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Cece Winans Biography

Cece Winans (born; Priscilla Marie Winans Love) is an American gospel singer, author, philanthropist and businesswoman born on 8th October 1964 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. As of 2015 she was a best-selling female gospel artist of all time with 12 Grammy Awards.
Cece is a member of the Winans family, who are deemed as gospel royalty. Her brothers hit the music scene in the 1980s. After The Winans achieved massive success Cece and her brother Bebe released their first project achieving critical and commercial success in the gospel, r&b, and contemporary Christian music.
In 1985 Cece released her first solo album ‘Alone in His Presence’ which earned her a Grammy Award and two Dove Awards, including the Female Vocalist of the Year. In 1998 she released her second album ‘Everlasting Love’ which featured her highest to date Billboard charting solo singles “Well Alright” and “Slippin”.
Cece started her own recording company ‘PureSprings Gospel’ in 1999, releasing her first album, ‘Alabaster Box’ on the label in 1999. In 2001 she released her self titled album ‘Cece Winans’. The single “Anybody Wanna Pray” included a guest appearance by GRITS.

Cece Winans Age/ How Old Is Cece Winans

Cece was born on October 8, 1964, in Detroit, Michigan, U.S (54 years as of 2018)

Cece Winans and her husband and children

Cece Winans Family

Cece Winans Parents

Cece’s family is known as the Winans family which composes of gospel music artists from Detroit, Michigan. Their parents are David “Pop” Winans Sr. (April 20, 1934 – 8, April 2009) and Delores Winans.

Cece Winans Siblings

BeBe Winans, Marvin Winans, Ronald Winans, Angelique Winans-Caldwell, Daniel Winans, Debra Renee Winans-Lowe, Carvin Winans, Michael Winans, and David Winans Jr.

Bebe and Cece Winans

Bebe and Cebe are siblings, they are the seventh and eighth of the Winans family. They are an American gospel music duo and together have received they have received several awards including three Grammys.
They debuted in 1982 as part of the singing group The PTL Singers on the Christian television show The PTL Club. They recorded their first album,’Lord Lift Us Up’ as a duo for PTL Records. They left the PTL singers in 1987 to pursue a musical career and were signed by Sparrow Records. Their mainstream debut release was the self-titled album ‘BeBe & CeCe Winans’.

Cece Winans Husband

In 1984 Cece married Alvin Love II who is a pastor at Nashville Life Church. Alvin is also the personal manager of Cece and the co-founder of their Nashville based recording company PureSprings Gospel as well as the booking and management company CW Entertainment.
Cece and Love have a huge age difference of 16 years. The two met when Cece was 17 and Love was 33 years at the time through mutual acquaintances.
“I met Alvin while bowling, but we didn’t even talk that night. He was cute, but my mind was on singing, not dating.”
Love spent a weekend with the Winans family while they were in South Carolina and sparks began to fly. They courted for a year less than a year before they got married on 23rd June 1984. During an interview with ‘Today’s Christian Women’ in 2008, the couple shared that it took them about 10 years to discover the true meaning of a solid marriage.
“I learned what it meant to love CeCe the way Christ loved the church. Jesus stands by us no matter how stubborn or disobedient we’ve been. We try to go back to that conference every year now. The second time they asked us to share about our marriage, and I cried. I looked back and realized God’s grace in my life—where I’ve come from and what he’s blessed me with in CeCe.” Love said.
“Getting married taught me how selfish I was, It makes you accuse your partner: ‘You did this. You did that.’ It’s not Christlike. But Alvin and I were hearing God’s Word at church and applying it to our lives. Even just ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is good marriage advice. It boils down to whether you love God more than you love yourself.” Cece said.

Cece Winans Children

Cece has two children a son, Alvin Love III, and a daughter, Ashley Love. Alvin is a songwriter and producer. He won a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance/Song.

