Casey Coates Biography, Education, Age, Marriage, Divorce, and Net Worth

Casey Coates Biography

Casey Coates Danson is an American producer, interior designer & environmental activist most well known for being the second wife of legendary actor and TV giant Ted Danson.

Casey Coates Age

Casey Coates was born in 1938, She is about 81 years as of 2018

Casey Coates Life

Born in 1938 with the full name Cassandra Coates, Casey was born and raised in Long Island, New York. Her family had Greek-American roots. She graduated along with Class of 1975 with a BFA in Environmental Design.

Casey Coates Education

Casey graduated with honors in the mid-1970s with a BFA in Environmental Design, long before “sustainability” became a household word. After working in Cambridge and New York, She headed to the West Coast.

Learning about the growing hole in the ozone layer soon after led her in a new direction: educating people about the environment, particularly the global effects of climate change. To that end, she co-founded the American Oceans Campaign (which later joined with Oceana) in 1987.

Still passionate about architecture, Danson decided to work on promoting environmental awareness in the field. She founded Global Possibilities, a nonprofit advocating the use of solar and renewable energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, in 1996; she also built two solar-powered homes. Danson recently produced the award-winning documentary Who’s Got The Power?, which addresses dependence on fossil fuels and their relation to global warming.

Casey Coates Marriage

She tied the knot with Ted Danson in 1977, and she had a stroke delivering their child two years later. He helped her to recuperate for many years, but the marriage ultimately ended in divorce in 1993 when Danson reportedly had an affair with actress Whoopi Goldberg. At $30 million, the divorce is said to be one of Hollywood’s most expensive.

Casey Coates Children

Ted Danson remarried for the second time to Casey in 1977. They had two children, Kate Danson, and Alexis Danson


Casey Coates
Casey Coates

Casey Coates Divorce

Danson ended his 15 years of marriage to Casey  in 1993 due to the extramarital affair of Ted. It is one of the costliest divorces in Hollywood. Ted Danson paid $30 million for his divorce from Casey Coates.

Casey Coates Net worth

Her Net worth is estimated at $30 million

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Casey Coates News

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Actress Mary Steenburgen is the longtime wife of Ted Danson and the two have been married since 1995. This is the third marriage for Danson, who has previously been married to Casey Coates and Randy Danson. With Coates, Danson has two children and his extramarital affair with Whoopi Goldberg is reported to be the reason for their divorce.

Danson and Steenburgen met on the set of the movie Pontiac Moon in 1993. Upon marrying Steenburgen, Danson became the stepfather to Steenburgen’s daughter Lilly and son Charles. English actor Malcolm McDowell is Steenburgen’s ex-husband and father to her two children.

As an actress, Steenburgen has won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. She has appeared in movies including Elf, Parenthood, Philadelphia, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?, and Step Brothers.

Outside of her career, Steenburgen works hard at being a philanthropist and humanitarian, dealing with human rights for environmental causes. Steenburgen and Danson currently live together in Los Angeles and Danson is starring on the television series CSI: Cyber. Check out the best photos of Steenburgen and Danson over the years by clicking through our gallery of the happy couple. (Getty)