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George Soros Biography

George Soros born in August 12 1930, is a Hungarian American investor and philanthropist .He attended the London School of Economics, graduating with a bachelor’s and eventually a master’s degree in philosophy.He had a net worth of $8 billion as of February 2018, having donated more than $32 billion to his philanthropic agency, Open Society Foundations.

George Soros Age

 George Soros was born in August 12 ,1930 (88 years) as of 2018.

George Soros Family

George Soros born Schwartz György, was born in Budapest, Hungary to Erzsébet (also known as Elizabeth) and Tivadar (also known as Teodoro Ŝvarc) a lawyer and a well-known Esperanto-speaker editing a literary magazine (‘Literatura Mondo’) who had also been a prisoner of war during and after World War I until he escaped from Russia and rejoined his family in Budapest.
He attended the London School of Economics, graduating with a bachelor’s and eventually a master’s degree in philosophy.

George Soros Worth

He has an estimated net worth of around 8.3 billion USD as of 2019.

George Soros Wife|George Soros Wife Age

He has been married three times and divorced twice. In 1960, he married Annaliese Witschak was an ethnic German immigrant, who had been orphaned during the war, they divorced in 1983. They had three children:
Robert Daniel Soros (born 1963): The founder of the Central European University in Budapest, as well as a network of foundations in Eastern Europe. He married Melissa Robin Schiff in 1992, at the Temple Emanu-El in New York City.
Andrea Soros Colombel (born June 11, 1965): The founder and president of Trace Foundation, established in 1993 to promote the cultural continuity and sustainable development of Tibetan communities within China. She is also a founding partner and member of the board of directors of the Acumen Fund, a global venture fund that employs an entrepreneurial approach in addressing the problems of global poverty She is married to Eric Colombel (born October 26, 1963).
Jonathan Tivadar Soros (born September 10, 1970): A hedge fund manager and political donor. He co-founded Friends of Democracy in 2012, a super PAC dedicated to reducing the influence of money in politics. In 1997, he married Jennifer Ann Allan (born November 26, 1969)
He married Susan Weber (born April 15, 1955), 25 years his junior, in 1983, and divorced in 2005. They have two children:
Alexander Soros (born 1985): he has gained prominence for his donations to social and political causes, focusing his philanthropic efforts on “progressive causes that might not have widespread support.” he led the list of student political donors in the 2010 election cycle.
Gregory James Soros (born 1988), is an artist.
Soros met his current wife, Tamiko M. Bolton, who was born October 18, 1971 and is 42 years his junior; in 2008, they got married on September 21, 2013. She was raised in California, earned an MBA from the University of Miami, and runs an Internet-based dietary supplement and vitamin-sales company.

Tamiko-Bolton And George Soros
Tamiko-Bolton And George Soros

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