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Damon Gupton Biography

Damon Gupton (Damon Jamal Gupton) is an American actor and orchestral conductor, known for his series regular roles as Charles Foster on Deadline, Evrard Velerio on Prime Suspect, Adam Page on The Divide, Detective Cal Brown on The Player, and SSA Stephen Walker on Criminal Minds.
He has also co-starred in films like The Last Airbender (2010), Whiplash (2014), and La La Land (2016).

Damon Gupton Age

Gupton was born on January 4, 1973, in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. He is 46 years old as 2019.

Damon Gupton Family

Gupton was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. The identity of his parents is not yet disclosed.

Damon Gupton Career

Gupton’s first film appearance was in the 2002 drama Unfaithful. In 2004, Gupton was an American Conducting Fellow at the Houston Symphony and was assistant conductor of the Kansas City Symphony in 2006.
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He was a guest conductor with various orchestras, including the Cincinnati Pops, Cleveland Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, Detroit Symphony, Baltimore Symphony, San Diego Symphony, San Antonio Symphony, Princeton Symphony Orchestra, as well as Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, the NHK Orchestra of Tokyo, and the Orquesta Filarmonica de UNAM.
He was the conductor of the Sphinx Chamber Orchestra during its national tour, including performances at Carnegie Hall. Gupton won Mexico City’s third International Eduardo Mata Conducting Competition, the Robert J. Harth Conducting Prize, and The Aspen Conducting Prize. He was named a Presidential Professor by the University of Michigan in January 2009.
In 2012, Gupton performed in the Broadway production of the play Clybourne Park, receiving an AUDELCO nomination for Best Supporting Actor. In September 2012, Gupton landed the lead role on the short-lived AMC drama series The Divide, playing District Attorney Adam Page. Gupton joined the cast of the NBC procedural drama series The Player in February 2015, co-starring as Detective Cal Brown alongside Wesley Snipes. On December 3, 2015, he was cast in the recurring role of psychiatrist Gregg Edwards on the fourth season of A&E’s drama-thriller series Bates Motel.
On September 30, 2016, CBS announced that Gupton had joined Criminal Minds as a regular cast member, portraying Stephen Walker, a special agent in the Behavioral Analysis Unit. He began appearing in the series’ twelfth season. On June 11, 2017, it was announced that he would depart the show after one season. Gupton was subsequently cast as Inspector Henderson in the superhero drama series Black Lightning.

Damon Gupton Net Worth

Gupton’s net worth is estimated to around 3 million dollars.

Damon Gupton Movies

Other Businessman
Helen at Risk
Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
The Last Airbender
Monk Gyatso
This Is 40
Colonoscopy Technician
Mr. Kramer
Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story
Leonard Herring
La La Land

Damon Gupton TV Shows

Law & Order
Sammy Morris
The Loretta Claiborne Story
Sam Claiborne
Third Watch
Charles Foster
Mark Simmons
Sal Bianca M.E.
Keith Watts
The Unusuals
Wiley Probst
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Detective Gearhardt
Strange Brew
Lester Lewis III
Prime Suspect
Evrard Velerio
The Newsroom
Sutton Hall
Marcus Barzmann
James Quelling
The Divide
Adam Page
Calvin Walker
The Player
Detective Cal Brown
Bates Motel
Dr. Gregg Edwards
Criminal Minds
SSA Stephen Walker
Leonard Letts
Dirty John
Detective Dennis Lukens
Black Lightning
Inspector Henderson

Damon Gupton Twitter

Damon Gupton Interview

Kay-B: Thanks for chatting with us at Black Girl Nerds.
Damon: Thanks for having me, I’ve been looking forward to this interview.
Kay-B: So diving right in, Inspector Henderson started off in the Superman comics and then made a couple of appearances in Black Lightning. So tell us a little bit about this version of Henderson.
Damon: This version of Henderson is completely different from the other versions. This version is pretty unique because this is a very real world that we are operating in, so I wasn’t able to draw from the Henderson of the comics as much as I thought I would. One of the only physical similarities is maybe that he wears a hat from time to time (laughs). I think the one thing I am able to pull from the earlier representations of him, which have been both white and Black, is his doggedness. The fact that he is a good cop and believes in the letter of the law. That’s the biggest through line I have, but this is a completely different Henderson from the comics.
Kay-B: His doggedness is something that you see in the first two episodes, and that he is very much on the side of justice and doing things right. There is one scene with Jefferson in particular, where Henderson is upset with him for stepping outside of the law. He admonishes Jefferson for doing it by himself, versus going through the proper channels. Tell us about his relationship with Jefferson now, and does he have an inkling that Jefferson is Black Lightning?
Damon: He has no idea that Jefferson (Cress Williams) is Black Lightning at the moment, and I think we have to keep that going for a good while. I have a hard time personally with the suspicion of disbelief, but I am enjoying this particular suspicion of disbelief. I know at some point we will have to tear it down, but there will be enough build at that point for Henderson to be furious with his childhood friend for keeping this from him. He has kept this secret not only for the duration of our show, which is 10 years after Black Lightning retired, but when Black Lightning was around before. Henderson has every right to be upset because this has been his boy all along.
Kay-B: That’s true, they are not just childhood friends, they are also neighbors, but almost like brothers, because they have been friends for so long. It will definitely be a point of contention that the only people who do know Jefferson’s secret identity are Gambi (James Remar) and Lynn (Christine Adams), and that Jefferson didn’t trust Henderson enough to share.
Damon: Exactly. Henderson’s likely going to say or think: “Maybe I could’ve helped you more, laid off you more because I have been hating on you and you’ve been getting on my nerves.”
Kay-B: Very, very true. So, you’ve been doing TV and film for a long time, and have even played people in law enforcement before, so why Henderson and this particular role? Did you read the Superman comics version of Henderson?
Damon: When Salim Akil (Co-creator & Executive Producer) offered this, at first I was like ehh, it is another cop. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it, but then I realized that it was a cop written in our voice. I have never played a cop written by someone like Salim and presented by someone like Mara Brock Akil (Co-Creator & Executive Producer) or even in this realm. Me as a fan of comic books, I had never really known of Black Lightning. I knew of Black Panther and all of the Marvel stuff. Once I started researching the history of Black Lightning, I thought how cool would it be to be apart of the first African-American superhero family on television. It is a whole different viewership to try to connect to on a network that definitely tries to build relationships with its viewers. I wanted to be apart of this project that tells stories about our families and communities. So there are a lot of things that came into fruition and I thought this is a cool kind of project to be involved in because nothing has been done like this before. So it was hard to kind of pass that up.

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