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Bryan Chatfield Sanders Biography

Bryan Chatfield Sanders is an American media and political consultant. He is best known for his association with the Republican Party. He is currently serving as the political advisor of the party and has also worked as the party’s promotional campaign manager in the past. Titled as a ‘Rising Star’ in the political arena, Bryan has been playing a key role in the ‘Republican Party’ for many years now.

Gradually, Bryan’s name becoming more known, and in 2009 he joined the large political media company The Wickers Group. In conclusion, that same year Robert J. Bentley for his 2010 Alabama gubernatorial election campaign. Similarly, he promoted Bentley to victory, after which he was named as one of the most successful campaign managers in the Republican Party.

Chatfield continued his rise to prominence, first by working for Ted Yoho, who ran for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District. He created an advertisement “Pigs”, which became an instant hit within the Republicans and in the media as well. Thanks to his success, he was named Rising Star of American Politics, by Campaigns and Elections Magazine.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders Age

Sanders was born in 1982. in Kansas USA. He is 37 years old. Sanders is from the white Ethnicity and his Zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders Birthday

However, his actual date of birth is not known.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders Parents

He grew up in Johnson County City, Mission Woods.  However, he has not yet disclosed any information about his parents and siblings. Moreover, his father might be involved in politics which led him to pursue his career as a political consultant. He was raised in Johnson County City, Mission Woods.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders Education

Sanders went to Shawnee Mission East High School, located in Prairie Village, Kansas, from which he matriculated in 2002. He enrolled at Colby College in Waterville, Maine, graduating with a degree in campaign media in 2006.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders Wife | Bryan Chatfield Sanders Sarah Huckabee

Chatfield is married to the present ‘White House’ press secretary, Sarah Huckabee. He met Sarah during the presidential campaign of her father, Mike Huckabee. For the campaign, they both had to interact several times. In addition, their frequent professional interactions eventually turned personal and they began dating.

After the campaign got over, the couple decided to get engaged. They finally exchanged rings in August 2009 at Bryan’s family farmhouse situated in Kansas. A year later on May 25, Bryan and Sarah took wedding vows in St. John of Virgin Islands.
Bryan has always been a supportive husband and Sarah’s political guide too.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders photo
Bryan Chatfield Sanders photo

Sarah’s decision to join the ‘Trump campaign’ was solidly backed-up by Bryan. Despite having the difference of opinions regarding Trump’s candidature, Bryan still supported his wife’s decision. According to him, that was the best chance for Sarah to beat Hillary Clinton.

While Sarah saw many positive points in Trump’s candidature, Bryan, on the other hand, was not so happy with that. For him, Trump’s past and his character imperfections did not qualify him as a worthy leader. For instance, Bryan once accompanied Sarah to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Above all, it was also the first ‘State Dinner’ of the Trump administration but kept his presence quite low profile.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders Children

Chatfield and Sarah have two sons and a daughter. They welcomed their first bundle of joy, their daughter, Scarlett, on May 10, 2012. Their elder son, William, was born on October 16, 2013. He is nicknamed as ‘Huck.’ Their second son, George, was born on June 8, 2015.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Sanders’ net worth is as high as $5.7 million.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders Politics

Soon after he graduated from college in 2006, Bryan commenced his career in politics. Bryan began working as a staff in the office of the 46th Governor of Kansas, Samuel Dale Brownback. He was later promoted as Samuel’s press assistant. He was appointed as the campaign manager of Samuel’s presidential candidature for 2008.

Samuel withdrew his candidature after some time, and then Bryan joined the presidential campaign of Mike Huckabee. The major part of the campaign took place in Iowa.

In 2009, Bryan was hired by the political media firm ‘The Wickers Group.’ Later that year, Bryan’s smart management and strategies for Robert J. Bentley’s 2010 Alabama gubernatorial election campaign resulted in a victory. With this, Bryan became a key person for the Republican Party campaigns.
In 2012, Bryan managed the primary campaign for Ted Yoho who was then contesting in Florida’s 3rd Congressional District. Bryan created and produced an advertisement titled as ‘Pigs,’ exclusively for the campaign. The advertisement was highly appreciated by political experts.
The huge success of the advertisement got him more fame. The ‘Washington Post’ declared the advertisement as ‘one of the best political ads’ of that year. One of the premier political journals, ‘Campaigns and Elections Magazine,’ titled Bryan as the ‘Rising Star of American Politics.’

Political advisor

This coveted title is presented only to 15 ‘Republicans’ and 15 ‘Democrats’ every year. Bryan has served as the political advisor and campaign manager for several other politicians, including Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (Texas), Congressman French Hill (Arkansas).
Attorney General Scott Pruitt (Oklahoma), Congressman Trent Franks (Arizona), and State Treasurer Lynn Fitch (Mississippi). In 2016, Bryan and his wife became the founding members of their own consulting firm, ‘Second Street Strategies.’ This firm specializes in structuring strategies, research, polling, message development, advertising campaign management, and placement for candidates.
The firm also provides independent expenditure committees and businesses to its political and non-political clientele. The following year, the firm lapped-up ‘IMGE,’ a Washington, D.C. based digital marketing agency. Sanders was the head of all the research, polling, and strategy projects for the agency.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders Trump

When Sarah decided to join the Trump campaign in 2016, she was really just looking for the best option to beat Hillary Clinton. According to Bryan “Sarah is from Arkansas, you have to remember. And she’s grown up her whole life with the Clintons. That was the driving force. That we have to do everything in our power to defeat Hillary Clinton.”

He also said that Sarah saw “similarities” between her father and Trump: “Her dad and Trump were saying a lot of the same things. They were talking about how Washington needs a big change. They were both running very anti-establishment campaigns.”

Trump’s character flaws didn’t throw her off, though; she looked past who he is as a person because she liked his views on religious liberty, abortion, and appointing Supreme Court justices.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders Bernie Sanders

In other words, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Bernie Sanders are not related. In fact, they are pretty much polar opposites. But Huckabee Sanders does have one famous political relative you may have heard of.

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