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Jaclyn Hill Biography

Jaclyn Hill born Jaclyn Roxanne Eilers is an American YouTube personality best known for her makeup tutorial videos and for her collaborations with beauty brands Morphe Cosmetics and BECCA cosmetics.

Jaclyn Hill Education

Jaclyn Hill was homeschooled during her childhood. She then attended college in Sarasota, Florida where she studied Photography. She formerly worked as a freelance makeup artist and at a MAC Cosmetics store.

Jaclyn Hill Career


In 2011, she started her YouTube channel, which became known for its celebrity makeup tutorials. In July 2017, Hill filmed a video with reality mogul Kim Kardashian West, entitled “Get Ready with Me & Kim Kardashian,” which has become one of Hill’s most viewed videos. As of April 2018, Hill’s YouTube channel had more than 5 million subscribers.


In 2015, Jaclyn collaborated with Australian cosmetics brand Becca to release a highlighter called “Champagne Pop.” Beauty retailer Sephora sold more than 25,000 units of “Champagne Pop” within 20 minutes of its release, breaking sales records. In 2017, Becca was bought by Estée Lauder for $200 million.

Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill

In 2015, she also collaborated with Morphe Cosmetics, creating a palette containing her favorite Morphe eye shadows. In 2016, she released a limited-edition, gem-encrusted makeup brush set with Morphe, as well as a second eye shadow palette, under the marketing name “Jaclyn Hill x Morphe”, in 2017. All three products sold out quickly after their release dates.

Her collaborations with Becca and Morphe were reported to have sold $10.7 million and $12.2 million in EMVs, respectively.

Jaclyn Hill Age

Jaclyn was born on July 20, 1990, in Illinois, United States.

Jaclyn Hill Family

Hill was born in Mineral, Illinois. She is the daughter of James Eilers and Robin Eilers. Her family moved to Tampa, Florida, after her father said he was called by God to pursue missionary work and become an evangelist.

For the next several years, the family traveled to countries including Honduras and India to preach Christianity. Jaclyn has been estranged from her father since her parents’ divorce in 2012. She has one brother Nicholas Eilers and one sister Rachel Eilers.

Jaclyn Hill Husband

Hill was married to Jon Hill from 2009–2018. The two tied the knot in August 2009 and after almost 9 years of marriage, the couple announced their divorce on May 16, 2018.

Jaclyn Hill explained in a YouTube video that she and her ex-husband Jon divorced for many reasons. She stated, “We made good friends, not partners in life.” Hill now lives in Tampa, Florida.

Jaclyn Hill Height

She is 5′ 7″ tall.

Jaclyn Hill Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Jaclyn Hill Twitter

Jaclyn Hill Instagram

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