Bonnie Aarons Bio, Age, Height, Husband and Movies

Bonnie Aarons Biography

Bonnie Aarons is an American actress and writer who is famous for playing one of the major roles in the supernatural horror film The Nun, The Conjuring 2 and Mulholland Drive.

Bonnie Aarons Age

She was born on June 3, 1979, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. She is the daughter of the Aarons family but tends to keep her parents’ information confidential. She is thirty-nine years of age as of 2018.

Bonnie Aarons Height and Weight

As an American actress, Bonnie Aarons height is measured at 5 feet 7 inch, and weight is unknown. She has a slim fit body but hasn’t disclosed her body measurement. Her skin is white toned, has brown hair and hazel eyes.

Bonnie Aarons Husband

There are claims that she is married to Howard Baumer.  Unfortunately, nothing concrete has been heard about her personal life. Meanwhile, the star actress is known for posting several romantic pictures on her Facebook and Instagram pages. Due to this, we can confirm that she has a thing with Howard Baumer. But it is inconclusive if the two are actually married or just dating.
Bonnie Aarons

Bonnie Aarons Movies

She has always dreamt of being an actress and becoming famous since she was a child. In order to achieve her dream, she started attending acting school in New York City. She was continuously criticized for her appearance despite having great talent in acting. People criticized her for her face and her nose and how she would not be of any use in the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, Aarons knew that in order to overcome such critics, she had to continue working towards her dream of becoming an actress.
She left the United States for Europe, where she engaged in short films and television commercials. She soon returned to the United States and began her acting career in Hollywood. She earned her first role in an American film in 1994 when she was cast as a prostitute in the comedy thriller Exit to Eden. Unfortunately, she did not gain much recognition from it and for the rest of the year. Her next role came the following year, where she was cast as Mac in the film  Caged Heat 3000. In 1996, she was featured in the comedy film Dear God as a prophet and in Sweet Jane, as a waitress.
In 2001, she made appearances in three films, in Mulholland Drive as The Bum, in the film The Princess Diaries as Baroness Joy Von Trokenand and in Shallow Hal as Spastic Friend. She regained her role as Baroness Joy Von Troken in 2014 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. In the previous year, she featured as Verna Frenz in Specter’s Rock.
In 2006 she made an appearance in WristCutters: A Love Story as Messiah worshipper.  Additionally, in 2007 she was also cast as fat Teena in I Know Who Killed Me. Bonnie starred in Hell Ride as Mud Devils Ref. In InAlienable she was cast as the blue-skinned woman and in the sex comedy film One, Two, Comedy as Lastima,  in 2008. She was featured in the 2009 horror film Drag Me To Hell as mother and daughter at decathlon fest.
The actress continued being cast in minor roles and featured in three films in 2010 as a; the Strange Lady in Valentine’s Day, as General Abogados in Dahmer vs Gacy and as Crackeado Bonnie in The Fighter. Two years later, she starred in Silver Linings Playbook as Rocky D’Angelo’s mother. Her next role was in 2015 when she made an appearance as a reporter in Accidental Love.
By 2016, she began to enjoy the recognition she craved for. She was cast as Valak the Demon Nun in The Conjuring 2. She regained her role as Valak the Demon Nun in the 2017 horror film Annabelle: Creation, the film is an installment of the Conjuring Universe and a second installment of the Annabelle series.
She once again regained the role in the Conjuring Universe titled The Nun. Her role in the 2018 Gothic supernatural horror film was her first major role since she started her professional acting career in 1994.

Bonnie Aarons Net Worth

As a writer and actress, Aarons has maintained a net worth of over $700,000, as of 2019. The main source of her income is her acting and writing profession.