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Danny McBride Biography

Danny McBride also Daniel Richard McBride is an American actor, comedian, and writer. He is known for starring in HBO television series Eastbound and Down and Vice Principals. He was born on 29th December  1976 in Statesboro, Georgia.

Which he co-created himself with Jody Hill. He has also starred in films such as The Foot Fist Way,  Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder, Up in the Air, Your Highness, This Is the End and Alien: Covenant.

Danny McBride Age/Family

Danny was born on December 29th, 1976 (42 years old as of 2018) to Kathy Ruby and James Richard McBride.His mother and his stepfather both worked at Marine Corps Base Quantico. Danny has English,   Jewish,  Scottish and Irish heritage.
He was raised in Spotsylvania County, Virginia and graduated from Courtland High School. He later attended the University of North Carolina School of Arts.

Danny McBride Wife/Kids

Danny is married to art director Gia Ruiz. They got married in 2010 and have two kids together. Their kids are Declan George McBride and  Ava McBride.

Danny McBride Height

Danny has a height of 1.78 meters.

Danny McBride Photos

Danny McBride
Danny McBride

Danny McBride Career

Danny played Fred Simons in the comedy film The Foot Fist Way which he co-wrote with Jody Hill and Ben Best. He appeared as the character to promote the film on Late Night with  Conan O`Brien on February 26th, 2008.
He then wrote and starred in the  HBO original comedy series Eastbound &Down. He acted as a washed-up former league baseball pitcher with anger management issues. It was produced by Gary Sanchez.
April 8th, 2009 HBO announced its renewal for the second season of the series. Later on  July 2012, it was again renewed for its fourth series. The series came to end on November 17th, 2013.  He later got an offer to play professional baseball for Pensacola Pelicans a minor league in the Ameican Association of Independent
Professional Baseball.
January 2018 two trailers were released for the Crocodile Dundee sequel titled Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home. Danny was to star as Brian Dundee. The trailer also featured cameo appearances by Australian actors such as Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, Margot Robbie, and Ruby Rose. It was believed that the film was a hoax but it was later reported that they were Ads which were actually part of a lead to a Super Bowl commercial for Tourism Australia.
Danny and David Gordon Green co-wrote the script for Halloween the 2018 sequel to the 1978 Halloween. The film was directed by Green and produced by Jason Blum.
Late 2018 HBO ordered The Righteous Gemstones a new show for Danny and his Rough House Pictures Label. The show is a half hour comedy centered on a world-famous televangelist family with a long tradition of deviance, greed and charitable work.

Danny McBride Movies

  • Halloween


  • Pineapple Express


  • Your Highness


  • Alien: Covenant


  • This Is the End


  • The Foot Fist Way


  • Tropic Thunder


  • Arizona


  • Land of the Lost


  • The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter


  • 30 Minutes or Less


  • Hot Rod


  • All the Real Girls


  • Despicable Me


  • Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home
  • Up in the Air


  • The Angry Birds Movie


  • Observe and Report


  • Don Verdean


  • The Heartbreak Kid


  • Due Date


  • Aloha


  • Sausage Party


  • Drillbit Taylor


  • Kung Fu Panda 2


  • Rock the Kasbah


Danny McBride Halloween

Halloween is a 2018 American slasher film directed by David Gordon Green it was written by David Green, Jeff Fradley and Danny McBride. Its a sequel to the 1978 Halloween. The plot follows a post-traumatic Laurie Strode who prepares to face Michael Myers in a final showdown on Halloween night, forty years after she survived his killing spree.

Danny McBride Networth

Danny is a multi-talented American television and movie writer, director and producer who has a net worth of 25 million.

Danny McBride New Show

Danny returned to HBO with a new project The Righteous Gemstones. It centers around a world-famous televangelist family with a long tradition of deviance, greed and charitable work — all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Danny will star as the main character Jesse Gemstone who sees himself as a maverick in the ministry game taking after what his father has built. Danny also serves as the writer, director, and executive producer.

Danny McBride Eastbound and Down

Eastbound and Down is an American sports comedy television series that has its broadcast on HBO. Danny stars as Kenny Powers a former professional baseball pitcher whose forced to go back to middle school as a substitute physical education teacher.

