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Ed Young Jr | Bio

Ed Young, (Edwin Barry) was born in Canton, North Carolina.He  is the founding and senior pastor of Fellowship Church. He is New York Times and Amazon Best-Selling author, with an international ministry that includes the televised broadcast, Ed Young Television, C3 Global, the C3 Conference, and Fellowship Live.

His Television program was the first religious program of its kind to air on the E! Channel in 2010. Ed Young TV has also been seen on EdYoung.com, Roku, and Netflix.

Ed Young Age | Age

He was born on 16th March 1961. He is 58 years old as of 2019.

Ed Young Family

Young is the oldest son in his family. His mother is Beth Landrum. He has two siblings, Cliff and Ben Young.

Ed Young Father | Young Sr

Homer Edwin Young, senior pastor of Second Baptist Church Houston in Houston, Texas

Ed Young Education | Liberty University

He attended and played basketball at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, where he received a basketball scholarship. After his sophomore year, he transferred to Houston Baptist University where he received his bachelor’s degree followed by a Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Ed Young Marriage | Wife| Spouse

Ed Young got married to Lisa Young.

Ed Young Children | Kids

Together with his wife Lisa, they have four kids namely LeeBeth, Laurie, Landra, EJ.

Ed Young House | Home

Pastor Ed Young and his wife Lisa  live lavishly at their Bluffview Estates.

Ed Young 10 Commandments Of Marriage

  1.      Thou Shalt Be Selfless.
  2.      Thou Shalt Have No Strings Attached.
  3.      Thou Shalt Continually Communicate.
  4.      Thou Shalt Make Conflict Thy Ally.
  5.      Thou Shalt Avoid the Quicksand of Materialism.
  6.      Thou Shalt Flee Sexual Temptation-Online and Otherwise.
  7.      Thou Shalt Forgive Thy Mate-490 Times and More.
  8.      Thou Shalt Romance the Home.
  9.      Thou Shalt Begin Again and Again.
  10.      Thou Shalt Build a Winning Team.

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Young Sales

EYSCO‘s primary mission is to maintain equal balance and provide support for two of EYSCO’s three most critical and vital assets – our Principals and our Customers; with the third asset being EYSCO team members, as all three are essential for EYSCO success! For our Principals, ensuring “differentiation” means assuring the qualities of their products are known and recognized. For our Customers, ensuring the products we offer are appreciated for their value in meeting the expectations they require.

Ed Young Career

In February 1990, Young began Fellowship Church out of a rented office complex before moving to an arts center. In 1996, Fellowship Church moved into Irving’s MacArthur High School to accommodate five weekend services and a weekly attendance of 5,000. Fellowship Church opened its first permanent facility on a 141-acre (0.57 km2) property in Grapevine, Texas in 1998.

In 2003, Fellowship Church opened its first two satellite locations in Plano and Fort Worth, TX. A third satellite campus launched two years later in Dallas, TX. Between the four locations, weekly attendance was over 20,000. In May 2006, Fellowship Church opened a satellite campus in South Miami, FL; Keller/Southlake, TX in 2013; and another satellite location in North Port Florida in 2017. In August 2018, Journey Church in Norman, OK became Fellowship Church Norman.

In 2008, Fellowship Church hosted its first summer camp and retreat center in Hawkins, TX at Allaso Ranch. Ed Young and Fellowship Church have hosted notable guests over the years including: Troy Aikman, Tony Romo, Ryan Tannehil, Willie and Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, Rev Run, Chris Kyle, Marcus Luttrell, and Oliver North.

Young Books

  • Young, Ed (2015). Fifty Shades of They: Insights That Bring Life to Your Relationship. Printopya. ISBN 978-1942306030.
  • Young, Ed (2011). The Sexperiment. Hachette Digital, Inc. ISBN 978-0446582711.
  • Young, Ed (2008). The Marriage Mirror – Reflecting God in Your Marriage. Creality Publishing. ISBN 978-1934146835.
  • Young, Ed (2007). Beauty Full – Becoming More Than Just Pretty. Creality Publishing. ISBN 978-1934146460.
  • Young, Ed (2007). Outrageous, Contagious Joy. Berkley Trade. ISBN 978-0425219089.
  • Young, Ed (2006). In The Zone. Creality Publishing. ISBN 978-0972581387.
  • Young, Ed (2006). The Creative Leader – Unleashing the Power of Your Creative Potential. B&H Publishing Group. ISBN 978-0805431773.
  • Young, Ed (2006). X-Trials : Takin’ Life to the Extreme. Thomas Nelson. ISBN 978-1574941210.
  • Young, Ed (2005). You! The Journey to the Center of Your Worth. Howard Books. ISBN 978-1451646146., Ed (2004). Kid CEO – How to Keep Your Children From Running Your Life. Faith Words. ISBN 978-0446691772.
  • Young, Ed (2004). Rating Your Dating While Waiting For Mating. Creality Publishing. ISBN 978-0972581318.
  • Young, Ed (2003). Know Fear – Facing Life’s Six Most Common Phobias. B&H Publishing Group. ISBN 978-0805425727.
  • Young, Ed (2003). High Definition Living – Bringing Clarity to Your Life’s Mission. Howard Books. ISBN 978-1582292908.
  • Young, Ed (2002). The Creative Marriage – The Art of Keeping Your Love Alive. Creality Publishing. ISBN 978-0972581301.
  • Young, Ed (2002). Can We Do That? 24 Innovative Practices That Will Change the Way You Do Church. Howard Publishing Company. ISBN 978-1582292380.
  • Young, Ed (1997). Fatal Distractions – Overcoming Obstacles That Mess Up Our Lives. Thomas Nelson. ISBN 978-0785276661.

Ed Young Awards

New York Times Best Seller 2012

Ed Net Worth | Salary

He was soon working for his father as an associate pastor, and has since grown his brand to include his very own television show on E! Ed Young Jr. has also written numerous books, which has earned him a ridiculous net worth of around $11 million.

Ed Young Photography | Pictures

Ed Young
Ed Young

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Ed Young

Ed Young Quotes

14 Christian Quotes And Sayings By Young Jr

  1. Christianity is not defined by a relationship to Christ that is casual.
  2. We become a Christian when the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin.… Conviction of sin is where it all starts.
  3. Testing, Temptations, and Trials will become a Triumph when we trust God!
  4. God chooses to forget our sin and always remembers His love for us.
  5. If you want to discover the best God has for your life, you have to get under the authority that God has put over you.
  6. We’ve always had obstacles to overcome. But we’re a family and we stick together.
  7. You’ve got to get out into the community and find out what the needs are. Find out where the pain is.
  8. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Great Physician, heals people and makes them whole again. And we’ve got to be out there as God’s people, obeying the Great Commission.
  9. The enemy tempts us seductively, strategically, and accurately.
  10. I have the peace of God because I’ve made peace with God!
  11. God, though, brings sanity to our lives through Christ. And the more we walk with God and yield to his truth, the further away from that craziness we get. That’s normal crazy we all deal with.
  12. Creativity is not a gimmick, but a lifestyle.
  13. Whats intelligence without wisdom.
  14. To all the wolves of the world for lending their good name as a tangible symbol for our darkness.

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