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Ezra Furman Biography

Ezra Furman is an American musician and songwriter. Ezra is a solo artist and currently tours with his band The Visions. Furman’s style of singing is similar to the Violent Femmes’ Gordon Gano. He makes unpretentious indie folk/indie pop that’s raw, deep, and achingly sentimental.

Ezra Furman Age | Family

Ezra was born on 5 September 1986. He is 32years old. Furman grew up in Illinois. His father worked at the Chicago stock exchange, his mother converted to Judaism to marry, she wrote business reports. Details of their names are not revealed. Ezra has a brother named Jonah Furman.

Ezra Furman Education | Career

As students of Tufts University, guitarist Jahn Soon, bassist Job Mukkada, and drummer Jordan Kozer formed the Harpoons as Furman’s backing band in 2006 and self-recorded Beat, Beat, Beat in their dorm rooms with the help of engineer Dave Kant of Outtake Records. Ezra Furman and the Harpoons were a four-piece rock band active between 2006–2011.

The band consisted of Ezra Furman (vocals, guitar), Job Mukkada (bass guitar), Adam Abrutyn (drums), and Andrew Langer (guitar). They released four albums: the self-released Beat Beat Beat (2006), followed by Banging Down the Doors (2007), Inside the Human Body (2008) and Mysterious Power (2011). The group broke up in 2011. After touring in support of the album Mysterious Power, Furman recorded a solo album, entitled The Year of No Returning. 

Furman released Day of the Dog in October 2013, also produced by Tim Sandusky, recorded at Studio Ballistico and released through Bar/None Records. In early 2015 Furman signed to Bella Union and on April 27 Furman announced that a new album, Perpetual Motion People, would be released on July 6 in the UK and Europe and on July 10 in the US. Transangelic Exodus, Furman’s seventh album, was released 9 February 2018. The album follows a narrative of Furman and an angel on the road, running away from an oppressive government.

Ezra Furman Personal life

Furman is bisexual. In interviews, Ezra has stated that he considers himself androgynous, stating: “I am just a male. I don’t… I’m not trans[gender] because that would mean I’m not male. I guess I just do being a man different than some.”, addressing this in numerous songs in his discography. Furman’s younger brother Jonah was lead singer and bassist in the Boston-based rock band Krill, until their split in October 2015. Ezra and Jonah also have two more siblings.

Ezra Furman
Ezra Furman

Ezra Furman Songs

  • Restless Year
  • Perpetual Motion People · 2015
  • Lousy Connection
  • Perpetual Motion People · 2015
  • I’m Gonna Feel Every Feelin’ In The Book Tonight
  • Suck the Blood from My Wound
  • Transangelic Exodus · 2018
  • Body Was Made
  • Perpetual Motion People · 2015
  • My Zero
  • Day of the Dog · 2013
  • Can I Sleep in Your Brain
  • Perpetual Motion People · 2015
  • Driving Down to L.A
  • Transangelic Exodus · 2018
  • Good Book
  • Songs by Others · 2016
  • I Lost My Innocence
  • Transangelic Exodus · 2018
  • Ordinary Life
  • Perpetual Motion People · 2015
  • o-Red Dress $8.99 at Goodwill
  • Transangelic Exodus · 2018
  • Crown of Love
  • Devil’s Haircut
  • Higher and Higher
  • Teddy I’m Ready
  • Big Fugitive Life · 2016
  • Tell Em All to Go to Hell
  • Day of the Dog · 2013
  • I Can Change
  • Psalm 151
  • Haunted Head
  • Perpetual Motion People · 2015
  • DR Jekyll & Mr Hyde
  • The Year of No Returning · 2012
  • God Lifts Up the Lowly
  • Transangelic Exodus · 2018
  • No Place
  • Transangelic Exodus · 2018
  • Wobbly
  • Perpetual Motion People · 2015
  • Ready Teddy
  • Songs by Others · 2016
  • Androgynous
  • Songs by Others · 2016
  •  ive Liar
  • Transangelic Exodus · 2018
  •  a Break My Heart?
  • The Year of No Returning · 2012
  • The Great Unknown
  • Transangelic Exodus · 2018
  • At the Bottom of the Ocean
  • Day of the Dog · 2013
  • Come Here Get Away From Me



Ezra Furman and the Harpoons

  • Banging Down the Doors (2007)
  • Inside the Human Body (2008)
  • Mysterious Power (2011)

Ezra Furman & The Boy-Friends

  • Day of the Dog (2013)
  • Perpetual Motion People (2015)

Ezra Furman & The Visions

  • Transangelic Exodus (2018)


  • The Year of No Returning (2012)

Extended plays

  • Songs by Others (2016)
  • Big Fugitive Life (2016)


  • “My Zero”/”Caroline Jones” (2013)
  • “Restless Year” (2015)
  • “Lousy Connection” (2015)

Ezra Furman Tour

Ezra Furman Events

  • Wed, 1 May


Santa Ana, CA, United States

Bar Ellipsis

  • Sat, 4 May


Los Angeles, CA, United States

The Teragram Ballroom

  • Sun, 5 May


San Francisco, CA, United States


  • Tue, 7 May


Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Wise

  •  Wed, 8 May


Seattle, WA, United States

Tractor Tavern

  • Thu, 9 May


Portland, OR, United States

Aladdin Theater

  •  Wed, 29 May



The Waterfront

  • Thu, 30 May




Ezra Furman Net Worth

Ezra’s net worth is under review.

