Erica Rakow Biography, Age, Husband, WPTV and Net Worth - | Erica Rakow Biography, Age, Husband, WPTV and Net Worth -

Erica Rakow Biography, Age, Husband, WPTV and Net Worth

Erica Rakow is an American Multimedia journalist who joined WPTV news team in June of 2018. She is also a south Florida native.

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Erica Rakow Biography

Erica Rakow is an American Multimedia journalist who joined WPTV news team in June of 2018. She is also a south Florida native. Erica became known after she joined WPTV from where she had previously worked at WPLG Local 10 where she covered breaking news in Miami-dade and Broward counties.

Aside from all that, Rakow has traveled the state during her time there. However, Erica was born in Miami Beach and she grew up in Weston. After she had graduated from Cypress Bay High School, she proceeded to the University of Florida. There she earned her bachelor of science degree in Telecommunication.

Only two weeks after her graduation, Erica landed her first full-time job in the news where she worked as the Weekend Anchor/Reporter at WJHG in Panama City Beach. One of her work was reporting the devastating effects on the Gulf Coast caused by the BP oil spill. Later on, Erica worked at WJXT after she moved back east in Jacksonville.

There she reported a memorable cover at the national law enforcement memorial back in Washington D.C. From there, she moved to Orlando where she began working for WXMG News 6 as a reporter on the morning show.

Erica Rakow Age

Well-known sources have revealed that Erica likes to keep her personal details away from the public all the other popular journalist. You can be able to reach her at all of her social media platforms down below. Therefore, her age is still under review.

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Erica Rakow Husband | Scott Reynolds

Sources have revealed that Erica is happily married to her husband Scott Reynolds. The couple has a daughter. They currently live in Palm Beach County and she loves attending events in the community and is really enjoying the many beautiful, natural areas in Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast.

Erica Rakow Wptv

At Wptv, Erica is the current multimedia journalist who joined WPTV news team after working at WPLG. She has given reports that have brought more positive change to society than ever before. She is among the best anchors and reporters at WPTV.

Erica Rakow Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is still under review. It will be updated soon.

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WPLG’s Erica Rakow, daughter of the slain officer, makes a name for herself

Erica Rakow was 6 months old in 1988 when her father, Miami Beach Police Officer Scott Rakow, was shot in the head while chasing a drug dealer.

He died the next day, another casualty in South Florida’s drug wars. The story of the handsome and personable 28-year-old officer gripped the region, and thrust his family into the spotlight. His death also led to tougher penalties for cop killers.

Too young to remember her dad, Erica Rakow got to know him over time through newspaper and TV stories about him.

Those remembrances helped inspire her to become a reporter herself, to tell other people’s stories, and to share her father’s story.

After years of reporting in Jacksonville and Orlando, she’s back home in South Florida where she recently joined WPLG-Ch. 10 as a general assignment reporter.

“My only memories are really the stories that people share still to this day and the news clips,” Rakow, 27, said of her father, a Miami Beach native who worked as a police officer for four years.

Known as Scotty to his close friends, he was described as a caring man who loved kids, sports and practical jokes, according to news clips.

“Everybody has incredible memories of his infectious personality. I know I have his goofiness. I know I love making people laugh,” Rakow said with a laugh.

As a morning reporter, she covers breaking news and crime. Because of her personal history, she says she can relate to the officers and victims of crime.

“There is something about being on the scene with law enforcement and working with them. I feel like I have a special connection with them,” Rakow said after finishing her TV shift on a recent weekday.

“A lot of reporters will gripe these days about [covering] another shooting or they don’t want to be sent to another stabbing, but there is something I like about pulling up to a scene and working with police officers to get whatever information they have out to the people who watch us.”

Some longtime South Florida viewers may remember Erica Rakow as the baby with blonde hair in news stories. She lived in Miami Beach with her mom until they moved to Weston just before the girl began kindergarten.

“It was really a difficult decision,” recalled Toni Rakow-Lester, who remarried. “It was mostly so that she would have some privacy, that we would have some privacy. We wanted her, for both of us, to have a fresh start.”

Their extended family at the Miami Beach Police Department was never too far away. During the holidays, officers dressed as Santa to deliver gifts.

“In 1988, she lost her father but she immediately picked up some 500 aunts and uncles,” said Miami Beach police detective Juan Sanchez, who has known the family for years. “We made a promise that we were never going to forget him, her or her mom.”

In Weston, Erica Rakow was an honor student and became part of the inaugural graduating class of Cypress Bay High School. A guidance counselor noticed her writing skills and suggested that the teen apply for an internship with the Broward Education Community Network, the school-board run news service. After auditioning, Rakow landed a position as an anchor for Broward Teen News.

Her high school internship mentor Mark Love wasn’t surprised.

“When you look on the TV and you want somebody you can identify with who talks to you and not at you, Erica was like that from the get-go. She connected,” said Love.

“I did that my senior year and I loved it,” added Rakow, who continued her interest in broadcasting at the University of Florida, her father’s alma mater.

During her senior year in college, she worked as a rookie reporter for Gainesville’s WCJB-Ch. 20. She remembers being dispatched to cover the funeral of a deputy who was killed in the line of duty.

“I will never forget walking into the church by myself and seeing his wife, his widow at the front receiving hugs and support from people,” recalled Rakow. “I was shaking. It was definitely surreal. I knew the time would come but obviously, something like that hits close to home.”

Rakow went on to work as a reporter and anchor at WJHG-Ch. 7 in Panama City, then WJXT-Ch. 4 in Jacksonville.

In 2013, she shared her father’s story with Jacksonville viewers in a two-part series. In the story, Rakow shared videos of her father playing with her as a baby, and footage of her mother in the days after the shooting.

“It melted my heart,” Rakow-Lester said of the piece, which featured Rakow at the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C., where her father’s name is inscribed. “Erica grew up, unfortunately, having to attend memorial services. It was what we did. It was our new way to honor and respect my husband and her dad and the others who gave up their lives.”

Erica Rakow has been a regular speaker at police memorials, including Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County and Tallahassee, where she talks about her dad and his impact.

“She speaks about what she has done and what she has learned and how that has formed her,” added Sanchez, who remembers when the younger Rakow helped unveil the new police memorial in front of the police station in 1998.

“The death of her father is something that will stay with her but she has used that in a positive way to get (to) where she is today,” said Sanchez. “She never forgets who her dad is.”

The late police officer’s legacy lives on in Florida.

In 1988, officials for the city of Miami Beach named its largest youth center as the Scott Rakow Youth Center. Scott Rakow grew up playing in the city’s parks programs and later became a coach at the youth center before becoming a police officer.

His widow was a founding member of a network of police spouses who called themselves SCOTT – Support Cops on Toughening Time. Following his death, they pushed for a bill that required tougher penalties for people who attack or kill police officers. In 1989, Florida governor Bob Martinez signed it into law as the Law Enforcement Protection Act.

And now as people discover Erica Rakow on WPLG, they are also recognizing her last name. Whenever she does a story, public information officers at Miami Beach Police share it via email and on Facebook so that current and former employees can follow her progress.

Of the name recognition, Rakow said “they think of my dad. It’s a really neat honor that people have not forgotten about him or what he gave up or what he did for South Florida.”

Adopted from Sunset Sentinal News