Boonk Gang Bio, Age, Networth, Dead, Controversies

Boonk Gang Biography.

John Robert hill Jr formerly known as Boonk Gang is an American rapper, Instagram star, and social media stunt man. He is known for the behavior of filming himself stealing from people or walking out of stores without paying. The social media personality has on several occasions been beaten and also arrested for his stunts. The rapper now uses John Gabbana as his stage name.

Boonk Gang Early Life.

Boonk was born on August 3rd, 1996 in Miami Gardens in South Florida. He was born to Simona Ariel and John Robert Holl Sr. The nickname Boonk was given to him by his mother. Boonk has 14 siblings:8 on his father’s side and 6 on his mother’s side. John was raised by his mother and his stepfather Dirk marshall Williams Jr.

When he was 14 years old, he lost his stepfather to cancer. After this, the family relocated to Clermont, a city near Orlando, but did not stay there for a long period. At the age of 15, he recorded his first song. Boonk also became involved in criminal activities. His financial situation was so bad that he had to rob people to get by. Boonk did not leave high school with a diploma. Instead, he only obtained a certificate of completion. When he became 18, his mother threw him out of her house.  The rapper has a son, born sometime in early or mid-2018.

Before his online fame, Boonk played football, basketball, baseball, and track. John also worked at a Popeye’s Chicken restaurant. He began writing and recording his own rap song and posting them on social media. John did not get enough publicity he needed to increase his fan base for his career and therefore opted for social media stunts. The rapper opened his Instagram account in April 2017, with the first video featuring Hill going behind the counter at Popeye’s fast-food restaurant to steal a box of fried chicken. Within 4 months, the video gathered upwards of 1.22 million views. Thereafter, only a few videos he accumulated more than 600,000 followers.

On July 2, 2018, Instagram shut down his Instagram account after he posted several NSFW videos to his stories. The clips showed Boonk Gang in various positions with a lady.
In July 2019, after 4 weeks his Instagram was shut down, Boonk was hospitalized after shooting himself in a leg twice. He confirmed the information about the accident and posted a photo on Snapchat. He said that he had shot himself accidentally. 
As if that was not enough, in July 2019, he posted on his social media that he had to go for surgery for having a broken jaw on both sides. A video circulated showing him approaching three men and a few seconds later, one man gave him a blow on his jaw. This time he went to the wrong people for his stunts.

Boonk Gang Age.

Boonk is 22 years old as of 2019. He will be turning 23 on August 3rd. His birth sign is Leo.

Boonk Gang Dead.

It was unusual for John Gabbana to go silent on his social media accounts and his fans were really missing his stunts. People began speculating he was dead after various blogs wrote he was dead. This was around September 2018 after his account with millions of followers was shut down two months earlier. Reports about his death included causes that ranged from a fatal shooting to a drug-related incident. However, they were nothing but death hoaxes about the rapper.

John Gabbana aka boonk gang music

John Gabbana.

Boonk Gang is alive and resurfaced in September 2018 declaring that he now goes by John Gabbana. Under his new moniker, Gabbana released new music like “I (Eye)” on his new YouTube channel. He made a new Instagram and Twitter account under his newly invented persona, too. He also got another Boonk Gang Instagram account and is active on all platforms.

Boonk Gang Net- Worth.

Boonk has an estimated net worth of $200 thousand. In addition to music and video-game sales, he also sells online merchandise (hoodies, t-shirts, hats). He currently resides in Miami Gardens, South Florida.

Boonk Gang In Jail.

In March 2018, Sheriff’s detectives said they found Boonk in possession of assault weapons. He also had prescription drugs without a prescription. Hill was booked on multiple felony weapons charges and the drug charge and was held on $35,000 bail. Boonk was later released on bail and had later appearances at the court due to his charges. Hill has had multiple prior run-ins with the law. He has numerous YouTube videos showing him going into various businesses and causing problems.

Boonk Gang Tattoos.

John has a lot of tattoos drawn on his body from the whole of his face to his body. He has not yet said what all the tattoos mean but he surely has a lot.

John Gabbana aka boonk gang John Gabbana aka boonk gang tatoos   boonk gang in hospital after being beaten his jaw   John Gabbana aka boonk gang tatoos John Gabbana aka boonk gang tatoos and music

Boonk Gang Songs & Albums.

Dat Boonk Gang Shit Album.

Green Goblin
How I Move
Neva lack
So U Wanna Play
6 Naked Bitches
Bossed up
Calabasas Arrest
Back From The Dead

 boonk gang before fame  boonk gang face tatoo

Gabbana Attack Album.

Does He Do Music Or Sumn?
Back 2 Before
Can’t Ignore
Even Tho
95 Ninety5
Chosen One
Fading Away
Think Its A Game

Make no sense.
On Da Block

Boonk Gang Instagram.

Boonk Gang YouTube.

Boonk Gang Controversies.

1. He overdosed on Xanax in 2018 to increase his number of followers.

2. He’s been a victim of a death hoax.

Like many celebrities, Boonk Gang became a victim of a death hoax in July 2017, when the website claimed he was found dead of a gunshot wound. This was later proven to be “fake news.”

4. He’s been arrested several times.

Boonk Gang’s first high-profile arrest was for stealing donuts and yelling expletives at a Dunkin Donuts in May 2017. He was charged for burglary and petit theft, and a judge sentenced him to probation and a court hearing in July. He was also arrested in Sept. 2017 while out with friends, as well as in March 2018 for suspicion of possessing assault weapons and illegal narcotics. For the latter, he was released on bail.

4. He has his own video game.

Boonk Gang released Boonk Gang: The Video Game in Sept. 2017. He is the star of the game, in which the player is tasked with picking up money while avoiding the cops.