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Jahking Guillory is an American actor, best recognized for his starring character in the 2016 film, Kicks.

Jahking Guillory Biography

Age, Nationality & Body Size and features

He is an American native-born( 14 May 2001) and brought up in Long Beach, California. As of 2019, Guillory is 18 years of age, 5 feet, and 10  inches height, Dark Brown hair, Black eyes, and Athletic body type.


Guillory has featured both his parents in his videos. He comes from a mixed background. His father is from Louisiana and is Haitian, and his mother is from Guam. He also has a little sister.
Jahking’s father names him. “Jah” stands for God. And “King” standing for royalty.

He had the best days of his childhood, as his parents let him do every stuff he was interested in. This gave him a nice opportunity to nourish his talent and skills, which has helped him secure professionalism in his interest and consequently turn that interest into a career.


Currently, there is no information in concern with his education but despite his qualifications, he seems to be well educated.

Short Bio

Jahking Guillory

Since childhood, Guillory has been a hardworking individual. He was really enthusiastic about acting, sports, and rapping, all at the same time. And, he did give equal priority to all of it. He started taking acting projects just when he was nine years of age.

It will be a surprise to many that, he is a track champion winning 800 as well as a 1500 meter track running in the Junior Olympics. As he grew up, acting became his main thing and landed roles in series The Chi and Netflix TV series, On My Block. At the moment, he is working on various projects as he has already set himself as a young acting talent in Hollywood.

Also, he publishes his rap and music in SoundCloud under the name Jahking.

Guillory appears in The Chi, which airs on Showtime, and the Netflix series On My Block.

Career / On My Block (Latrelle)

Latrelle” is a recurring character on “On My Block“. He is portrayed by Jahking Guillory.

Character Description 

A former classmate of the group and a member of the Prophets. He shot Ruby and killed Olivia although the shooting was intended to kill Cesar.

Physical Appearance 

Latrelle is a slim built, mixed teenager with shoulder-length curly hair that is later kept in braids. He wears a chain around his neck and is most often seen in loose clothing. He frequently adorns the Prophet$’ colors.


Latrelle fell into gang life earlier than Cesar, resulting in a ‘tough-guy’ demeanor and rough attitude by the time he was a teenager. His gang affiliation prompts him to be threatening, especially hostile towards Santos to the extent of murder.

In moments of powerlessness, his desperate and cowardly nature shows. He is seen to be terrified when Cesar pulls a gun on him, showing he only acts powerfully when he has a backup. He is a dishonest coward, shown by his desperate promise to erase himself from the friend group’s life forever yet returns at Olivia’s quinceañera to kill Cesar. This incident resulted in shooting both Ruby and Olivia. His actions were a likely result of the ‘kill them before they kill you’ gang mantra. Latrelle shows little to no guilt for his actions, boasting about killing Santos’ and Olivia in front of Cesar.

There are glimpses of a humane side to Latrelle; he is affectionate towards his girlfriend and was shown happily cuddling a little girl, treating her as a little sister.

He drinks lean with his friends and fellow gang members at a public park.


He serves as a bully when he stops the “squad” on their way to their high school orientation and takes $20 from them. Latrelle is also the one to pull a gun on Cesar Diaz but instead shoots Ruby Martinez and Olivia in Chapter Ten.

Appearances (7/20)

Season 1 (5/10)

Chapter 1, 7, 8, 9, 10

Season 2 (2/10)

Chapter 19, 20


  • He played Pop Warner with Cesar.


  • I don’t get on my knees for no Santo” (Chapter Eighteen)

Television Series

  • The Chi as Charles “Coogie” Johnson (2017)
  • On My Block as Latrelle (2018)


  • Kicks as Brandon (2016)
  • Smartass as Kid K (2017)

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