Doug Harlow

After completion of my degree at Penn State, I went back north to Syracuse to work for WIXT and it was there that I finally witnessed a true Upstate New York winter. By February I was pretty tired of sub-zero cold and snow. Unfortunately, however, it continued to snow into April! From Syracuse I traveled south to Binghamton where for almost three years I was morning meteorologist for WIVT. More cold temperatures and snowfall there were followed by record river-flooding on three separate occasions, the most recent in June of 2006 where the apartment house next to mine was evacuated.

It was during childhood visits to my grandparents on the Chesapeake Bay that I first became interested in the weather. My grandmother liked to tell me about the memorable, destructive hurricanes that had passed near their home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and about the time she once had to travel into town by rowboat because of flood waters. I was transfixed by these stories and decided, at an early age, to pursue a career in meteorology.

My other interests include sports and researching historical subjects. I am especially interested in the history of magic, magicians, and illusionists, and have made extended trips to libraries around the country to access original, nineteenth-century letters, manuscripts, and newspaper archives of various sorts. (Even though I’m very interested in magic, I confess that I haven’t yet found a way to make the weather do what I want!)

I look forward to living and working in West Virginia, learning more about its extensive history, and meeting the great people in the Charleston-Huntington area.

To contact me, send an email to [email protected]

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