Jane Flasch

“Is that your real name?” After more than 25 years in Rochester its still the question Jane Flasch is asked most often – especially in classrooms when she talks to young students about journalism. (And yes, she was born a “Flasch” – a name not all that uncommon in her hometown where she grew up surrounded by many Flasch cousins.)

Jane was born and raised in a suburb of Milwaukee, educated at UW-Oshkosh, and worked in a three person news department before coming to 13 WHAM ABC and FOX Rochester. “Yes, I even had to do the weather and sports play by play,” Jane says. “It wasn’t pretty. But the job, which also included shooting and editing her own news stories prepared her for “just about anything.”

In Rochester she began as a weekend anchor before settling into a reporter beat. She has traveled to Germany to cover the release of Beirut hostage Terry Anderson, to the old Soviet Union to cover Glasnost, and has pulled 9-Gs while flying an F-16 with the US Air Force Thunderbirds. (And there was that incident of bungee jumping from a hot air balloon!)

Jane believes the mission of her job is to work every day for the viewer and inform with accuracy, integrity and most of all empathy. She has been honored with 19 journalism awards including a National Edward R. Murrow Award and four Associated Press Awards for General Excellence in Reporting.

She enjoys cooking, gardening, reading and romping with her golden retriever Ripley. Jane lives in Irondequoit with her husband Bryan.

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