Cleo Rose Elliott Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth, Career and Katharine Ross.


Cleo Rose Elliott Biography

Cleo Rose Elliott is a multi-talented American model, musician, and singer. She started exploring music at a young age and learned to play the flute and guitar.

Cleo Cole Elliott
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Cleo Rose Elliott Age/Height/Body Measurements

Cleo Cole was born on September 17, 1984, and will be turning 35 years old in 5 months time i.e this year 2019 September 17th. She has a lovely body with a height of 5 feet and 8 inches and she colours her hair pink and has hazel-coloured eyes.

Cleo Rose Elliott Family

Cleo Rose Elliott was born on 17 September 1984 in Malibu, California. Her parents are American actor Sam Elliott and actress Katharine Ross. Cleo’s parents had met on the set of The Legacy and started dating.

They got married in 1984 and Cleo was born the same year. Cleo has learned flute playing and guitar when small.

There is no information on Cleo’s high school and college. But it is known that she studied music for 4 years (2002-2006) at the famous Joanne Barron/D.W. Brown Acting Studio in Santa Monica, California. She specializes in Italian opera.

Cleo Rose Elliott Spouse

Cleo Cole Elliott is unmarried yet. Elliott is currently dating her boyfriend whose identity is still a mystery. She often shares photos of her boyfriend on Instagram.

On 3rd August 2018, she even shared a kissing photo with her boyfriend on Instagram. Cleo is rumoured to be dating Randy Christopher Bates, a talented artist and musician. However, whether they are engaged or plan to get married to each other in the future has not been confirmed yet.

Although the pair are dating, they haven’t mentioned their plans of getting engaged or married. As Elliott keeps her personal life and professional life completely separate, she hasn’t shared any information regarding her past affairs, boyfriend, and dating history.

Cleo Rose Elliott Career

She started exploring music at a young age and learned to play the flute and guitar. She studied music for four years at the famous Joanne Barron/D.W. Brown Acting Studio in Santa Monica, California from 2002. Cleo Rose focused on Italian Opera singing before branching out into modelling as well.

After she completed her training at the Joanne Barron/D.W, Brown Acting Studio, she took lessons in singing from Charity Chapman. With her help, she mastered classical opera.

After impressing Bobby Harby with a song she’d written, Cleo Rose Elliott became a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) society.

She then announced her solo CD, “No More Lies.” Unfortunately, her music career was short-lived, and she branched into modelling. She started modelling with her first casting being in the Sexyhair show.

Cleo Rose Elliott Net Worth

Cleo’s net worth estimated is $ 1.5 million but her salary is not revealed yet.

Cleo Rose Elliott Katharine Ross

Katharine Ross: Daughter Attacked Me with Scissors

Actress Katharine Ross has obtained a restraining order against her daughter, Cleo Rose Elliott, after the young woman repeatedly stabbed her in the arm with scissors, according to court documents.

On March 2, Cleo lost her temper, told her mother, “I want to kill you,” kicked in a cupboard door in the kitchen and then followed her mother around the house, the court documents state.

Ross says that when she picked up the phone to call police, Cleo cut the phone line with scissors, threatened to poke her in the eye with the scissors and then stabbed her six times in the right arm, “using enough force to pierce my skin through my shirt and leave me with marks that are still visible today.”

It’s unclear what may have instigated the incident. Ross filed the protective order on March 8 without an attorney. Her spokesman tells PEOPLE he’s unfamiliar with the documents and that Ross has no comment. Until a hearing in the matter on March 30 in Santa Monica, Cleo is ordered to stay at least 100 yards from her mother’s home, car and workplace and to not try to contact her.

The documents additionally state that if Cleo needs to come by the family’s Pacific Coast Highway home for any of her belongings, police officers need to be present.

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