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Dwight Schultz Biography

Dwight Schultz is an American actor and voice artist best known for his roles as Captain Howling Mad Murdock on The A-Team, and as Reginald Barclay in Star Trek.

He has also appeared in The Next Generation, Voyager and First Contact. In animation he si popularly known as the mad scientist Dr. Animo in the Ben 10 series, Chef Mung Daal in the children’s animated series Chowder, and Eddie the Squirrel in CatDog.

Dwight Schultz Age

He was born on November 24, 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA as William Dwight Schultz. He is now 71 years of age as of 2019.He has English and German ancestry.

Dwight Schultz Wife Wendy Fulton | Daughter

He has been a family man who married his significant other Wendy Fulton in 1983 . The couple  have one daughter, Ava born  in  1987 and  serves in the Marines.

Dwight Schultz Net Worth

Being an American actor and voice actor he has an estimated net worth of $3 million.


Dwight Schultz Photo
Dwight Schultz Photo

Dwight Schultz Star Trek

He played the role of Barclay, Lt. Reginald Barclay. He has appeared with Marina Sirtis  in the same movie.

Dwight Schultz A Team

In this movies a team of ex-special forces soldiers on the punch from the military police (even though they didn’t really commit the crime for which they’d been imprisoned) leaves evidence of explosions in its wake.

But Hannibal, Face man, B.A. and Murdock always stop to help the little guy against some corrupt local dignitary before escaping the MPs once again. He appeared as  Captain ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock .

Dwight Schultz Vulture

A clip of how he appears in the movie ;

Vulture : You’re becoming a thorn in my side! Today, you die, Spider-Man!
Vulture : You can’t match my agility!
Harry Osborn : You’re right. I can *beat* you agility!
Vulture : What’s the matter, Spider-Man? Too fast for you?
Spider-Man : Hey! Come back! The food at the old folks home wasn’t that bad, was it?
[while Spider-Man web-swings to catch up with the Vulture in the rain, the Vulture causes damage to a water tower on a rooftop]
Vulture : Those people look thirsty, don’t they? Why don’t I serve them a drink?
Spider-Man : I think the folks down there are wet enough already!

Dwight Schultz Babylon 5

Creator J. Michael Straczynski’s hopeful and puzzling latter space opera charts five years in the lives of those on board the  five-mile-long space station, where personal drama plays out against a tense political backdrop of looming war between bitter enemies the Centauri and the Narn.

Dwight Schultz Young Justice

The fan favorite DC Nation had been cancelled after only two seasons but it’s coming back in 2019. The debut footage has been anticipated for five years, ever since DC Nation’s Young Justice animated series was not renewed for a third season as the Mad Hatter.

Dwight Schultz Movies and Tv Shows

2010–12 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Dr. Animo
2011 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Older Danny Darrow
2012 The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Technovore, Executive 1, AIM Scientist
2013 Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Fu-xi
2013–14 Avengers Assemble Attuma
2013–14 Ben 10: Omniverse Dr. Amino
2014 Wander Over Yonder Wild Card
2014–17 All Hail King Julien Karl, Karl-Gram, Patrick
2015 Harvey Beaks Spirit of Wetbark Lake, Snake
2015 Teen Titans Go! TV
2015 Kirby Buckets Shredlock
2015 Ultimate Spider-Man Mesmero, Attuma, Teacher
2015 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wyrm
2017-present Ben 10 (2016) Dr. Animo
2017 All Hail King Julien: Exiled Karl, Father Tentacle, Chimp, Fore-Vegetable, Rat, Thrax
2018 The Powerpuff Girls Lester van Luster
2019 Young Justice: Outsiders The Mad Hatter

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