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Ashley Nicolette Frangipane was born in 29, February 1994 and it is in Edison, New Jersey the US. Ashley is commonly known as Halsey and is currently in Los Angeles, California.

Halsey’s parents

Chris, her father is a manager at a car dealership while her mother, Nicole, works for security in a hospital. Chris African-American with an Irish heritage. Nicole is of Italian, Hungarian, and Irish descent. While in the community college, Halsey was kicked out of her home by her parents.


Halsey’s parents moved from home to home due to the job and so by the time she was a teen, she studied in six different schools. In high school, Halsey suffered bullying and she dropped out of school.

Later in 2012, she graduated from Warren Hills Region High School in New Jersey. She joined the Rhode Island School of Design and later dropped off due to financial stability. She joined the Community College but still dropped off.

Halsey’s Hardships

During her life, Halsey has had a lot of difficulties until becoming an artist.

This started in her teenage life, where she suffered from bullying and she tried to commit suicide. The doctors later diagnosed her of Bipolar

Later on, after she was kicked off from their parents home, she had nowhere to stay. She had only the Newyork Streets to stay. She stayed in a basement of ‘degenerate stoners’ in Manhattan which she knew from her then-boyfriend.


Halsey is a singer, songwriter, activist, and actress.

Halsey as a songwriter and singer

Initially, Nicollette used to capture videos of herself singing and post them in social media platforms. She did Taylor Swift songs and the song ‘I knew you were wrong’ promoted her star life.

In 2013, Halsey attended a party and met a guy who was more in the music industry. The guy asked her to join in the music group and that’s when she released her first song Ghost.

The song was a hit thus lots of radio’s, producers and contractors wanted to get in touch with her. She signed with Astralwerks and started performing in different stages. During this time Halsey did covers for other musicians to promote her music.

So far Halsey  has done several albums including;

  • Ep, room 93
  • Badlands

She got in between and achieved several collaborations like with the Chain smokers-Close and with Benny Blanco-Eastside.

Her recent song, Without Me, got her star life stirring and on top.

Halsey as an activist.

  • Ashley urged her supporters to vote for Bernie Sanders during the 2016 US election.
  • She also does support the Mental Awareness Club since she was diagnosed with Bipolar.
  • Halsey is a feminine activist, talking on sexual assaults and parenthood issues
  • Nicollette is a poem writer, thus she writes on her issues in the poems and therefore encourages a lot of lives.

Halsey an actress

Nicollette is planning to release a movie based on her story but still, neither the dates nor the movie is confirmed yet.


Nicollette has still not settled up for marriage life but has had several relationships. First was when she was a teenager back in Manhattan but the guy is yet to be disclosed.

From 2015 to 2016, Halsey dated a Norweigan producer with whom she produced Badlands and inspired the Hopeless Foundation.

Later in 2017, she was with G-Eazy with whom they produced the song ‘Him & I’ describing their love life. The relationship was the longest in between having some on and offs but later in 2018 they officially broke up. The song Without Me was inspired by this relationship.

Currently, in 2019, Halsey is dating Yungbuld, a British artist.

Halsey Networth

Nicollette is roughly worth 5 Us million dollars.

Why the name Halsey?

The name Halsey is her nickname and she explains it to be an anagram of her first name and also Halsey State was where she spent her teenage life.

Halsey Tours

When she was new in the music industry, Nicollette was touring with big names to market her music. She toured with; the Young Rising Sons and she became the opening for Imagine Dragons on their Smoke and Mirrors tour.

Her first tour Badlands that also promoted her fame and music popularity. Also, her Movement of Hopeless Fountain Kingdom promoted a tour.

Halsey’s Music Genre

Most people base her music as pop music but Halsey does not seem to agree on the concept. Rather she says that it does not matter on what genre the song is. As classified her songs are said to be Electro-pop, Synth-pop and Indie pop.


Halsey’s website is; iamhalsey.com

Twitter account:h @halsey




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