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Cupcakke Bio, Age, Music,Boyfriend, Mother,Net Worth

Cupcakke Bio

Cupcakke (Elizabeth Eden Harris) s an American rapper and singer from Chicago. She rose to fame through her music videos and vulgar lyrics. Born and raised in Chicago, she had a very troubled childhood. She was born to a single mother and lived in shelters for the homeless for a few years of her early life. Her involvement in the social events at a local church sparked her interest in music and poetry at the tender age of 10.                           

Cupcakke Age

She was born on May 31, 1997 and is currently 21 years old as of 2018.

Cupcakke Family|Early Life

She was born to a single mother. She never met her father, and soon after her birth, her mother moved with her to King Drive in Chicago. Being a single mother, it was not very easy for her mother to take care of her young daughter. The financial condition of the family was bad. Soon after Elizabeth turned 7, the family lost their home and spent the next four years either on the streets of Chicago or in the shelters for homeless people.

However, the condition improved later, and she started attending a local school. While in school, Elizabeth met future rappers Chief Keef and Lil Reese. Soon, she was introduced to the world of rap music. Moreover, Elizabeth started attending a local church, where she became a part of their choir. This influenced her sense of music and helped her hone her skills.

By the time she was 10 years old, she had already started writing poetry. She befriended a fellow church-goer who was highly impressed by her poetry and asked her to turn them into rap songs. This was a major eye-opener for her. She heeded the advice and started writing rap songs. She also started performing solo in the church and impressed the pastors and other visitors by her poetry. She wrote primarily about Christianity and faith.

Cupcakke Career

In August 2012, she started her official ‘YouTube’ channel and uploaded a single called ‘Gold Digger.’ The song and its music video became viral on social media almost immediately. This brought Cupcakke immense local fame at the tender age of 15. However, the song became a source of controversy, too. The music video of the song featured some intimate scenes that violated ‘YouTube’s terms and conditions. Thus, the song was removed from the platform.

However, Cupcakke got the recognition she desired. Over the next few years, she worked restlessly and released a few more explicit songs that turned her into a notorious artist. She was still underage and received a lot of flak from the conservatives. Despite that, her music videos continued to become viral, and by 2015, she had amassed more than 300 thousand subscribers on her ‘YouTube’ channel.

She signed a deal with ‘YMCFilmz’ in 2015. In October, she released a single called ‘Vagina.’ The song was highly suggestive but was loved for its musical originality and boldness. She also mentioned that Khia’s single ‘My Neck, My Back’ was her key inspiration for the lyrics.

Cupcakke Photo

In November, Cupcakke released another single called ‘Deepthroat.’ Both ‘Vagina’ and ‘Deepthroat’ were shared heavily on ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter,’ making her a big indie star. In late 2015, she announced that she was working on her debut mixtape. The mixtape, titled ‘Cum Cake,’ was released in February 2016. A few other singles from the tape were ‘Tit for Tat,’ Juicy Coochie,’ and ‘Pedophile,’ Despite garnering a large number of “views,” her singles kept getting removed by ‘YouTube’ for the use of intimate material and the violation of the platform’s terms and conditions.
A number of sensitive reviewers, however, gave the EP some good reviews, saying that despite some vulgar lyrics, the inherent essence of the album lay in the description of the hardships of life and love. The song ‘Pedophile’ was praised for its description of sexual assault on young children. The song was said to have announced her grand arrival in the Chicago rap arena.

In June 2016, Cupcakke released her second mixtape, ‘S.T.D (Shelters to Deltas),’ and once again, despite some explicit songs such as ‘Best Dick Sucker’ and ‘Doggy Style,’ the album was a hit. ‘Rolling Stone’ placed the song on its list of the ‘Best Rap Albums of 2016 So Far’. Around the same time, she announced that she was going to release her debut studio album later that year.

In October 2016, Cupcakke released her debut studio album, ‘Audacious,’ which consisted of 12 songs. The song ‘Picking Cotton’ was released before the official release of the album. The album’s cover became controversial, as it featured the rapper posing half-naked. A few of her other singles from the album, such as ‘Cock a Doodle Doo’ and ‘Keep Hoes Alive,’ were also suggestively titled. Once again, controversies aside, the album was widely loved by her critics and her fans.

