Cullen Roche Biography, Age, Wife, Pragmatic Capitalism and Net Worth

Cullen Roche Biography

Cullen Roche is an American founder of Orcam Financial Group named LLC. The financial service firm offered free financial advisory services. However, he became unhappy with the large brokerage firm business model and decided to form his own private investment partnership in 2005. Furthermore, Cullen has 15 years of experience in the financial services industry working with some of the biggest firms.

This influence was the one that led him to found his own firms. His primary areas of expertise include global macro portfolio construction, quantitative risk management, behavioral finance and monetary theory.

He is also the author of the book named Pragmatic Capitalism. Collen is an alumnus of Georgetown University and he grew up in the DC area and now living in San Diego. He is an avid traveler and he loves to experience and learn about new cultures. In fact, he has completed the 140-mile IRONMAN triathlon he also surfs a lot.

Cullen Roche Age

Roche has not revealed any details about his current age. Furthermore, he has not revealed any type of detail about his birthday and year of birth. Sources don’t even know his family background or even the identity of his biological parents.

Cullen Roche Wife

Roche currently lives with wife and children in San Diego, California in the USA. He is currently living a rather quiet and happy marriage with his wife. No issues have been raised so far about his marital life.

Pragmatic Capitalist Cullen Roche

Cullen Roche Pragmatic Capitalism

His book titled Pragmatic Capitalist is reveals more about someone who understands capitalism as a system that leverages the talents of individuals and incentivizes them to compete and produce for society. It also explains how of Pragmatic Capitalism system has produced tremendous good for the world as living standards have boomed in the last 100 years and poverty has collapsed.

At the same time, it explains how a Pragmatic Capitalist understands this system for what it is and understands that a capitalist system will tend to veer towards monopolization and inequality. This can cause social conflict and extreme hardship for many.

To twist a Winston Churchill quote, it could be said that capitalism is the worst economic system except for all the rest. This website is a place to understand, learn and discuss these realities and I hope that an objective exploration of these concepts can help us improve the world a little bit.

Cullen Roche Gold

Roche clearly defines the term Gold in his book titled Pragmatic Capitalism. He also reveals the relationship of Pragmatic Capitalism to individuals.

Cullen Roche San Diego

His current residence is currently in San Diego in California in the USA.

Cullen Roche Net Worth

His net worth since 2018-2019 is still under review. However, his book has been the best seller of all time and it has also been sold to other states globally. Therefore, it is bringing him quite an impressive amount of worth. His own investment firm also brings lots of cash on the table and maintaining his classic lifestyle.

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