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Donna Hanover Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career and News

Donna Hanover is an American journalist, radio and television personality, television producer, and actress, who appears on WOR radio in New York City and


Donna Hanover Biography

Donna Hanover is an American journalist, radio and television personality, television producer, and actress, who appears on WOR radio in New York City and

the Food Network. From 1994 through 2001 she was First Lady of New York City, as the then-wife of Rudy Giuliani. She and Giuliani were married for 18 years and had two children, Andrew and Caroline.

Donna Hanover Age

The American journalist, radio and television personality was born on February 13, 1950, in Oakland, CA. She is 70 years old as of 2019.

Donna Hanover Height

Information concerning her height is still under research and will soon be updated when we come across details about her height.

Donna Hanover Family

She was born in 1950 in Oakland, California, United States of America. She was born to her natural parents Robert G. Kofnovec and Gwendolyn Dolores Kofnovec. Her father was a US Navy officer who was retired as a Lieutenant Commander.

Donna Hanover Husband

In 2003, Hanover married Edwin Oster, an attorney practicing in Newport Beach, California. The two had dated in high school and in college but had not spoken with each other for more than 20 years, until after Hanover’s divorce from Giuliani. In 2005, Hanover published the book My Boyfriend’s Back: 50 True Stories of Reconnecting with a Long-Lost Love, relating her story as well as those of others who had rejoined with lost loves. She lives in both New York and California.

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Donna Hanover Education

She attended Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, California. She later attended Stanford University and graduated in 1972 with a Bachelor of Arts in political science.

Donna Hanover Career

she began to work in a series of television journalism positions around the country, starting with a stint at WKTV in Utica, New York in 1973, where she was also an associate faculty member at Utica College. She then went to WTVN-TV in Columbus, Ohio. By 1977, she was working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at KDKA-TV, spending 80-hour weeks hosting and producing their Evening Magazine show; she and Stanley Hanover appeared to have separated. They were divorced sometime after October 1980; they had no children.

By 1980, Donna Hanover had moved to Miami, Florida; it was when she was working as an anchor at Miami’s WSVN that she met Giuliani. The couple moved in together in 1982 while Giuliani was still married to his first wife, but they had been separated since 1976. Giuliani had his first marriage annulled in late 1983. They then later moved to Washington, D.C. and then New York, and were married there on April 15, 1984. Hanover began working for WPIX Channel 11 television in New York in 1983 and was the lead anchor for its 10 p.m. newscast for much of the 1980s.

She also appeared on the syndicated Wall Street Journal Report. She left her anchor role during Giuliani’s unsuccessful 1989 bid for mayor to go on maternity leave. Hanover had two children with Giuliani, Andrew Harold (born 1986) and Caroline Rose (born 1989). She began to use Donna Hanover Giuliani as her name in some contexts but still used Donna Hanover in others. She left WPIX entirely in 1990 and did some freelance work for New York’s WNYW Channel 5 in 1992 and 1993.

Donna Hanover Net Worth

Donna Hanover an American journalist, radio, and television has an estimated net worth of $100K-1M.

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Donna Hanover News

After a public battle over alimony, the house (she did not want to leave Gracie Mansion) and even dog support, Ms. Hanover said she never expected to fall in love again.

Then, last August, she got a phone call from Mr. Oster, her high school and college sweetheart. Mr. Oster, who is also divorced, wondered if she would be attending their 30th reunion at Stanford.

Mr. Oster, 52, is the managing partner of Barger & Wolen, a law firm, in Newport Beach, Calif. He received his law degree from the University of California at Davis. He is a son of Katherine Oster of Auburn, Calif., and the late Dr. Edwin A. Oster, who was a general practitioner in Cambrian Park, Calif.

Ms. Hanover and Mr. Oster met as members of competing high school debate teams, she in Sunnyvale, Calif., and he in Los Gatos, Calif.”She was very quick-witted, very intelligent,” he remembered. Even today, both have a fighting spirit in their voices, as if they still love debating.

Both came from ”hardworking, middle-class families,” she said, the kind of homes where children and even visitors were assigned chores.

”I remember one Saturday during our senior year in high school when he arrived to take me on a date,” Ms. Hanover said. ”I was still doing my chores so my Mom handed him a Windex bottle, suggesting he go to work if he wanted to take me out anytime soon.”

On weekends, the couple would often team up and compete in car rallies, scavenger hunts by car. They rarely won prizes. ”But we won each others’ affection,” she said.

They broke up during their freshman year at Stanford. And when he called last summer, it was the first time the two had spoken since college.

Soon after, he traveled to New York and took her for a cup of coffee, then a long walk in Central Park. ”We talked about our children, our jobs, what had happened in the interim years, the state of the world,” she recalled. ”There was an immediate re-attraction.

”We were very good partners during the car rallies, and that has come to light again. We feel we are still very good partners.”

A few days before the wedding, speaking from a cab in New Jersey, each made a list of things he or she likes about the other.

Mr. Oster: ”Compassion, thoughtfulness, intelligence, wit, gentleness and grace.”

Ms. Hanover: ”Integrity, intelligence, kindness, sense of humor and the fact that he is good to my children.”

The bridegroom, who has three daughters, and the bride, who has a son and a daughter, plan to be bicoastal, they said, traveling between Newport Beach and New York.