Hal Lindsey Biography, Age, Net Worth and Books

Hal Lindsey Biography

Harold Lee Lindsey popularly known as Hal Lindsey, is an American evangelist and Christian writer. He was born on November 23, 1929.

He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master of Theology degree, majoring in the New Testament and early Greek literature. With Jan, his second wife, he worked with Campus Crusade for Christ and continued with them until 1969. He then helped a mission in Southern California which continued until 1976. He was also a frequent speaker and Sunday School teacher at Melodyland Christian Center in Anaheim, California. In 1994, he earned his Doctorate of Theology from the California Graduate School of Theology.

Lindsey hosted International Intelligence Briefing on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and serves on the executive board of Christian Voice. International Intelligence Briefing was eliminated from broadcasting by TBN for the entire month of December 2005.

Hal Lindsey

Lindsey resigned from TBN on January 1, 2006, and indicated that he would pursue another television ministry. His new program, The Hal Lindsey Report, emphasizes Biblical prophecy and current events, and is broadcast by the Angel One and DayStar networks. During January 2007, Lindsey announced that he would be returning to the TBN network. The Hal Lindsey Report is broadcast by TBN with his own financing.

Hal Lindsey Age

He was born on November 23, 1929.

Hal Lindsey Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of 42 million dollars.

Hal Lindsey Marriages

Hal Lindsey is currently married to his fourth wife Jolyn Lindsey having divorced his previous three. His second wife was Jan who is the mother of Hal’s three grown daughters. His third wife was Kim, sister of author Johanna Michaelsen, and the sister-in-law of Tetelestai Center’s Associate Pastor, Randy Michaelsen.

Hal Lindsey Report

The Hal Lindsey Report is a weekly half-hour news and commentary series hosted Bible prophecy teacher Hal Lindsey. Watch Hal’s reports videos in the link below.


Hal Lindsey Facebook


Hal Lindsey Books

  • The Late, Great Planet Earth
  • Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth
  • The Liberation of Planet Earth
  • There’s a New World Coming
  • The 1980s: Countdown to Armageddon
  • The Final Battle
  • The Terminal Generation
  • Planet Earth: The Final Chapter
  • Rapture
  • Planet Earth – 2000 A.D.
  • Apocalypse Code
  • Blood Moon
  • Vanished into Thin Air: The Hope of Every Believer
  • The Everlasting Hatred: The Roots of Jihad
  • The Road to Holocaust

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