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Hellboy is an upcoming American film based on the Dark Horse Comics character Hellboy. It’s directed by Neil Marshall. Its a reboot of the Hellboy film series and third after The Golden Army the film draws its inspiration from The Wild Hunt, Darkness Calls and The Storm and the Fury. The previous actor declined acting after learning that Guillermo del Toro was not the scriptwriter and so David Harbour took up the role. Photography began in September 2017 in the United Kingdom and Bulgaria and ended in December 2017. It is going to be a sequel to the previous film The  Golden Army. Its R rated

Hellboy Release Date

It is set to release on 12th April 2019  by Lions Gate in IMAX.

Hellboy Cast

• David

• Milla Jovovich
Nimue the Blood Queen

• Sasha Lane
Alice Monaghan

• Daniel Dae
Ben Daimio

• Ian McShane
Professor Broom

• Penelope

• Thomas
Haden Church
Lobster Johnson

• Brian Gleeson

• Laila Morse

• Sophie
Lady Hatton

• Alistair Petrie
Lord Adam Glaren

• Douglas Tait

• Vanessa
Ilsa Hepstein

Hellboy Synopsis

The movie involves a half-demon whose true name is Anung Un Rama who was summoned to earth by Nazi Occultists. He was taken in by Trevor Bruttenholm who later formed the United States Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.  Hellboy works for the B.P.R.D. an International non-governmental agency working against dark forces. In the movie he and his closest allies battle against an undead sorceress who plans to destroy the world.

Hellboy Trailer

Hellboy Comic

It was created by comic artist Mike Mignola published by Dark Horse comics. It first appeared in San Diego Comic-Con.

Hellboy Actor

The character will be played by David Harbour.

David Harbour
David Harbour

Hellboy Ron Pearlman

Was the previous actor for the previous movies.

Ron Pearlman
Ron Pearlman

Hellboy Costume

Hellboy Costume
Hellboy`s Costume


Hellboy Horns

Hellboy Horns
Hellboy Horns


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