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E. D. Hill Biography

Edith Ann “E.D.” Hill known professionally as E.D. Donahey during her second marriage, is an American journalist and news

presenter for CNN. She has been a news anchor and radio host and formerly worked for the Fox News Channel.

E. D. Hill Age

She was born on July 27, 1962, in Dripping Springs, Texas. She is the business person as well as the journalist and VJ. You have rightly landed with us to read all about this inspirational personality. At the age of 54, she is known for her works as a journalist.

E. D. Hill Height

Edith Ann “E.D.” Hill is known professionally as E.D has a standing height of 1.73 m

E. D. Hill Marriage

She has married three times altogether. She had first tied the knot with Marc Philip Weill. Their marriage could not last long and they divorced in 1995. She then married J David Donahey only to end their union shortly after. She is currently married to venture capitalist Joe Hill, her long term boyfriend. She exchanged marriage vows with him in 2002. Together, Joe and Hill have two children together.

E. D. Hill Education

Hill earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin, located in Austin, Texas, where she was a member of Delta Gamma Sorority.

E. D. Hill Photo

E. D. Hill Image

E. D. Hill  Career

She was a VJ for VH1 from September 1986 to August 1987. Moving from there to journalism, she spent time at WPXI-TV,[3] WHDH-TV, and WABC-TV where she was brought in to co-anchor the station’s morning newscast as well as its just launched midday broadcast. During this time Hill was still using her maiden name, Edye Tarbox.

In 1998, Hill joined the Fox News Channel, where she served as an anchor for Fox and Friends from 1998 to 2006. She later moved to the 2:00 p.m. hour after serving as host of the 11:00 a.m. to 12: 00-noon block of Fox News Live from 2006 until her show America’s Pulse was canceled in 2008. She also co-hosted Bill O’Reilly’s The Radio Factor for five years. She had also substituted for Bill O’Reilly on The O’Reilly Factor.

In 2007, the television-industry blog TV Newser reported that it had been given a copy of an internal Fox News Channel memorandum that gave the following description of America’s Pulse: “During this hour, E.D. will present the news in a fair & balanced way with her own passionate style and sense of humor.”

On the June 6, 2008, episode of America’s Pulse, Hill asked whether a fist bump between then-presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, after the final 2008 Presidential Democratic primaries was a “terrorist fist jab”. Hill, introducing an upcoming discussion before a commercial break, posited that the gesture was either “A fist bump? A pound? [or] A terrorist fist jab?” but never explained the term when the segment continued after the break.

The incident set off a controversy among bloggers and television commentators. Hill apologized for her comments the next day. The next week, the Fox News Channel announced that Hill’s show America’s Pulse had been canceled. Martha McCallum’s show The Live Desk would become two hours (1–3 p.m.), and Trace Gallagher would become a co-host with McCallum.

In November 2008, after the general election, it was announced that Hill’s contract with Fox would not be renewed. She would continue with the network until her contract expired. Senior Vice President of Programming at Fox Bill Shine says that he “chose not to renew E.D.’s latest contract” but noted that “Hill has been a valued contributor to the success of FNC over the years, and we wish her all the best”.

On October 14, 2008, Hill was a guest co-host of the ABC daytime show The View, then returned to co-host again on September 23 and 25, 2009, while Elisabeth Hasselbeck was on maternity leave; she also hosted on July 28, 2010, while Barbara Walters was on leave. In February 2011, it was announced that she would be joining the staff of In the Arena with Eliot Spitzer on CNN, but just five months later CNN elected to cancel the show instead.

Glenn Beck announced on his GBTV Show August 20, 2012, that E.D. Hill will be part of GBTV’s on-site coverage of the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. On October 6, 2012, Hill moderated The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium, a debate between Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart.

E. D. Hill  Net Worth

She has earned an enormous amount of salary from her successful career, as she has worked as a journalist and presenter for a pretty long time which adds up to her net worth that is estimated to be $13 million.

E. D. Hill  News

Fox News anchor taken off air after Obama ‘terrorist fist jab’ gaffe

Fox News anchor ED Hill has lost her show a week after suggesting Barack Obama and his wife Michelle’s on-stage victory gesture could be seen as a “terrorist fist jab”. Hill, the anchor of Fox News show America’s Pulse, made the comment last Friday after Obama and his wife affectionately bumped fists before his victory speech on becoming the Democratic candidate for president.

“A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab? The gesture everyone seems to interpret differently,” said Hill in her show. “We’ll show you some interesting body communication and find out what it really says.”According to US media reports Hill, who has been with Fox News Channel since 1998, has now lost her show although she is to stay with the network in an as yet undetermined capacity.

Hill apologized for the gaffe live on-air at the start of her show on Tuesday.”I want to start the show by clarifying something I said on the show about an upcoming body language segment. Now I mentioned various ways the Obama’s fist pump in St Paul’s had been characterized in the media,” she said.

“I apologize because unfortunately, some thought I personally had characterized it inappropriately. I regret that. It was not my intention. And I certainly didn’t mean to associate the word ‘terrorist’ in any way with Senator Obama and his wife,” Hill added. Prior to anchoring America’s Pulse, Hill hosted Fox News Live. She also co-hosts Bill O’Reilly’s Radio Factor show.
The “terrorist fist jab” comment is the one in a series of anti-Obama incidents in which Fox News has been involved.

Recently an on-screen caption described Michelle Obama as “Obama’s Baby Mama”, a slang term for black single mothers. Sign up to the Media Briefing: news for the news-makersAnd in May Fox News contributor Liz Trotta apologized for joking that Obama should be assassinated, along with Osama bin Laden. Obama recently launched a website, www.fightthesmears.com, offering rebuttals of rumors that have continued to circulate online and in rightwing news outlets.

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