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Dave Hester Biography

Dave Hester “The Mogul” is an American renowned auctioneer and television personality. Hester is well known as renowned for his ambitious and dubious nature, He is also known for having featured in engaged in a number of altercation and scuffle during his time on “Storage Wars”.

Dave Hester Age

Hester was born on the 3rd of July 1964 in Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base; near Oceanside, California, United States of America. he is 55 years old as of 2018.

Dave Hester Family | Dave Hester Auctions

Born to a father who had both German and Irish descent, his mother was born in Mexico. His father served in military personnel and was also a trained collector, who use to visit auctions in order to purchase collectibles. Growing up, while Dave’s age mates were enrolling for college, he was interested in auctions; following the footsteps of his father. Nonetheless, unlike his pinchpenny father, Dave developed a real interest in the business. His genuine passion for the business and attention to details ended up earning him so much income.
He was raised along with his younger brother, but the duo is at loggerheads. His son Dave Jr. is the one supervising the online aspect of his commercial enterprise. He eventually began to engage himself in auctions after featuring in a top TV series. Dave Junior’s aspiration is to possess a mobile home so he can move from one location to another as a ‘gypsy auctioneer’. He believes this will enable him to attend more auctions on a daily basis.
He was raised around collectibles and at the age of five, he used to follow his father to auctions, exchange meets, and garage sales. At age 14, Dave began to buy toolset and machinery for auctions. He then began to sell out those items to military-base stores situated in Orange County, California. In the year 1986, Dave visited his foremost storage auctions. The star actor once worked as bid-catcher back in the days of his humble beginning. He articulated his catchword ‘Yuuup’ loudly; so as to locate bidders in the crowd. In the year 1992, Dave Hester turned into a licensed and bonded auctioneer.

Dave Hester Wife | Son

Dave has kept his private life away from the media and the public. Hester is married to Donna Hester,  he has a son whose name is Dave Hester Jr. This shows that he either has a wife whom no one knows about or he had a fling.

Dave Hester Education

Dave has never had a penchant for education, with his agemates were enrolling in colleges, he was interested in auctions. He is a chip off the old block, he took his cue from his father, and he made auctioneering his full-time job.

Controversies and Fight of David Hester throughout his career

“Dave Hester fired” struck everyone very hard. Ever since his Dave Hester is generously known for his role in Storage Wars where he appeared from season 1 to 3. But then he reentered in the 5th season. David Hester was far away in the fourth season as he famously sued the show back in 2012. He made the accusations of wrongful termination after Dave accused to producers about the series’ lack of reality. In the initial lawsuit, Dave Hester demanded the show for $750,000 in comprehensive and punitive losses.

Dave Hester Photo
Dave Hester Photo

Hester resumed that the show’s producers and other officials frequently determined items in the lockers. Though in March of 2014, months after Hester first arranged his suit, Hester’s constitutional moves took a bit of a downward turn and reflected, as a judge addressed the star to pay some thousands of dollars to cover A&E’s legal fees.
He got into a fistfight with his castmate Dan Dotson. Dan reportedly desired a proposal from Dave through a taping at Palm Springs but, even after recommendations from producers, he declined to confess. That didn’t go down well in the end, and Hester did not take it politely and proceeded to blame Dan for oversight, and the discussion moved to the point where they interacted blows with one another. In the fight, Dan Dotson’s wife, Laura also truly jumped on Dave Hester’s back. As a result, Hester stopped up attending the hospital for a tetanus booster shot. Despite, he is a great performer and most importantly he loves pugs.

Dave Hester Storage Wars

Hester must now pick up some of A&E’s legal bill after losing the first round of a lawsuit that contends the highly rated reality TV series is rigged. At a hearing, a Los Angeles judge ordered Hester to pay $122,692 of the defendants’ legal costs. In December, He sued A&E and Original Productions with allegations that producers planted items of memorabilia that influenced the outcome of the auction-themed show. Hester says he was let go after complaining, which his attorney says constitutes wrongful termination in violation of public policy.
Dave claimed that A&E and Original engaged in unfair business practices insofar as producers allegedly making it appear that he was less skillful than his competition and thus prompting other vendors to stop doing business with his shops. A&E responded by saying that Hester was attempting to portray himself as a crusading whistleblower when really he was upset at how contract negotiations were going to return to the series. The defendants also brought an anti-SLAPP motion, saying that Storage Wars was protected by the First Amendment and that Hester was unlikely to win.

Dave Hester Net Worth

Hester has accumulated a lump sum amount of wealth, his net worth is approximated to be $4 million. When he looks at what he has done, and how much he has accumulated when he has been in auctioneering, he cannot regret. His earnings arises from his hard work in auctioneering gave him an opportunity to be featured on TV shows.

Dave Hester Dead

Hester is still alive and kicking, his death was just but a hoax – which is not unique to him. Celebrities are prone to such hoaxes, and they are used to them.

Dave Hester House

Dave Hester House                        
Dave Hester House

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