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Ethan Zohn Biography, Age, Height, Image, Wife, Soccer, Net Worth

Ethan Zohn Biography

Ethan Zohn (born November 12, 1973), is a former American professional soccer player, and a reality television series contestant who won $1,000,000 on Survivor: Africa, the third season of the reality TV series Survivor. He also appeared on the All-Stars edition of the show. After winning Survivor he co-founded Grassroot Soccer, which uses soccer to raise money and awareness to fight HIV/AIDS.

On January 22, 2010, he was ranked 14th in the USL Second Division Top 15 of the Decade, which announced a list of the best and most influential players of the previous decade.

In 2011, Zohn and his longtime girlfriend and fellow Survivor winner Jenna Morasca participated in the 19th season of The Amazing Race. They were one of the two teams eliminated in the opening double-elimination leg and finished 10th for the season.

Ethan Zohn Age

Ethan Zohn is a former American professional soccer player, and a reality television series contestant who won $1,000,000 on Survivor: Africa, the third season of the reality TV series Survivor. He was born on November 12, 1973, in Lexington, Massachusetts, U.S. He is 45 years old as of 2019

Education and early career 

Ethan Zohn studied at Lexington High School. After finishing high school, he attended Vassar College. He graduated from the university in 1996 with a BA majoring in biology.

Ethan Zohn Career 

Ethan Zohn used to play soccer during his school and college days. He later played professional soccer for a number of teams as well. He made his television debut in the third season of the reality show Survivor which was titled Survivor: Africa in 2001.

Ethan Zohn height and his athletic body helped him become the winner of the series. He received the prize money of a million dollars. This raised Ethan Zohn net worth and increased his popularity in the media.

He later participated in the eight seasons of the show titled Survivor: All-Stars and also competed in the 19th season of the reality show The Amazing Race with his then partner, Jenna Morasca.

Ethan Zohn wiki page also lists other television series that he appeared in including Fear Factor, Kill Reality, Celebrity Paranormal Project, and Earth Tripping.

Body Measurement

Ethan Zohn height and weight are still not known. He is currently 45 years old. Despite being in his forties, he has a youthful look. He has a brown colored hair and the color of his eyes is brown too.

Ethan Zohn Image

Ethan Zohn And Lisa Heywood Photo
Ethan Zohn And His Wife Lisa Heywood Photo

Ethan Zohn Soccer

Zohn was a soccer goalkeeper at Lexington High School (Massachusetts) and Vassar College and played professionally for the Hawaii Tsunami and Cape Cod Crusaders of the United Soccer Leagues and in Zimbabwe for Highlanders F.C… He donated some of his winnings from Survivor to starting Grassroot Soccer, an organization whose goal is to “mobilize the global soccer community to combat the AIDS epidemic in Africa”.

Shortly after winning Survivor Africa, Ethan was hired by ESPN to serve as a sideline reporter for the US National Team’s matches in the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

In 2005, Zohn began to co-host the Metro Soccer Report (later renamed MSG Soccer Report) on the MSG Network, a weekly show dedicated to New York Red Bulls (formerly MetroStars) of Major League Soccer. As of April 2006, Zohn hosts FC Fox on the Fox Soccer Channel.

For his combined humanitarian efforts to spread HIV education throughout Africa via soccer teams for youth and young adults, Zohn received the Courage of Conscience Award from The Peace Abbey in Sherborn, Massachusetts.

As part of the Boran tribe, Zohn did not become an immediate target in the game; he was seen as a strong player who could potentially help to win many tribal immunities.

When his tribe lost two back-to-back immunity challenges, he joined the majority to vote off Diane Ogden and Jessie Camacho in episodes one and two.

Over the next few days, Ethan would form a long-term alliance with Lex Van den Berghe and Tom Buchanan from his Boran tribe.

But a twist in episode five saw both of Zohn’s alliance members switch from Boran to the Samburu tribe, leaving Ethan alone with fellow Boran members Kim Johnson, Kelly Goldsmith, and Clarence Black.

Two of the new Boran members from the Samburu tribe, Teresa Cooper and Frank Garrison, had an old misunderstanding with another former Samburu member, Silas Gaither. So, by consensus, Zohn’s tribe agreed to throw the immunity challenge in order to vote out the unpopular Gaither.