A few months later, she released another single, ‘Cumshot,’ which was the leading single from her next album. She released her second studio album, ‘Queen Elizabitch,’ in March 2017. For the first time, Cupcakke proved to her fans that she could deal with serious themes such as political and social issues. The album was received well by critics, who mentioned that the album had everything that could make it a viral sensation.

Over the next few months, Cupcakke released two new singles, ‘Exit’ and ‘Cartoons.’ Later that year, she announced via her ‘Twitter’ account that she would release her third album in early 2018. The album, titled ‘Ephorize,’ was released on January 5, 2018. Upon its release, it was regarded as the most mature work by the rapper and gained top spots on major music charts. ‘Pitchfork’ awarded the album with the honor of the ‘Best New Music’ and called it her “best album yet.”

Cupcakke Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of 500,000 dollars as of 2019.

Cupcakke Personal Life

Cupcakke has never been vocal about relationships, we have no information about any romantic relationship about her yet.

Cupcakke Songs

Title Year Album
“Vagina” 2015 Cum Cake
“Juicy Coochie” 2016
“Best Dick Sucker” S.T.D (Shelters to Deltas)
“Panda (Remix)”
“Doggy Style”
“Picking Cotton” Audacious
“Spider-Man Dick”
“Cumshot” 2017 Queen Elizabitch
“Biggie Smalls”
“Exit” Ephorize
“Quiz” 2018 Eden
“Squidward Nose” 2019 TBA

cupcakke Albums

Title Album details Peak chart positions
US Heat US Indie NZ Heat
  • Released: October 14, 2016
  • Label: Self-released
  • Formats: CD, digital download
Queen Elizabitch
  • Released: March 31, 2017
  • Label: Self-released
  • Formats: CD, digital download
  • Released: January 5, 2018
  • Label: Self-released
  • Formats: CD, digital download
2 18 6
  • Released: November 9, 2018
  • Label: Self-released
  • Format: Digital download

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cupcakke Interview


Do you feel like the media overly focuses on your sexual image?

Definitely. I could do the most serious song and it’d probably only get 500,000 views – but as soon as I do something sexual, it’s going to get millions of views. It’s just like, what the fuck, you know? I’m more than my sexual songs, and I’ve proven that plenty of times, but the media only picks up on what they want to pick up.

Have you ever felt pressure to change your image, maybe to something less sexual?

Not at all. Everything you see is…just me being me. I don’t want to be changed or sugar-coated. That’s why I’m here doing what I’m doing—because I want to remain me.

You tweeted once about all the strikes you have against you in the industry. Do you feel like there are certain rules that you’re breaking that are holding you back?

Nothing’s holding me back. If I’m held back, the only thing holding me back was me. I don’t blame this on no one else. What I’m saying was that, in the industry, if you’re a light-skinned size two and have got male co-signs going, Yo, go fuck with this and shit like that, you can be the wackest artist on earth. I’m not saying Drake would do this, but let’s say Drake said, Yo, I fuck with this new CupcakKe song. People would start fucking with me because Drake said go fuck with this song —t he song could be wack as shit, but because Drake said go fuck with it, they’re going to go fuck with it. When you don’t got that co-sign, people tend to be like, We don’t see her with no co-sign. She’s pretty as fuck, but she ain’t no size 2, so fuck it.

It’s just how the industry is, and it’s a sad industry — but it is what it is. I don’t blame nobody. I see my worth regardless. Even if motherfuckers don’t like me, I’ll still be like “Yo, you’re still finna go at it,” because it’s respecting myself. I don’t do this for the money — I do this for the love of doing it.

Do you feel pressure to prove yourself?

No, I’m just natural. Whatever I write is coming out of me naturally. There’s nothing to prove. Everything has been proven already.

CupcakKe’s headspace is versatile and immediately accessible. Whether she’s captioning a pic or writing a verse, you know exactly what she’s thinking, precisely what she’s trying to communicate. Nobody says it like her, and it’s a level of candidness that her fans — who she calls “Slurpers” — can’t get enough of. A recent Tweet where she implored men to “Wipe yo dick” after using the restroom was retweeted almost four thousand times; an Instagram post that joked she was carrying an umbrella “cuz he bout to shower me with cum” garnered comments like “SLAY BITCH!!!!” and “rihanna and jay z are shook.”

