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Ian Verdun Biography

Ian Verdun is an American actor, Writer, Producer, and writer best known for his appearance in Freeform’s TV series, Siren in 2018.

Los Angeles local Ian Verdun is an alum of the California Institute of the Arts and the British American Drama Academy, and can be found in Freeform’s up and coming science fiction spine chiller Siren as “Xander McClure”.

Xander McClure is a community, salt-of-the-earth, remote ocean angler. A local of Bristol Cove, he’s furiously faithful and a lot more intelligent than individuals give him acknowledgment for. Subsequent to seeing something mystifying in the untamed sea, Xander ends up involved in the unusual occasions encompassing a puzzling young lady who comes to town, at last putting him on a risky way as he chases for reality.

Verdun’s past exhibitions have been portrayed as “overflowing with coarseness and trustworthiness” by Backstage, “quirkily enchanting” by Variety, and “finely nuanced” by LA Weekly. He has additionally been hailed by Stage Scene LA as the “most splendid stage revelation of 2011”.

Ian keeps on cutting his teeth on the phases of New York and Los Angeles, alongside composing and delivering a few plays himself. In the wake of showing up on ABC’s Last Resort, TNT’s Hawthorne and FOX’s Lucifer, Ian threw his vitality into his own TV creation, Life’s A Drag. Following long stretches of encountering the dreary open doors for assorted performers, Life’s A Drag proceeded to win various honors in the blossoming web celebration circuit, including an uncommon honor for acknowledgment indecent variety.

Ian Verdun Age

He was as Ian McShane Verdun in Los Angeles, America. His actual birth date is not known.

Ian Verdun Married

He has kept his life so private that no one knows if he is married or not, we will update his relationship status as soon as we get to know

Ian Verdun Education

He studied and graduated at the California Institute of the Arts and the British American Drama Academy.

Ian Verdun Height

He stands at the height of 6′ (1.83 m) tall.

Ian Verdun Siren

He was cast as Xander McClure, a deep-sea fisherman who seeks to discover the truth about the existence of mermaids, in season one of an American television drama series Siren.

Ian Verdun Movies

2018: Siren
2017: Lucifer
2016: Wish
2015: Let It Be Love
: Life’s a Drag
: Concerning the Bodyguard
2015 – 2016: Life’s a Drag
2014: General Hospital
2012: Last Resort
: Hustling
2011: Hawthorne
2010: The Social Network
: Grey’s Anatomy
: Wicked Game

Ian Verdun Heritage

He is from humble roots and Verdun’s family. Because of his origin, he had to battle a few clans of ogres, navigated a minefield, and dodged a few cannonballs to reach his dreams of being an actor.

Ian Verdun Race | Is Ian Verdun Black?

He is of mixed races

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Siren: Ian Verdun at WonderCon 2018

Ian Verdun Interview

Source: penseyeviewnew.com

XXQs: Ian Verdun

PensEyeView.com (PEV):  As an actor who has seen every bit of the entertainment world, what drove you to pursue acting from the beginning?

Ian Verdun (IV): I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember; drawing, dancing, singing, writing; you name it and I did it. I caught the acting bug, specifically, from doing a school play in junior high. I remember it was the year Mulan had come out and for whatever reason, we did a staged version.

It was god awful and I didn’t get the part I wanted, but I just remember loving it so much, the stage just felt like where I belonged. From there I did musicals in high school, splitting time between football practice, which caught me plenty of grief on the field. My mom’s only college requirement for me was that I went, and I actually remember her telling me “I don’t care what you study, just go to college.” So naturally, I chose acting and spent the next four years training at CalArts, taking extra courses in England and New York.

So I’ve been at it for a while; there wasn’t some magical moment where I was discovered, I wasn’t related to anyone famous or connected and I didn’t come from money, far from it in fact. I didn’t fall into acting, it was all hard work, training, and a lot of patience.

PEV: An LA Native, a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts and the British American Drama Academy, what kind of movies or TV were you into growing up? Do you remember the first thing you saw that really got you hooked?

IV: I was into all types of things growing up. I was lucky in that my mother never coddled me from adult concepts as a child, so I enjoyed everything from Rugratsto The Color Purple, to Philadelphia. Aside from animated shows (which I’m still a fan of to this day) the first primetime show I remember really enjoying independently was Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I constantly gravitated to stories where women were empowered; Buffy, Willow, Xena, Alex Mac (I’m a 90’s kid). Those were the kinds of characters that I couldn’t get enough of.

I suppose being raised by a single mother and having a female-centric family, I felt more engaged with stories where women were three-dimensional, self-sufficient, and kick ass characters; they reflected the women I saw around me. It’s actually kind of poetic, now that I myself am on a genre TV show with so many incredible women who not only are leads but whose characters center the narrative. Everything comes full circle.

PEV: What was it like trying to break into the acting scene when you first started? What was your first show like?

IV: Breaking into acting for me was a long, hard, often demoralizing process. I graduated college in 2007, right on the heels of the writers’ strike, so the whole industry was in upheaval and TV roles started getting offered to established stars more and more. There wasn’t a lot of room for fresh talent to break through the cracks; at least that’s what it felt like.

Not to mention this was before the diversity and representation conversation had taken root in the industry, and often I ran into a wall of confusion when it came to my race. I was often told I wasn’t black enough, too ethnic, not ethnic enough, etc. I stomached a lot of awkward and borderline insulting conversations in audition rooms, which is pretty bad considering I never got many auditions.

I could literally count on one hand how many auditions I’d get in a single year, a trend that lasted well into 2016. Since opportunities were scarce, aside from brief highlights like the ABC Diversity Showcase in 2008 and a few merciful bookings, I took solace in local theater. LA isn’t known for its theater, but there really is a lot of amazing original work happening on the fringes. Theater Row kept me engaged and always reminded me that I was doing the work because it brought me joy.

Ian Verdun Eye Color

Eventually, I stopped caring about auditioning, since it never seemed to work for me in the way it seemed to work for everyone around me, and I started focusing on making my own work. Then as fate would have it, the moment I started putting my energy into making my own career opportunities, suddenly the opportunities I had been waiting for, for a decade, started rolling in, starting with Siren.

So I guess, technically, I’ve only just broken in. Most of my years acting have been as an outsider, slaving away as an extra, bartending at night, constantly trying to surmount an industry wall that seemed to stretch on forever. As for my very first job? It was a small role, no lines, on a TNT show called Hawthorne.

It’s since been canceled, but I remember being crazy excited. It was my first time on a professional setting as anything other than an extra. I don’t think you can even recognize that it’s me in the final cut, but it was definitely a milestone. I remember feeling incredibly nervous, too. Thank God I didn’t have any lines. I probably would’ve stumbled through half my scene.

PEV: What can fans expect from an Ian Verdun performance?

IV: Hopefully a good one (laughing). But really, I’d hope people to come to expect nuanced, natural, varied, and poignant performances from me. I love stretching my boundaries, both physically and emotionally and I’ve spent a lot of years honing my craft, like SO many years. I have a lot of respect for this art and I want to contribute to the Hollywood legacy that I’ve grown up admiring in a real and meaningful way. I hope that no matter the role, genre, or medium, people expect to be disarmed and surprised. I really wanna keep people guessing while continuing to challenge myself.