Craig Coffey

Craig is very excited to be in Colorado. This is the place that truly feels like home for him and his wife.

After finishing school at East Carolina University, he had the chance to combine his love of traveling the world and entertaining as a Cruise Director with the industry-leading Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Eventually retiring from the cruising world, he jumped back into reality to start his on-air career in South Florida.

You may already know Craig from his popular and award-winning morning radio show, Coffey In The Morning that he enjoyed doing here in Colorado Springs for nearly seven years on 99.9 FM.

He’s also had successful stints doing major market shows in Seattle, as well as San Francisco while launching the Bay Area’s top-rated country radio station. But television is his natural calling and the medium he’s always had a craving for.

Craig enjoys sharing the events & stories that entertain you, are relatable to you and that matter to your everyday lives.

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