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Ellen Meny KING5 News, Biography, Age, Husband, and Net Worth

Ellen Meny Biography

Ellen Meny is an American journalist working as an anchor for KING5 News. She went to class at Clemson University in South Carolina, where she studied correspondence review.

Every last bit of her designing companions ridiculed her for picking the “simple” major, however, the joke’s on them, she works at Evening! She is both an American and Italian resident.

She cherishes both pasta and stressing over two hereditary Italian characteristics. Likewise, assuming that you bind her hands behind my back, she will quickly become quiet.

She has consistently considered Evening to be the zenith of neighborhood TV. It consistently sorted of an inaccessible, distant dream. At some point, she saw there was a position open in the Evening. She thought, what in the world! She should try it out.

Ellen Meny KING5
Ellen Meny KING5

All things considered, shoot, she is right here! What’s more, she was unable to be more joyful. It truly is a little glimpse of heaven. She is adoring Seattle and all the food it brings to the table.

What’s more, individuals, obviously. In any case, not so much for eating!! Ahh! She has won precisely zero honors. At the point when she isn’t playing — she implies working — in the Evening, she outsources composing for sites and magazines. She likewise runs a blog.

Also, composes fiction. Also, peruses. Indeed, she is a compulsive worker and negative, she doesn’t have the foggiest idea of how to unwind. You can contact her at, on her Twitter at @ellenmeny, and on her Facebook page.

Ellen Meny KING5 News

She is presently the most current individual from Team Evening. The child of the gathering, in a manner of speaking, in spite of the fact that she has been 5’8″ since center school, so she is an enormous child by clinical norms.

She is a multi-stage maker, and that implies she delivers, reports, shoots, alters, acts, sings, and indeed, she moves too! She is a septuple danger. She started her TV profession with a stupid meeting show called Ellen Interviews.

She remained on Clemson University’s grounds and posed individuals pointless inquiries, for example, “What’s your perspective on tights as jeans,” and “Who’s more sultry, George Washington or Thomas Jefferson?”

Somehow, she landed her most memorable genuine position as a journalist in Eugene, Oregon. She created an eatery that include a section called Tasty Tuesday.

That was her initial presentation into the magnificent universe of getting compensated to eat. Following three years of working basically every work in the newsroom, she, at last, concluded that her enthusiasm in life is without a doubt getting compensated to eat.


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Ellen Meny Age

She is American Italian. Information about her age will be updated as soon as possible.

Ellen Meny Husband

Information about her husband will be updated as soon as possible.

Ellen Meny Height

She is approximately 5’8” tall.

Ellen Meny Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

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Ellen Meny Twitter

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