But even as Slurpers deify CupcakKe, it’s clear that what makes her the object of their adoration is her acceptance of themselves, exactly as they are. Lyrics like “Boy on boy, girl on girl / Like who the fuck you like, fuck the world” on “Crayons,” from her 2018 album Ephorize, provide the validation they seek. “She has a huge, devoted support system in her fans, and they’re always willing to do whatever it takes,” says visual director Brandon Holmes, who’s filmed over thirty CupcakKe videos. “For the “Fullest” video, some of those kids flew in from other states just to be a part of that — we just made a quick flyer [that] she posted on Twitter.” In less than an hour, there were hundreds of replies.

“Tropical, tropical, tropical, bitch, I am sicker than most of these hospitals,” Harris rhymes as she weaves through extras in sunglasses, bikinis, and florals in the “Fullest” clip; the mood is overwhelmingly queer, as three open mouths converge in a kiss — a surprisingly tender moment compared to, say, mock-sexual acts between CupcakKe and phallic food like corn on the cob. It’s full of warmth, light, and self-love, all fluttering eyelashes and flowers in hair, neon pansexual lighting, fluorescent acrylics, and inflatable flamingos. The beat is horn-heavy and horny, more Miami than Marquette Park.

“With so many people, it essentially just turned into a really big house party in this tropical home that we’d rented out for the day.” Holmes says. “CupcakKe ordered 200 wings from Harold’s to feed everybody. So it was a good time.”

Was it a surprise when your music caught on in the gay community?

Not really. You know, I’m actually gonna take that back — [it was a surprise] when my music even blown up, regardless of who it blew up for. Realizing I had gay fans wasn’t a surprise, because I have gay friends. It’s not like, Oh no, you’re gay? Stay away from me! Hell no! Like, Let’s hang out. Most gays are cute as fuck. I always tell everyone that.

Do you feel like it’s important for listeners to have someone like you who’s so vocal and outspoken about your support of the gay community?

I’m an open book. People seem to like people that are very open — accepting, and not rude. I understand your story because I have a story too. I’m not a part of the LGBT community, but I feel as though I am, because when someone tells me their story about what they’ve been through, I tell them my story. Even though it’s not an LGBT story, it’s still a story.

Is there anybody you’d love to work with that you haven’t worked with yet?

Chance the Rapper and Rihanna. Chance the Rapper, because he’s independent, and I love the independence of him. And Rihanna because of her sexuality and how she just goes out and wears her nipples out. I felt that truth back a long way. So yeah. Those two.

You self-release all your own music, and I feel like you should really get more credit when it comes to that. Do you feel like you get enough credit for being independent?

I feel like people notice and say, Oh, we’re not going to talk about that.These labels don’t want to give credit where credit is due to something that would take money out of their pocket. They don’t want to be like “Yo, this artist, CupcakKe, she did every fucking thing for herself and just owns the fucking world, yo go listen to her music, go do this, go do that.”

You want to know why? Because if the world sees “Yo, she’s doing it independent, fuck the record labels,” they don’t need a record label. I’m taking money out of their pockets, so of course I’m not going to get the credit. When they see people who are like me and Chance — that build the shit ground up, ourselves, no labels — they hide it. That’s how Chance said it in [his song]: there’s one more label trying to stop me, that’s just what it is.

In the “Homework” intro, you said you turned down three deals. What would it take to get you to say yes to a deal?

I mean, come with $10 million or more. I ain’t doing none of that, I ain’t signing none of that. I’m self-made. I did it all. I’ve already got bread, I already earned my success. So therefore, I need double of what I’ve got. Like what he said, like I don’t want no $250,000 advance. I’m not impressed by none of that.

Harris has proven to be as loyal to her army of young, gay, internet-savvy fans as they are to her. “I came from nothing,” she emphasizes. “Why take the people’s money and not give back?”

She dreams of someday opening a homeless shelter, to both honor her time spent sleeping in shelters and give back to the community that’s facilitated her success. She periodically offers to pay bills and rent for Slurpers in need, and once netted headlines for reaching out to a gay teen who’d been kicked out of his house in order to secure him a hotel room.

“Take it from me, someone who lived in shelters and now, you know, got six figures in my account,” she advises. “You just have to be patient. The struggle is temporary. Whatever you’re working towards is going to come, you’ve just got to be patient. You will see six figures, you will see whatever you want to see. You’ll achieve it. Just be patient.”