Corey Holcomb Bio, Age, Family, Wife, The Wedding Ringer, Net Worth, Interview - | Corey Holcomb Bio, Age, Family, Wife, The Wedding Ringer, Net Worth, Interview -

Corey Holcomb Bio, Age, Family, Wife, The Wedding Ringer, Net Worth, Interview

Corey Holcomb born as Corey Lamont Holcomb, is an American comedian, radio host, and actor born June 23, 1969, in Chicago, Illinois.

Corey Holcomb Biography

Corey Holcomb born as Corey Lamont Holcomb, is an American comedian, radio host, and actor born June 23, 1969, in Chicago, Illinois.

He started comedy under the help of another Chicago-area comedian, Godfrey. He currently hosts his own internet show, The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show.

Corey Holcomb Age

Holcomb was born on 23 June 1968 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He will be turning 51 on 23 June 2019

Corey Holcomb Wife

He is a married man. He is married to Maya Holcomb, the couple had a private wedding ceremony which was done in secret. They have a daughter born in 2012

Corey Holcomb The Wedding Ringer

Holcomb was cast as Otis/Alzado in the 2015 romantic comedy film “The Wedding Ringer”

Corey Holcomb Net Worth

Corey has a net worth of $1 million.

Corey Holcomb Twitter

Corey Holcomb Tour

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Corey Holcomb Quotes

No. 1, you love her, you want things to work out with her. She talks smack but it’s her house.
The real cute chick who thinks she’s No. 1. All she has is a cellphone number.
The one you’ve been messing with for years. She would be No. 1 but something is wrong with her.
Fat chick with good credit will co-sign anything for you.
Booty call chick. She doesn’t go anywhere. She goes to work and comes home and waits for you to call.

Corey Holcomb Interview

Make no mistake. Corey Holcomb will tell you like it is.

Corey Holcomb doesn’t care who he offends or shocks. The veteran comic actor’s interviews are just like his visceral performances.

Holcomb, (“Think Like a Man Too” and “The Wedding Ringer”) who will appear this weekend at Goodnights, airs it out during a lengthy chat. Holcomb, 50, trashes President Barack Obama, reveals what Kevin Hart is really like and spills the secretly married men hide.

Q: You go way back with Kevin Hart before he hit the top of the Hollywood echelon. What’s Hart like?

A: Kevin is a little energy bug. He fascinates me because he doesn’t need much sleep. He will lay down for a couple of hours and boom, he’s on. I’m so proud of that guy. He’s blown up but he’s worked for everything. He’s earned it. You never know what comic is going to blow up.

Q: It could still happen to you. Rodney Dangerfield and Redd Foxx blew up in middle age.

A: It’s true. Look at Rodney Dangerfield. He was not the most handsome guy in the world but he was hilarious.

Q: Jim Norton once said to me during an interview that comics almost without fail aren’t attractive. He says being not so aesthetically pleasing is a plus since you develop your personality and sense of humor. Do you agree or disagree?

A: I agree for the most part. In the world of comedy, it’s one place where you don’t have to be a beautiful girl. There are so many perks of being cute in this society but not in comedy. That’s not essential.

Q: What is essential for a comic?

A: For me and a lot of guys I really like, it’s being genuine. It’s being honest. People are fascinated by the struggle. It doesn’t matter what your race or gender is. Your story, your view is what matters.

Q: So many of your contemporaries lionize Obama. However, you have a different view. What do you have against Obama?

A: Obama was put in office since he was willing to do what was needed to be done at the time. There were a lot of laws passed while Obama was in office. One day people are going to wake up and say, ‘When did this crap happen?’ It was when Obama was President.

Q: But you’re not a political comedian.

A: No. I’m not a political comedian. You have to be a special comic to pull that off. Bill Maher is so good at putting together an hour on politics. That’s not me.

Q: Your specialty is relationships. What aspect of relationships will you riff on at Goodnights?

A: The side-chick. I’ll be emphasizing the girls outside of the primary relationship. They exist. They aren’t part of society. They don’t get the glory.

Q: How many married men have side-chicks?

A: Most guys have them. Without a doubt, it’s the majority of married men. Guys have a hunger for another woman. It’s instinctual. The problem with society is that we’re taught that’s wrong. But it goes against a guy’s instinct. The reality is that most men have another woman and it gets complicated. I’ll be talking a lot about that when I get to Raleigh.

Q: You’re from Chicago. You’re direct and honest. How do you deal with living in a city, which is full of desperate people who are ready to please?

A: (laughs). You’re right. LA stands for Lie A-lot. I’m here because of the industry and I love this weather. I’m not naive. If you come to LA and someone speaks with you, you think, ‘This could be a potential friend.’ That doesn’t work that way. In Raleigh, you can make friends but not out here.