Both of Zohn’s alliance members Buchanan and Van den Berghe remained safe on the Samburu tribe, carrying all three into the merge.

Zohn’s alliance soon began to control the game, with other members Johnson and Goldsmith. They immediately targeted Black due to his physical strength and he was voted out. But Van den Berghe had received another vote at tribal council, a vote he believed had come from Goldsmith, but which actually came from Cooper.

This led Van den Berghe on a witch-hunt against Goldsmith which almost led to the demise of Zohn’s alliance, when Goldsmith possessed the power with the other four ex-Samburu members, Cooper, Garrison, Kim Powers, and Brandon Quinton.

But at the last minute, Quinton switched his vote, saving Van den Berghe, and voting out Goldsmith. But this move came back to haunt Quinton when Zohn’s alliance saw him as untrustworthy and voted him out at the next tribal council.

Zohn, Van den Berghe, Buchanan, and Johnson regained control of the game, outing previous Samburu members Garrison, Powers, and Cooper in the next three tribal councils, carrying them into the final four.

At the next immunity challenge, Johnson, the next target to be voted out, won immunity, leading to the alliance having to resort to voting one of their own out, despite the fact that the challenge contained some controversy. At any rate, Zohn joined Van den Berghe and Johnson in voting out Buchanan, carrying them into the Final Three.

At the final three immunity challenge, older tribe member Johnson outlasted the two young, fit men to win immunity in an endurance challenge. With Johnson holding the power to choose who she would sit next to in the Final Two, she chose Zohn, believing that she could not win against either man while thinking that Zohn deserved the money more than Van den Berghe did.

In the end, Zohn beat out Johnson in a 5-2 vote to become the Sole Survivor, gaining the votes of Goldsmith, Garrison, Cooper, Buchanan, and Van den Berghe.

Zohn was invited to participate in Survivor: All-Stars, which he gladly accepted. Originally part of the Saboga tribe, Zohn was immediately targeted as a previous winner, along with Survivor: The Australian Outback winner Tina Wesson.

When Saboga lost immunity, the rest of the tribe decided to vote out Wesson first, needing Zohn’s strength to win future challenges. When Saboga lost immunity once again, Zohn was spared once more over physical liability Rudy Boesch, who had hurt his ankle previously.

In Episode 5, Zohn and the rest of the Saboga tribe were disbanded after losing a challenge. Zohn and Jerri Manthey joined the Mogo Mogo tribe, while Jenna Lewis and Rupert Boneham joined Chapera. Later in that episode, Zohn joined the rest of his new tribe to vote out Survivor: Borneo winner Richard Hatch.

In Episode 7, Zohn was on the outs when the alliance of Manthey, Lex Van den Berghe, and Shii Ann Huang left him out in their decision to vote out Colby Donaldson. Zohn was shocked at the decision, feeling betrayed by old Survivor: Africa alliance member Van den Berghe.

In Episode 8, Mogo Mogo lost immunity once again, and Zohn, the last former winner, was voted out in 11th place overall, by a vote of 4-1. He was the most successful of the four previous winners who competed on All-Stars, lasting longer than Wesson, Hatch, and Jenna Morasca, who quit the game on Day Nine to be with her ailing mother.

Other media appearances
Zohn was a contestant on a February 28, 2005, episode of Fear Factor, in which he competed against other reality TV competition winners, including his then-girlfriend Jenna Morasca, who was the winner of Survivor: The Amazon. He finished second, losing to former Bachelorette winner Ryan Sutter.

Later that year, he appeared on Kill Reality, which followed various reality television personalities as they filmed a horror movie called The Scorned.

In October 2006 Zohn appeared on an episode of the VH1 series Celebrity Paranormal Project. He and his team investigated alleged paranormal activity at the Warson Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

In 2008 Zohn hosted Earth Tripping, a six-episode TV series, in which he demonstrated how to be “an earth-friendly traveler”, and shows viewers “how to employ new, natural and environmentally conscious methods when they travel”. During the series, Zohn visited New York City, Mexico City, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Santiago, Chile, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Zohn appeared in the 11th episode of the Discovery Channel show PitchMen, in which he presented the EZ Crunch Bowl, a cereal bowl he designed to in which the cereal is kept in the shallow end and the milk in the deeper end in order to keep the cereal “crunchy” and not soggy.

