Hasan Piker Bio, Age, Nationality, The Young Turks’, Career, Net Worth

Hasan Piker Biography | Bio

Hasan Piker is an American journalist, producer, activist, YouTube star as well as a political commentator based in Los Angeles, California. He is an entertainment and political journalist who is famous for his explainer videos on The Young Turks and is also the creator of The Breakdown” for The Young Turks on Facebook.

His videos help in providing a detailed analysis of the top news stories of the day to his audience. Moreover, Piker’s segment “The Breakdown” showcases Hasan’s expertise in breaking down and helping people understand things like corruption, Republican propaganda, as well as hypocrisies of the United States politics.

Pikers most viral segments have earned more than 20 million. Furthermore, the journalist covers pop culture news on TYT’s entertainment channel, Pop Trigger, and is also a regular contributor on Buzzfeed and TMZ’s TooFab.

Hasan Piker Age | Hasan Piker Birthday

Hasan the YouTube star was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey in the United States and brought up in Istanbul, Turkey. The journalist was born in the year 1991 and celebrates his birthday on the 25th of July every year. Piker is 27 years old as of 2018.

Hasan Piker
Hasan Piker

Hasan Piker Nationality

The reporter is Turkish-American with white ethnicity/descent.

Hasan Piker Education | Hasan Piker College

The entertainment and political journalist graduated from high school and later joined college. Hasan went to college at Rutgers University which is based in the United States. Ther, he studied, later graduated Cum Laude and received his dual degree in Political Science and Communications in the year 2013.

The on-air host for The Young Turks’ YouTube channel series Pop-Crunch was a member of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity while still in school. Additionally, he also participated in Rutgers Club Basketball.

Hasan Piker Married

Hasan is secretive when it comes to his personal life/relationship status. He does not like putting her love life on the limelight, so far he has managed to keep it in out of the public eye. It is not known whether he is single, dating or married.

Hasan Piker Amy Klobuchar

Piker the journalist, exploded on his viewers Wednesday after they accused him of “sexism” for criticizing Sen. Amy Klobuchar. He made the remarks during a live stream of the first night of the Democratic primary debate.

“I’m done with all of you, first and foremost,” I’ve been shitting… I’ve been taking fat dookies on every single person in a humorous – albeit in a humorous fashion – where like I say, ‘You’re bald Joe Biden.’ No one says anything.” Piker said.

Hasan Piker Career

Hasa began working at TYT Network by advertising in the year 2014 and later moved to work as a full-time producer and eventual on-air talent for the brand. In the year 2017, Hasan served at the YouTube channel series Pop-Crunch as an on-air host for The Young Turks. The channel has garnered more than 4 million subscribers.

Moreover, Piker is also a regular contributor to Buzzfeed and TMZ’s TooFab. He is a contributor to The Huffington Post and often writes Columns. Hasan also hosts a segment called “The Breakdown” on TYT.

The entertainment and political journalist has also made his appearances in the 2016 TV series dubbed as The Young Turks on Fusion. To add on that, he starred as Lane in a short TV movie known as The Gym in the same year. Both Hasan and Cenk Uygur rose to fame for their work done for The Young Turks programming.

Piker Net Worth | Piker Salary

The YouTube star earns a considerably good amount from his career since he leads a comfortable life. However, he is very secretive and likes to keep his financial status on a very low key away from the public eye/media. Once this information is available, it will be updated as soon as possible.

Hasan Piker Body Measurements | Hasan Piker Height

  • 6 Feet 4 Inches (193 cm)

Hasan Piker Interview

Where is “home” to you? *

Home for me could be anywhere on the planet. I’ve called many places my home. Currently, it’s Los Angeles. But I’ve lived and loved Istanbul, Miami, and New York. 

Is it important to have a “home”? *

Absolutely. Home is where you find comfort, a place where you know all the best kebab joints. Home to me is when I walk into a restaurant or club and know the people working there. A sense of family outside of inheritance. 

What are your parents’ nationality/ culture – did they seek to pass this on to you? *

My parents are both Turkish. I grew up in Turkish culture. My father is definitely a staunch capitalist and somewhat conservative by American standard but absolutely a progressive by Turkish standards. My mother, on the other hand, is an art historian feminist one of the most progressive people you’ll ever meet. While my parents brought me up with Turkish culture, they were very open-minded about my exploration. 

What culture would you give your child/ raise your child in? *

Globalism. I wonder if that’s scary to folks. Probably not to readers of this publication.

Is it important to have a sense of inherited cultural identity? *

Yes. Rooting your ideals in one culture can have its benefits. For example, my take on the necessity of social programs comes from the communal aspect of middle eastern culture. 

Where do you get/ learn your culture? *

The internet now. Lol. 

What’s the best way to exposure yourself to another culture? *

Live in it. But the second-best thing would be to live in its art. I was heavily exposed to western culture, specifically American culture because I was drawn to it at an early age. I found myself bootlegging American TV shows and movies (one that comes to mind) How I Met Your Mother, I loved reading American literature. 

Is it important to feel like you “belong” somewhere? *

Absolutely. But it’s up to us create that feeling of belonging.