Ezra Furman Sex Education

Ezra Furman has written the soundtrack for the new Netflix series, Sex Education. The soundtrack features original songs recorded by Furman last summer as well as tracks from his previous albums, and it arrives on the same day (January 11) as Sex Education‘s Netflix premiere.

Ezra Furman Every Feeling

Ezra Furman Sex Education Soundtrack

Ezra Furman Every Feeling Lyrics

Ezra Furman Restless Year Lyrics

[Doo-Wop Refrain]

[Verse 1]
I set up camp in the center of town
Ready for freedom when it all comes down
Snapping my fingers, walking around
I’m the dusty jewel in the thrown-out crown

[Verse 2]
Got a bus pass to make my way
From hideout to hideout in the heat of the day
I got a talisman tote with the whole array
And when you catch my coat-tails I’ll be miles away

Restless year
It was another restless year
It was a restless year
For a while we had no fear

[Verse 2]
Bloody nose in the all night diner
Rolling with Rose and Miss Mariel Steiner
You can’t pin her down, you can’t define her
Dostoevsky, dime store copy

[Doo-Wop Refrain]

[Verse 3]
Making the rounds in my five dollar dress
I can’t go home, though I’m not homeless
I’m just another savage in the wilderness
And if you can’t calm down you can listen to this

(Death!) Is my former employer
(Death!) Is my own Tom Sawyer
(Death!) Waits for me to destroy her
I never wanna die and I never grow older yeah

[Doo-Wop Refrain]

Restless year
It was another restless year
It was a restless year
Don’t tell me anything I don’t want to hear

Ezra Furman The Good Book

Ezra Furman Songs By Others

Songs by Others is a Record Store Day exclusive extended play of covers performed by the Chicago artist Ezra Furman and his backing band The Boy-Friends. The release featured a 12-inch LP on clear heavyweight vinyl and a digital download sticker on the sleeve. Most of the tracks on the extended play were recorded at Studio Ballistico in Chicago. Other locations include Furman’s own bedroom and two live radio performances.

Ezra Furman Body Was Made

Ezra Furman Transangelic Exodus

Transangelic Exodus is a studio album by American musician Ezra Furman. It was released in February 2018 under Bella Union.

Transangelic Exodus Tracklisting

No. Title Length
1. “Suck the Blood from My Wound” 4:48
2. “Driving Down to L.A.” 3:17
3. “God Lifts Up the Lowly” 3:48
4. “No Place” 3:36
5. “The Great Unknown” 2:46
6. “Compulsive Liar” 2:44
7. “Maraschino-Red Dress $8.99 at Goodwill” 2:29
8. “From a Beach House” 2:34
9. “Love You So Bad” 3:38
10. “Come Here Get Away from Me” 3:54
11. “Peel My Orange Every Morning” 1:41
12. “Psalm 151” 3:39
13. “I Lost My Innocence” 3:21

Ezra Furman Uk Tour

United Kingdom


  • MAY
    Wed 19:30
    Waterfront – NorwichEzra Furman
  • MAY
    Thu 19:30
    Foundry, Sheffield – SheffieldEzra Furman

Ezra Furman Whatever

Ezra Furman My Zero

[Verse 1]
Out on the open prairie
The amber waves of grain
I sat and lit my fire
I saw your passing train
I watched your yellow windows
I couldn’t see your face

I thought you’d always be
My zero
I thought you’d always be
My zero

[Verse 2]
Sitting down by the fire
I cook my can of beans
I draw the constellations
I wonder what they mean
Sit back, replay my movie
I go through all the scenes

I thought you’d always be
My zero
I thought you’d always be
My zero

Ezra Furman Facebook

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Ezra Furman Twitter

Ezra Furman News

Ezra Furman, RY X, Phosphorescent For All Points East

London festival makes new additions…


Ezra FurmanRY X, and Phosphorescent are amongst the latest additions to All Points East.

The London festival returns this summer, with the Victoria Park event boasting a packed line up.

Bon Iver will headline on June 2nd, and the supporting cast will include a no doubt magnificent performance from Ezra Furman.

Australian songwriter RY X will also perform, while American artist Phosphorescent will return to London for the festival.

English singer Charlie Cunningham will hit Victoria Park, joining a bill that already includes the likes of First Aid Kit, John Grant, and The Tallest Man On Earth.

Tickets are on sale now.

All Points East runs between May 24th – June 2nd.

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