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Chenoa Maxwell Biography

Chenoa Maxwell is an American actress, transformation expert, and photographer. She is well known for her starring role in the 1997 romantic comedy Hav Plenty and as the recurring character Lena Turner on the hit UPN sitcom Girlfriends. 

Chenoa Maxwell Age

She was born in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, on November 16, 1969. She is 49 years old as of 2018.

Chenoa Maxwell Family

There is no information about her parents and siblings being updated as of now,  we are not updated on how she was raised and where.

Chenoa Maxwell Husband – Is Chenoa Maxwell Married

She is said to have been previously married to Carlyle Peake but got divorced later. According to our sources and records, she is presumed to be single.

Chenoa Maxwell Children

She is said to be barren and she cannot conceive, hence be making her divorce with her husband, She had surgery to nonstop medical appointments to injectable fertility treatments to surrogacy, to miscarriages.

Chenoa Maxwell Education

She studied photography in London. There is no information about her education and her early life being update as of now.

Chenoa Maxwell Career – Actress Chenoa Maxwell

She is best known for her starring role in the 1997 romantic comedy Hav Plenty and as the recurring character Lena Turner on the hit UPN sitcom Girlfriends. She as well appeared in the WB sitcom For Your Love and in the 2002 film G, a modernized, loosely based adaptation of The Great Gatsby starring Richard T. Jones and Blair Underwood, and directed by Christopher Scott Cherot.

Chenoa Maxwell Photograph

She leads other ladies in R&B singer Joe’s video, What if a Woman. She as well had a cameo in the infomercial for ‘Yoga Booty Ballet’.

She moved to London to study photography and embarked on a photographic odyssey around the world. She produced Her first solo art exhibit, Introspection: India, ran for one month at the Papillion Institute of Art in Los Angeles in March 2011. In 2013, She unveiled her project “Leaders Of The New Cool” a pop-up solo exhibition hosted at Canoe Studios. She as well exhibited in the Bay Area, New York City, and Italy.

She later embarked on a mission to awaken love globally, producing a public photography art experiential aimed at inspiring Americans citizens to spend a day giving forth positive energy into the world. She took portraits of attendants and uploaded them exclusively to her profile page on The 8 App, one of her sponsors for the “Awaken Love” event. She is currently is the Founder and CEO of Live Limitlessly, the global online hub for personal mastery

Chenoa Maxwell Movies

  • Hav Plenty (1997) as Havilland Savage
  • Cold Feet (1999) as Denise
  • For Your Love (TV) (1 episode, 1999) as Angelic
  • Malfunction (2001) as Fadhi
  • Sacred is the Flesh (2001) as Erica Fontaine
  • G (2002) as Sky Hightower
  • Girlfriends (TV) (4 episodes, 2003-2005) as Lena
  • Doing Hard Time (2004) as Elise
  • Lenox Avenue (2009) as Madison
  • ” Love in the City ” (2014) as Herself

Chenoa Maxwell


She knows how to look good no matter what side of the camera she’s on. Having a sexy, laid-back style is figure-flattering and fuss-free. Whether she’s shooting a hot fashion editorial or capturing a night out with friends, she never leaves the house without her camera or without a wardrobe that’s always on-point. She as well knows how to mix vintage one-of-a-kinds with chic and tailored basics. Here’s a look at the photog’s style and her own thoughts on how she pulls her looks together.

Chenoa Maxwell Pictures

Chenoa Maxwell Pictures

Chenoa Maxwell Net Worth

She has an estimated worth of $3 million

Chenoa Maxwell Love In The City

Chenoa had her life’s struggles but found self-expression and self-love in acting and photography. She shares her self-love with others, creating a one-day public art installation “Awaken Love,” to serve as a beacon of light during turbulent times.

She creates an intimate booth in New York’s Union Square beautifully decorated with paper pastel-colored flowers to represent love, generosity, and strength, where she shot portraits of passers-by. she says “I believe that photographs are amazing artifacts of life. You can always look at them and they take moments that tell stories through time.” The portraits she shares on The 8 App to share the subject’s story and inspire others to find self-love through life’s challenges.

She has positive vibrations raising up the spirit and spread that message didn’t go unnoticed, as people of all walks of life, ages, sexual orientations, ethnic backgrounds, couples, friends, police officers even pets came together in New York City to successfully “Awaken Love.” The portraits were to serve as a moment of reflection, they had an opportunity to search deep within themselves and find that self-love that Maxwell once needed to find as a teenager. The “Awaken Love” installation taught us to cancel out the noise, chaos and negative aura around You.

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