Ted Bundy’s Girlfriend Diane Edwards and Where Is She Now?

Diane Edwards (Diane/Stephanie) went to great lengths to conceal her identity — who could blame her? — and maintain her privacy, so nothing is known about her whereabouts today. Ann Rule wrote that she got married and moved on with her life. Here’s hoping her life post-Bundy has been a happy one.

Ted Bundy Girlfriend Diane Edwards

She did give an informative interview to Dr. Al Carlisle, the psychologist who studied Bundy after his conviction and published his findings in Violent Mind: The 1976 Psychological Assessment of Ted Bundy.

In her conversation with Dr. Carlisle, Diane was pretty frank in dismantling the cool, confident, charismatic act Bundy pulled off later in his life. She characterized him as weak and a real people-pleaser. When they would have arguments, she said he was “pitifully weak” and “kowtowed” to her.

“This was my main criticism of him after the year and a half of our relationship,” she continued. “He wasn’t strong. He wasn’t really masculine. If I got mad at him because he did something he sort of felt apologetic about it. He wouldn’t stand up for himself.”

Is Ted Bundy still alive?

No, American serial killer Ted Bundy is not alive today. He was executed by the electric chair on January 24, 1989, at Florida State Prison.

Ted Bundy Electric Chair Death

He died in the Raiford electric chair at 7.16am, aged 42.

Ted Bundy Ex-Girlfriend Diane Edwards Relations

Diane began dating Ted while the pair attended Washington University in Seattle, USA, in the late Sixties.

Ted Bundy girlfriend Diane
Ted Bundy girlfriend Diane Edwards

Ted received an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University at the time he met Diane.

Netflix’s The Ted Bundy Tapes details how the pair met and instantly hit it off.

Ted says in the documentary: “The relationship I had with Diane had a lasting impact on me.

“She’s a beautifully dressed, beautiful girl. Very personable. Nice car, great parents.

“So for a first-time girlfriend, you know, it was really not so bad.”

Ted then described the early days of their romance in the documentary, citing Diane as an influence for his foray into politics.

“We spent a lot of time driving around in her car, making out and telling each other how much we loved one another.

“She inspired me to look at myself and become something more.”

Ted went on to work for the Republican candidate for Seattle in the early Seventies, in an attempt to impress Diane.

In order to better himself further and, again, seek the approval from his affluent and successful girlfriend, Ted applied for a number of law schools after graduating.

However, poor exam results meant he wouldn’t be heading into a prestigious school – and his romance with Diane began to suffer because of it.

Ted said on the tapes: “I experienced any number of insecurities with Diane. There were occasions when I felt she expected a great deal more from me than I was capable of giving.

“I was not in any position to take her out or squire her around in the manner she was accustomed.

“But, I think I was coming apart at the seams and maybe she saw it. Throughout the summer, Diane and I corresponded less and less.

“Then she stopped writing and I started to get fearful of what she was up to. I had this overwhelming fear of rejection that stemmed, not just from her, but everything.

“In there somewhere was a desire to have some sort of revenge on Diane.”

Ted and Diane went their separate ways, with Ted going on to date Elizabeth Kloepfer, until a few years later when he reignited communications with her.

In the early Seventies, four years after their break-up, Ted managed to rekindle his romance with Diane, flying to California to visit her. She followed suit by returning to Seattle to see him.

Soon, talks of marriage began between the two, with Diane falling more and more in love with Ted.

However, it appeared Ted was merely leading Diane on, with him becoming more and more uninterested and lackadaisical towards his girlfriend.

When Diane sought answers, Ted seemed unmoved claiming to bear very little feelings towards her.

Ted’s rejection of Diane is seen by many as the revenge he had sought out earlier in the tapes.

With the pair’s romance ending once for all, Diane married someone else a year after.

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