. In her junior year of high school, she had an audition for and landed a major role in the 2005 blockbuster “chick flick” The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. In 1998  she  was featured in  film Sandman, which was directed by the  Lively’s father. She describes her role as a “bit part” Initially  she was not interested in acting, and wanted to attend Stanford University.

Blake Lively Age

Lively is 30 years of age.

Blake Lively Husband

Lively is married to Reynolds quickly became inseparable. They got engadge in upstate New York, in April 2012. the couples pair married in a special ceremony on September 9, 2012, near Charleston, South Carolina. Almost 70 guests got to attend the couple’s nuptials held at Boone Hall Plantation. her friends singer Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine, performed at the reception.

Blake Lively Early Life

Her father, Ernie, was an actor and director, and her mother, Elaine, was a talent scout. Lively is the youngest of five children, and all four of her older siblings are also actors. Before moving to Los Angeles to pursue their show business careers, Lively’s parents lived in Georgia, and the household always maintained its Southern influences. “I have a tight-knit Southern family,” she says. “So whenever I tell people I’m from L.A., they say, ‘Yeah, but you don’t count,’ I guess because of the Southern values I was raised with, and the way I eat — the more sugary and cheesy and fried, the better.”Blake got enrolled to school for her first grade when she was only three years old. Her brother who was six-year-old, was so nervous about beginning first grade alone that her mother was then forced to take both of them because of the Blake’s hight. A few weeks Later she wasto be put in mentally disabled classes ssince she was not at the pace with the rest of the kids. They thought that she was slow because all she could do was to sleep while the other kids were doing their projects.”
Lively Blake13 different schools,by the time she graduated from grade school. She finally then joined at Burbank High School, she became the best in both her academics and her extracurricular activities. Besides receiving stellar grades in her AP coursework, Lively was a cheerleader, class president and member of her school’s show choir.

Blake Lively Children

The couple have two children, they welcomed their first child, a daughter they named James in December 2014. In September 2016 they welcomed their second daughter, Ines.

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Blake Lively

Blake Lively Acting Career

Blake raceived strong pressure from her older siblings to quit school and embark on an acting career, she had no interest in acting. She had her own interest and dreams of attending Stanford University.

After she has realized her star potential, her older brother Eric relentlessly pushed her to try auditioning. “He was trying to get me to make life decisions. contacting agents and telling them about his beautiful, talented younger sister. “I was really busy at school,” Lively remembers, “and I would have these agents calling and saying, ‘We have an appointment for you.’ It was really hard to say no, because I didn’t want to make my brother upset.”
In high school while she was at the age of 17, she consented to attend a few auditions. She nearly instant success.

After some few months of auditioning, she got a major role in the 2005 blockbuster “chick flick” The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, That was shot at summer between her junior and senior years at the Burbank High. that performance earned her a Teen Choice Award nomination for Breakout Movie Star.

In 2005 just after the filming Traveling Pants, She went backto Burbank for her senior year and graduated. After finishing her diploma, shethen resumed her acting career, in 2006 starring opposite Justin Long and Jonah Hill comedy Accepted. She then landed her most famous role to date on the CW’s hit teen drama Gossip Girl. The show then followed a cohort of privileged teenagers on New York’s Upper East Side, with Lively playing the lead role of Serena van der Woodsen, a stylish blonde and (somewhat) reformed party girl. She won 8 Teen Choice Award for TV Actress and TV Breakout Star for her performance. the Gossip Girl aired its final episode in December 2012.

havinga beatifull and dazzling good looks, natural acting talent, and devoted backing from devoted Gossip Girl fans, she seemed to be on the verge of breaking out as a top-flight movie star. Esquire named Lively “the most promising and interesting and talented young actress of the year In a January 2010. She displayed a grittier side in her role as a young mother in Ben Affleck’s crime thriller The Town that same year. Both the film and Lively’s performance drew widespread critical acclaim.

In the following year,she was featured with Ryan Reynolds in the film Green Lantern, a big screen take on the classic comic book series. As the movie proved to be a critical and commercial disappointment, the on-screen pairing of Lively and Reynolds translated into a real-life romance. She self-admitted foodie and lifestyle enthusiast, in 2014 she then opened aa Preserve, an e-commerce site that was used for selling unique items that were handpicked by the actress. she closed the site in late 2015, stating that the launch was premature and that she would bring the site back at a later date.

She then starred in the romantic fantasy, The Age of Adaline, in which she plays a woman, who as a result of a freak accident, hasn’t aged beyond 29 years. In 2016 she played the lead role in the horror shark film The Shallows. Two years later, she took on the role of a woman who disappears without an explanation in Paul Feig’s comedy thriller, A Simple Favor, opposite Anna Kendrick.

Blake Lively movies

  • 1998: “Sandman” Trixie played as/Tooth Fairy.
  • 2005: ” The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” played as
  • Bridget Vreeland.
  • 2006: “Accepted” played as Monica Moreland.
  • 2006: “Simon Says” played as Jenny.
  • 2007; “Elvis and Anabelle” palayed as Annabelle Leigh.
  • 2008; “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2” played as
  • Bridget Vreeland.
  • 2009; “New York, I Love You” played as Gabrielle DiMarco.
  • 2009: “The Private Lives of Pippa” played as LeeYoung Pippa
  • Lee
  • 2010; “The Town” plaed as Kristina “Kris” Coughlin
  • 2011; “Green Lantern” palyed as Carol Ferris
  • 2011; “Hick” played as Glenda
  • 2012: “Savages”played as Ophelia “O” Sage
  • 2015; “The Age of Adaline” played as Adaline Bowman
  • 2016; “The Shallows” played as Nancy Adams
  • 2016; “Café Society” played as Veronica Hayes
  • 2017; “All I See Is You” played as Gina
  • 2018; “A Simple Favor” played as Emily Nelson
  • 2019; “The Rhythm Section” Stephanie Patrick

Blake Lively video

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