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Dany Garcia Biography

Dany Garcia is the ex-wife of American film star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. She was born in Miami, Florida on November 29, 1968.  She is also an entrepreneur and producer. Dany is the president and CEO of two multi-million dollar companies, namely Garcia Companies and Seven Bucks Productions.

She also works as the manager for her ex-husband and WWE legend, Dwayne Johnson. Her extensive list of achievements includes philanthropy as well. She laid the foundation of  The Beacon Experience, an organization that provides paid scholarships to students. Dany was honored with the title ‘Bridge Builder Impacto Latino of the Year’ for her incredible contributions towards the Hispanic community.

Dany Garcia Age

The entrepreneur Dany who was born  in Miami, Florida on November 29, 1968 is currently 50 years old as of 2019.

Dany Garcia Height and Weight

she is the well built type that could stand shoulder to shoulder with other males.She has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and she weighs 66 kg as of 2019. She has got brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Dany Garcia Education

Gracia graduated from the University of Miami. Dany was active in sports during her school days. She  was part of a band during her school days and played instruments like piano and French horn.In college, she continued as an athlete. She completed her graduation in 1992 receiving a degree in international marketing and finance.

Dany Garcia Family

Her parents were immigrants from Cuba. Dany’s brother Hiram Garcia worked as Dwayne’s assistant while shooting for films like The Scorpion King and Walking Tall. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio

Dany Garcia
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Dany Garcia The Rock

Garcia and Dwayne Johnson met during their days as undergraduate students of the University of Miami. Garcia was 22 at the time, four years older than Johnson. After a seven-year dating period, they got married in 1997. Dwayne’s wrestling career was at its prime at the time. They both had a daughter, Simone Garcia Johnson who was born in August 14, 2001.But the couple divorced on 19th May 2008. Although these both have a certain relationship with a woman, shares a healthy friendship.

They both are not only good friend but also business partners. They together have started a production house named The Seven Bucks.

Dany Garcia Career

Dany has tried her hand at various disciplines like finance, marketing, bodybuilding, and entrepreneurship, and she has excelled in almost all her endeavors. She developed an interest towards finance and entrepreneurship during her teenage years. At 16, she became the owner of a barn in New Jersey and sold business suits.

Dany landed a job at Merrill Lynch right after earning her bachelor’s degree with a major in International Marketing and Finance from The University Of Miami Business School. The job helped her gain experience and knowledge, which would later play a crucial role in her career as an entrepreneur. This knowledge and experience also helped her getting the position of the vice president of the company.

She soon founded The Garcia Companies, a media management firm that gives expression to her talent-spotting and media stint. The company also supports projects of huge prospects. Being talent-coach for her ex-husband, Dwayne Johnson is no small proof as to how effective her career has been. Dwayne’s Hollywood success speaks for itself. Dany Garcia remains one of the most engaged managers in Hollywood.

Dany Garcia is also one of the U.S most successful bodybuilders in the history of the trade. She has been IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders and Fitness) Pro champion for a long time now and continues to showcase her unique performances in competitions. If speculations are anything to go by, Garcia’s penchant for bodybuilding may have come from her ex-husband, Dwayne. As age sets in, Garcia has gradually withdrawn from exhaustive endeavors like bodybuilding to focus on her business and family.

She continues to use her investment sense to prowl the US, identifying and investing in worthy start-ups. She also invests in Cava Mediterranean Grill restaurants. Her media empire has continued to grow. In late 2018, Seven Bucks Productions announced their partnership with Studio 71 to launch The Rock YouTube channel. They are also developing viewable content to be produced by the company’s digital arm, Seven Bucks Digital Studios.

Dany Garcia Net Worth

She earns a decent amount of money from her career.  It is estimated that her net worth is around $70 million. Moreover, her investment in various sectors involves Cava Mediterranean Grill restaurants and various other business plans contribute to her net worth as well.

Dany Garcia Bodybuilder

She then turned her attention towards bodybuilding, which in turn gave her career a whole new dimension. With the help of her then husband, Dwayne Johnson, Dany succeeded in shaping her bodybuilding career. After few years of training, she became one of the top ten contenders at the ‘NPC National Bodybuilding Championships’ held in Miami. After she divorced with Dwayne, she quit bodybuilding and stepped into the entertainment industry.

Dany Garcia Dave Rienzi

Dave Rienzi who is a famous bodybuilder and the personal trainer of Dwayne Johnson(Dany’s Ex husband) and also a good friend to Johnson.
Deny Garcia shares a happy marital relationship with Rienzi. The duo got married in 2014. After being in a marital relationship for six years,Dany separated from Dwayne to be with Dave. The couple is spending quality of time together and there is no symptom of divorce.

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