Frank Marzullo Biography, Age, Weather, Announcement and Divorce - | Frank Marzullo Biography, Age, Weather, Announcement and Divorce -

Frank Marzullo Biography, Age, Weather, Announcement and Divorce

Frank Marzullo Biography

For WXIX-TV, the Fox network affiliate in Cincinnati, Ohio, Frank Marzullo is an AMS seal meteorologist. He is currently appearing on the Fox 19 Morning News every weekday, airing Monday through Friday from 4:30–11:00. The FOX 19 Morning Xtra is also anchored on weekdays from 9 am to 11 am.

The two-hour program is designed for the home mother stay and is not precisely a traditional news program. WXIX also employed a second-morning meteorologist, Catherine Bodak, to work with Marzullo, which implies that WXIX is the only station in the city that has two-morning meteorologists.

Marzullo, a Cleveland(USA)-area native and a graduate of Youngstown State University, began his weather career at WTAP-TV, the NBC affiliate in Parkersburg, West Virginia while attending Ohio University. After working for a year at WTAP, he moved on to spend seven years as a weatherperson for WFMJ-TV 21, Youngstown, Ohio’s NBC affiliate. He has said, “forecasting Lake Effect snow in Northeast Ohio is challenging.

” Marzullo made his final appearance on WFMJ’s airwaves before the move to Cincinnati and Fox 19 on Wednesday, August 23, 2007. Marzullo and his ex-wife have two children.

Frank Marzullo Age

There is no information about his age or date of birth but you will be updated soon.

Frank Marzullo Photo

Frank Marzullo  photo

Frank Marzullo And His Kids

He has two sons Leo and Max, and they are quite a duo. Leo is a lot like him, always on the go. Max is more content sitting and eating an apple to its core. The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens is by far Leo’s favorite place to visit.

He loves the Red Pandas and Max loves the trains up at Entertainment Junction. One of the highlights of Cincinnati is the constantly growing food / restaurant scene.

It’s a running joke around their that he always planning what they will eat next. Even if he is eating one meal, he always know where or what his next meal would be. he love cooking in his home so feel free stop by for dinner, but please call ahead!.

Frank Marzullo Weather

Marzullo spent much of his tenure at WFMJ as the weather person for the WFMJ Today morning show and noon news broadcast. During his tenure with “TV 21,” the station received the Ohio Associated Press Award for Outstanding Weather Operation two years in a row.

Marzullo was also voted Favorite Weather Forecaster by Metro Monthly Magazine four years in a row. For much of his seven years at WFMJ, Marzullo and his morning co-anchors Scott Schneider and Laurie Lehosky dominated the morning news landscape with more viewers than the other two stations combined.

Marzullo was active with the Second Harvest Food Bank and was an active member of the community with his own ice cream flavor, “Frank’s Twister”, at all Handel’s locations with proceeds going to Second Harvest.

Frank Marzullo Announcement

Marzullo recently announced his plight in hopes that his story can help others who struggle with being chronically adorable. “It’s not easy,” explained Frank, as adorable tears welled up in his adorable eyes. “It is hard to focus, hard to concentrate, hard to think about much of anything else besides how adorable I am.

It takes me an hour just to brush my teeth because I get distracted by my reflection in the mirror after each stroke of the brush across my adorable teeth.”

Frank is thankful for the support of family, coworkers, and friends who help him with his struggle. “I’m glad I have a support system like this,” he said. “Especially the fans. Whenever I get too caught up in my own adorableness, I check out my Facebook fan page.

I scroll through the pictures and look at how plain and ordinary and sometimes downright homely those people are. It’s good for a laugh and to divert my attention. Although, sometimes, the hausfraus on there end up complimenting me on how adorable I am and I have to find something else to do.”

Frank says that the struggle has always been a part of his life. “I always knew I was different,” said the adorable meteorologist. “Growing up, I saw the other kids I went to school with and knew they were not the same as me. Sure, a few experimented with being adorable, but none of them pulled it off.

And certainly, none of them were able to achieve it 24/7 like me. Finally, in 9th grade, I had a gym teacher pull me aside after class and explain it to me. He let me know that I am adorable and that I should be proud of it. From there, I sought to find more of my own kind. That’s why I went into TV news.”

Despite the struggle with his own adorableness, Marzullo has performed his job admirably. He has a seal of approval from the National Association of Meteorologists and was just nominated for an Edward R.

Murrow award for excellence in adorability. “I just hope that I can be an inspiration for other adorable people out there,” Frank insists. “I’m going to just keep working hard and being the best adorable person I can be.

Frank Marzullo Fox19

He came to Cincinnati at the end of July 2007 and since December 2007 he has been the meteorologist for the Fox 19 Morning News, working alongside co-anchors Rob Williams and Sheila Gray, until Sheila Gray left FOX19 in August 2013. He is the longest-serving morning meteorologist currently on the air in Cincinnati.

Marzullo also anchors the Fox 19 Morning Xtra. He is the longest member of the FOX19 morning news since anchor Rob Williams moved to the evening anchor position in Spring of 2016. Marzullo used to work at WFMJ’s airwaves before the move to Cincinnati and Fox 19 on Wednesday, August 23, 2007.

Frank Marzullo Net Worth And Salary

The famous tv anchor frank of fox 19 salary or net worth have not yet been disclosed to the media. but you will be updated.

Frank Marzullo Morton College

Marzullo graduated from Youngstown State University and has completed course work in meteorology from Mississippi State University. He is a member of the National Weather Association.While in college he also worked behind the camera at stations in Huntington, West Virginia and Cleveland.

I graduated from Youngstown State University and he have completed coursework in meteorology from Mississippi State University. he come from an Italian family and he has two younger brothers so that makes him the responsible older brother.

he is originally from Cleveland, so he will not have a Browns vs. Bengals conversation. he is involved with many of Cincinnati’s charitable organizations. he works with the American Heart Association, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Cincinnati Museum Center Duke Energy Children’s Museum, and he is also a big supporter of local food bank efforts.

he also enjoy educating school kids about the weather. If you have a weather question or just want to say hi.

Frank Marzullo Divorce

Frank addressed his fans about his divorce on facebook account and this was his words, “Let’s talk for a second, this might seem unconventional but over the last 11 years we have shared a lot together and I feel it’s important.

I wanted to address something that many have asked me about over the last 8 months. As always I am flattered and humbled when you say hi, shoot me a message, or comment on pics of the boys I appreciate it more than you know.

Many have asked through message, email, and face to face why I do not have my wedding ring on any longer? While it’s never an easy conversation especially when I have shared so much with you, I wanted to share that Leslee and I have gone our separate ways and divorced.

Never an easy option on many levels for families, but one thing we agree on without a question is the happiness of our two boys(Leo and Max) who have a mom and dad that love them each and every day. I’ll leave it at that, we are in a good place and that’s what is important.

However, for a lack of a better word or without things getting weird ( Frank humor ) I wanted to just address what many of you have reached out to me or have asked my wonderful colleagues about. Thanks for even caring, you are the best !”.

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