Cece Winans Daughter/ Ashley Love Cece Winans

In September 2017 Cece’s daughter Ashley Love got married.

Cece Winans Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Cece Winans Church

In 2011 Cece and her husband love founded Nashville Life Church where they both serve as senior pastors. She did an interview in 2017 where she said:
‘I am co-pastoring a church with my husband: Nashville Life Church in Nashville, Tennessee. This year we celebrated our fifth anniversary. And I just released a brand-new album titled Let Them Fall in Love. It’s my first released music in over nine years.
The last five years I’ve been really focused on the church. It’s taken up all of my time and heart and passion. There was a call that my husband and I answered; this was something that we had not planned on doing in our lives. But we’ve been empowered to serve, so we are making disciples. That’s our focus for our church, to make disciples. The majority of the church is Millennials, which is very exciting. It’s a diverse church.
You see people from all walks of life and all different ethnic backgrounds. It’s pretty awesome what God is doing. I’m really, really busy these days, but I’m really, really happy. I’m trusting in the Lord. And whenever you lay down your life for him, he always shows up in an immeasurable way.’

Cece Winans Albums

  • 2018: Something’s Happening! A Christmas Album
  • 1987: BeBe & CeCe Winans
  • 1993: First Christmas
  • 1995: Alone in His Presence
  • 1995: Waiting to Exhale
  • 1998: Everlasting Love
  • 1999: Alabaster Box
  • 2001: CeCe Winans
  • 2003: Throne Room
  • 2005: Purified
  • 2007: Pure Worship (CeCe Winans Presents Pure Worship Performers)
  • 2008: We All Are One (Live in Detroit)
  • 2008: Thy Kingdom Come
  • 2010: Songs Of Emotional Healing
  • 2017: Let Them Fall in Love

Cece Winans Songs – Cece Winans Music

  • It Wasn’t Easy
  • Waging War
  • Alabaster Box
  • Holy Spirit, Come Fill This Place
  • Never Have to Be Alone
  • Fill My Cup
  • I Surrender All
  • Blessed Assurance
  • Mercy Said No
  • More Than What I Wanted
  • Jesus, You’re Beautiful
  • He’s Concerned
  • He’s Always There
  • Alone in His Presence
  • How Great Thou Art
  • Hallelujah Praise
  • His Strength Is Perfect
  • Always Sisters
  • More Than Just a Friend
  • Well, Alright
  • The Healing Part
  • It’s Gonna Get Better
  • Looking Back at You
  • Anybody Wanna Pray
  • Love of My Heart
  • O Thou Most High
  • We Welcome You
  • Everlasting Love
  • He’s Not on His Knees Yet
  • Bring Back The Days Of Yea & Nay
  • Comforter
  • Oh Holy Place

Cece Winans Tour



29th November 2018 Catholic Church of Divine Mercy, Lagos, Nigeria
30th November Abuja International Conference Centre, Abuja, Nigeria
2nd December Owerri Imo International Conference Centre
7th December ‘It’s Christmas’ A Family Musical featuring Cece Winans, Nashville, TN, United States
8th December ‘It’s Christmas’ A Family Musical featuring Cece Winans, Nashville, TN, United States
15th December The Clyde Theatre, Fort Wayne, IN, United States
21st December Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, Baltimore, MD, United States
22nd December New York, United States
31st December KICC Prayer City, Buckmore Park, Chatman, United Kingdom
4th January Morris Cerrulo48th Annual World Conference, Nashville, TN, United States
18th January Prudential Hall, Newark, NJ, US
26th January Jackson Comunity College, Jackson, Michigan, United States
8th February Gallo Centre for the arts, Modesto, CA, US
15th February Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, US
16th February Clark State Performing Arts Centre, Springfield, ON, US
28th February 2019 Celebration church, Radiant Conference, Georgetown, TX, US
1st March 2019 Radiant Conference, Georgetown, TX, US
20th July 2019 Carnegie Hall, New York, U.S

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