Dick Bertel Biography, Age, Education, Height|Weight, Wife, Career, Net Worth

Dick Bertel Biography

Dick Bertel commonly known as Richard Bertelmann  is a retired American radio and television personality and broadcasting executive who is best known for his work locally in Hartford, Connecticut, nationally on the NBC and Mutual Broadcasting System radio networks, and internationally for the Voice of America. He remains engaged with the profession to the present day.

Dick Bertel Age

Dick was born at Bronx Maternity Hospital on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx borough of New York  on January 6, 1931. He is currently 88 years old as of 2019.

Dick Bertel Height|Weight

Dick has an average height and weight. He has an estimated height of 6 feet 4 inches, Bertel weight is unknown but will be updated soon.

Dick Bertel Education

He attended Hollow Tree Ridge Junior High School. After one year at Hollow Tree Ridge, he attended Darien High School as a member of the Class of 1948. In 1947, he was elected Homecoming King. Later in September 1948 to June 1952   he joined New York University where he  earned a degree in broadcasting.

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Dick Bertel Wife

Dick prefer living his personal life behind the curtains. So Information regarding Bertel’s wife has not been disclosed.

Dick Bertel Career

During the years 1948 – 1955, Bertel’s career began at Fairfield County radio stations in the New York suburbs surrounding Darien and strung along the Boston Post Road corridor.In April 1948, shortly before graduating from high school, Bertel requested a tour of WNLK, a new daytime-only radio station being built in neighboring Norwalk, Conn., and was offered an unpaid position. Initially writing and announcing news from his school, within a few months he was hosting The Hi Teen Show, a weekly Saturday morning program featuring local amateur singers, a band, and sketches performed by teenagers.

In the Fall of 1948, testing began on a new New York television station, WOR-TV (WWOR today). While attempting to tune in a test pattern, Bertel instead found an unrelated audio broadcast. It was a test of an experimental FM station in Greenwich, Conn., WGCH (WFOX today), which due to a harmonic could be heard on the audio carrier of channel 9. Bertel responded to an announcer’s invitation to listeners to call the station to report reception. Within a couple of weeks he decided to use that telephone conversation as a reason to visit the station and introduce himself. During that visit, he offered to volunteer as an announcer.

When he graduated from NYU in 1952, he was hired for the daily night shift, his first full-time position. Although he would continue to host The Saturday Night Dance Party, soon he was moved to the midday shift and was appointed to be the continuity director, writing all of the commercial copy for the station. He left WNAB in 1954 to work for WSTC. In 1954, WSTC hired him for the night shift, delivering the eleven o’clock newscast and conducting station breaks around network shows such as The Lone Ranger. Other members of the staff included Scott Vincent, Jerry Damon and Dee Caruso.

Up until now, he had been using his name “Dick Bertelmann” on WNLK, WGCH, and WNAB. Other announcers at WSTC used stage names so he decided it was time to coin one for himself. At WSTC he started calling himself “Dick Richards.”

Bertel created The Golden Age of Radio, a monthly radio program featuring interviews with radio actors, writers, musicians, producers and engineers from the early days of radio. It was first broadcast in April 1970 and continued until 1977, a total of 89 shows, all of which can be found on the Internet today. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, The Golden Age of Radio interviews were frequently incorporated into The Big Broadcast, a weekly compilation of recordings from radio’s golden age on WAMU in Washington, D.C., the public radio station owned and operated by American University, which was then hosted by Ed Walker.

Dick Bertel Net Worth

Dick Bertel  has not provided the exact details of his net income. Since his professional life running on the smooth track, it is easy to assume that he is provided with a sizable amount of Salary for his service.

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