Danny McBride Twitter

Danny McBride Instagram


Danny McBride Interview

So why did you decide to leave California?
I was just ready for a change. I love Los Angeles but I’ve been there for 20 years. L.A. is a city where I’m a workaholic. You run into people from work, there’s billboards about every other thing going on in town – it’s hard not to keep wanting to work. I was looking at photos of my kids, seeing how quickly time is moving, and was like, “I’ve got to figure out a way to slow this down a little bit.” When we were in L.A., my son [told me], “I want to learn how to ride a bike.” I was like, “For what? You’re not going to be able cruise down fucking Mulholland on this thing!” [Laughs] Here, we’re not living behind walls. He can walk down the road. And none of my friends in L.A. had kids. I’m 40 years old and all my friends were still going to clubs – I felt like I was a teen mom. Here, everybody has kids.
It also gets you out of the L.A. bubble.
It really does. Being around people that have nothing to do with film gives me ideas. I can walk down the street and get an idea for something that I know is unique to here. Whereas you walk around L.A., you’re seeing the same thing everyone else is seeing. I’ve actually written more since I’ve been here than I have over the last year in Los Angeles. Who knows? Maybe two years from now, I’ll be trying to crawl my way back, but right now, it’s been such a needed change.
You were born not too far from here, right?
Yeah, I was born in Statesboro, Georgia. My parents went to Georgia Southern there. It took me until later in life to realize they probably didn’t mean to have me when they were juniors in college. [Laughs] I was probably conceived at some frat party. We were there until they finished school, and then moved to California for a little bit. My dad worked as a prison guard in Lompoc. Then he got transferred to D.C. to work with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, when I was in first grade, so the family moved to Burke, Virginia, for about a year, then out to Fredericksburg, which is where I grew up. It was a farm town with a little shopping mall. That was it.
What did your mom do growing up?
At first, we were a pretty religious family. We went to church every Sunday, Bible study on Wednesdays, so I spent a lot of time sitting around waiting for my parents to finish teaching Bible school. When we moved to Virginia, she got into puppet ministry. She bought these puppets, her and my dad built this stage, then she’d do these children’s ministry things at church. She did that for a while, then got a job working at a department store.
Did the religion stay with you through the years?
No. My parents got divorced when I was in sixth grade. My family had dedicated all this time going to this church, and now, it was just my mom, me and my sister. We expected the church would help us out. Instead, it was people wanting dirt on my mom and talking about the divorce. She stopped going and was like, “I’ll still take you and your sister.” For a few months, she would drop us off. Then finally, it was like, “What are we doing? Fuck church!” [Laughs]
What were you into as a kid?
I was really just into movies. I campaigned my family to get a VCR. When I got a little older and a kid in our neighborhood got a video camera, we started making movies.
What were they like?
Terrible! They were all rotten. But I have them all still. Everything was always horror movie-influenced. We’d take the most simple concept and then it would always end up with all of us killing each other, screaming, chasing each other around with guns and knives.

know what people respond to with him.”

Were you funny growing up?
I was exactly how I am now. You look at those movies and they suck – but it’s the same exact sense of humor. I’d make these radio tapes when I was in second grade, third grade, where I’d do fake interviews with like Pee Wee Herman or Mr. T. I’d do all the voices. I found one of those tapes and I’m doing some commercial for a fake nacho stand, called Dan’s Nachos and Lemonade. It’s just me as a second grader with this little kid voice, talking about, “If you don’t like nachos, come to the back: We’ve got cocaine, beer and cigarettes!” [Laughs]
How’d you end up in film school in Winston-Salem?
It’s really funny: I equate my whole career to one afternoon when I was a senior in high school. In the middle of English class I had to piss. I walked down the hall to go to the bathroom and passed this kid who’d moved to the school a year earlier. I was like, “Where are you going?” “I’m going to drop this application off for North Carolina School of the Arts.” “What’s that?” I’d been looking at film schools, but back then it really was just USC or NYU, and there was no way my parents could afford to send me to those places. So I was trying to figure something else out. This kid said, “There’s a film school there that just opened a year ago.” I went home, researched North Carolina School of the Arts and I could afford it, so I applied. I got in. He didn’t. [Laughs] I stole his spot!
You’re living the life he could’ve had.
I robbed him! But at that place my first year, Jody Hill lived on one side of me, David Green lived on the other. I’ve worked with those guys ever since. It’s just crazy: Of all these big choices you make in life, something like my bladder telling me I have to piss alters the direction of my life.
When you first met David and Jody, did you guys click right away?
I met Jody the first night there. Both of us didn’t know anybody – but we were both wondering where we would get weed. [Laughs] So the first night, I went on some journey with him to try to find weed at our new school, then we smoked it together. It was a lifelong friendship after that. David was a year ahead of us; I met him right at the beginning. But then I was watching a bunch of people’s films from last year and David just had this crazy movie called Would You Lather Up My Rough House? It made me laugh so hard. You could see he had a vision and a voice. I just instantly thought he was awesome.


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