The bowl was picked by the show’s co-stars, Billy Mays, and Anthony Sullivan, for manufacturing and marketing by Telebrands. The EZ Crunch Bowl was sent to Telebrands product engineers for improvement before being made available to the public.

Zohn has co-hosted Outside Today on the cable TV network Outside Television.

Zohn posed nude (while holding a leaf to cover himself) for PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked, Than Wear Fur” campaign, along with his then-girlfriend Jenna Morasca.

In October 2010, Zohn and his girlfriend at the time, fellow Survivor champion Jenna Morasca, appeared in the season premiere of The Celebrity Apprentice 4, in which they made a $1,000 donation to fellow Survivor champion Richard Hatch’s team.

Ethan Zohn Personal life | Wife

Zohn is Jewish and was born in Lexington, Massachusetts. On April 30, 2009, Zohn was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called CD20-positive Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He started chemotherapy in May 2009. On September 14, 2009, he disclosed that after three months of intensive chemotherapy, his cancer returned.

He underwent a new treatment, including a stem-cell transplant, to battle the rare form of Hodgkin’s disease. Zohn received a “clean CT scan” in late April 2010 and remained in remission for nearly 20 months. In September 2011, Zohn confirmed that cancer had returned in his chest.

Zohn began dating fellow Survivor champion Jenna Morasca after her victory on Survivor: The Amazon in 2003. They both lived in Manhattan. They were eliminated in episode two of the 19th season of The Amazing Race. In February 2013, Zohn and Morasca confirmed that they had amicably ended their relationship.

In early March 2013, Zohn announced via The Jeff Probst Show that he was cancer-free due to two rounds of stem cell transplants that he received from his brother.

On July 21, 2015, Zohn announced his engagement to New York City interior designer Lisa Heywood. On July 16, 2016, the couple was married in North Bennington, Vermont in a Jewish ceremony. Also, read Ethan Klein

survivor’s Ethan Zohn and His Wife Are Volunteering with Syrian Refugees on Their Honeymoon

The couple traveled to Greece to help with CrowdRise’s 24-Hour Impact Project to bring relief to hundreds of displaced families

This honeymoon is one for the books!

Survivor: Africa winner Ethan Zohn and his new wife Lisa Heywood Zohn ditched the traditional honeymoon and instead chose to join forces with charitable crowdfunding platform CrowdRise to travel to Greece to bring attention to the refugee crisis, PEOPLE exclusively reports.

In partnership with CrowdRise’s 24-Hour Impact Project, the two-time cancer survivor and his bride are helping improve the lives of 1,200 displaced refugees, 600 of which are children, who were moved between refugee camps to Vasilika Refugee Camp — an old, abandoned warehouse converted into barracks with tents — in June.

“We’re here at the Vasilika Refugee Camp in Greece and just beyond this fence in an abandoned warehouse, there are 1,200 Syrian refugees,” Ethan, who wed Lisa in July, explains in the CrowdRise video.

“Many of those refugees are kids and instead of a traditional honeymoon, we came here to see if we could help,” Lisa states of the children, who have been out of school for an extended amount of time. The New York City interior designer tearfully adds, “As a woman, I want them to be warm, have food to eat and to be reunited with their whole family.”

Next, to the refugee camp, a group of European volunteers created a safe haven called EKO Project which provides a school, communal kitchen and welcoming place for children to play. On Tuesday, Ethan and Lisa — in partnership with CrowdRise — launched a 24-hour flash fundraiser to help bring awareness to the refugee crisis with the goal of raising $20,000.

“We have 24 hours to raise all the money we can to help those living right here at Vasilika. Donate,” Ethan encourages.

To donate to the 24-hour campaign, click here.

Ethan Zohn Net worth and Salary 

Ethan Zohn salary received from his appearance in various seasons of Survivor has helped his collect a huge wealth. His former career as a professional soccer player has also contributed towards his wealth.

After winning Survivor: Africa, Ethan Zohn salary from the show was more than a million dollars including the prize money. Besides the series, he also appeared in several other reality shows and earned considerable income from them as well.

Various sources have estimated Ethan Zohn net worth as of recent to be around $1.4 Million.

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