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Dave Bondy Biography

Dave Bondy is an American journalist who joined the NBC25 and FOX66 News team in April of 2015. He anchors FOX66 News at 10 and NBC 25 News at 11. Dave also reports for both stations. Bondy comes to Mid-Michigan from the NBC affiliate in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is a homecoming for Dave. Dave worked at FOX66 in Flint as an anchor/reporter between 2002 and 2007.

Dave Bondy Age

Bondy is 41 years old.

Dave Bondy Career

Dave is originally from the Detroit suburb of Wayne. He is a huge Detroit Tigers baseball fan and actually worked as a clubhouse attendant (bat-boy) for the team during their 1991 and 1992 season.

Over his career, Dave has covered several high profile stories, from the Jerry Sandusky trial at Penn State to the killer tornadoes that hit a school in Alabama. Dave loves interacting with viewers through social media. You can find Dave behind the anchor desk or on the street covering the latest breaking story.

Dave Bondy Facts

When Dave isn’t at work he enjoys spending time with his wife Katie, who is a native of nearby Frankenmuth, and his daughter and son.

Dave Bondy photo
Dave Bondy photo

Dave Bondy Leaving WPXI For Anchor Job In Michigan 2015

Local reporter Dave Bondy will be leaving to take a job nearer to his home town of Detroit.

Mr. Bondy, who joined WPXI-TV in February 2010, will be anchoring at NBC 25 (WEYI-TV) and Fox 66 (WSMH-TV) in Flint, Mich.

According to a post on his Twitter account earlier today, Mr. Bondy will begin his new position “later this month.”

Dave Bondy Flint Mayor Karen Weaver Discusses Mayors conference in Hawaii

Article by Dave Bondy;

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver is in Hawaii taking part in the United States Conference of Mayors.

“It’s important to give an update about what’s going on in Flint, what we have been able to accomplish and the issues we are still facing,” said Mayor Karen Weaver.

Weaver told us during an interview she spoke to other mayors about what happened to Flint and how to learn from what happened to the city.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver appointed to U.S. Conference of Mayors advisory board

Some people on social media have criticized Weaver for her trip to Hawaii.

The United States Conference of Mayors released a statement on Friday saying: We talked to Flint Mayor Karen Weaver who said while the conference paid for her travel she “handled her hotel room”

Dave Bondy Police Teaching Kids To Stay Safe

Article by Dave Bondy;

The Grand Blanc Township Police Department is teaching children how to stay safe this summer.

The purpose of camp safety is to teach the children valuable safety tips and techniques while having fun and being active.

The kids even built their own first aid kit and met local first responders.

“Safety is all year round and learning to be safe is something we do all year round, but it definitely applies to anything going on during the summertime, especially when kids are out of school,” said Thomas Whitt with the Grand Blanc Township Police Department.

The campus safety event was held at the bicentennial park in grand blanc township and goes on again tomorrow for two more sessions.

About 50 campers are expected for each and they receive a t-shirt and certificate when complete.

Dave Bondy The Flint Primary Ballots Will Be Printed Monday With Four Candidates For Flint Mayor.

Article by Dave Bondy;

Monday, Judge Joseph Farrah ruled current mayor Karen Weaver, current state representative Shelden Neeley, Don Pfeifer, and Greg Eason will all remain on the ballot.

“if you can’t fill out the form, you shouldn’t be on the ballot, it’s that easy for me. if you indicate that you’re not a US citizen, I don’t know anybody that would make amends to put you on that ballot. but that’s not my job, it’s not my job to determine who’s on there, my job is to print the ballot and we’re gonna do that,” said Genesee County Clerk John Gleason.

A week ago Judge Farrah put ballot printing on hold after several errors were found on candidate filings.

While Eason was already removed by the Genesee County Election Commission this latest ruling puts him back on the ballot.

“I’m ready to fight for the city, for mayor, I’m gonna give it every bit I can to fight to show that I am qualified. of all of the candidates, I am the most qualified to run for mayor,” said Gregory Eason.

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